A baby carrer makes a wonderful gift for parents with little ones. We’ve collected everything you need to know about gifting a baby carrier here in our Gift Center.


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Our Recommendations for Gifting a Baby Carrier

A baby carrier makes a wonderful (and often unique) gift for a parent of young children. If you aren’t certain about his/her tastes and babywearing preferences, the number of options can be overwhelming.

Many people encourage their gift recipient to browse our selections and choose for themselves. Find an already-existing [[gift registry]]. But if you’d like to give a surprise, here are our sure-fire recommendations for great gifts.

Buying for the parent of an infant:

Our sure-fire recommendation for a great baby carrier for a first-time caregiver of an infant is either the ring sling or the Beco Gemini baby carrier. Both are easy to use, not too intimidating and have a look that appeals to a broad range of people.

Ring Slings are our first choice since babies can cuddle up in them from day one. They are sleek, simple in construction and their adjustability makes sizing isn’t much of an issue (plus, people of different sizes can share the same one).Beco Gemini Baby Carrier|Beco Baby Carriers

The Beco Gemini is another great option. It is pricier but very appealing to those who are used to the mainstream appeal of other front packs with buckles (like the Baby Bjorn). The Gemini can also be used from birth but, unlike other widely available front packs, it can also be used on the back and with older children. Plus, it’s more ergonomically correct, both for the baby and the wearer. The Gemini is our first choice if the mom you are giving this to has any back and shoulder problems.

Buying for the parent of an older child:

The Tula Baby Carrier is our recommendation for buying a carrier for a parent of an older child (6 months and up, although an infant insert makes this carrier usable from birth.   Tula Carriers are extremely comfortable for almost all wearers, can be used by people of different sizes and are beloved by almost all who try it.  The Tula Toddler Carrier is recommended for parents of children over 2.

Buying for someone who already has a carrier

Read our suggestions for the 3 baby carriers any babywearer would love, even if they already have a carrier!  Or browse our selection of practical and fun babywearing accessories.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Even the best-planned gifts can go awry (duplicate gifts, wrong color/size, etc). It may put your mind at ease to remember that Carry Me Away offers a return/exchange policy good for 30 days after the birth of the baby. So the recipient can always exchange the carrier for another one of her/his choosing.

Still unsure?

A gift certificate  is always the right style, color and fit!

And YES, we offer gift wrap! We choose heavy wrapping paper, with a beautifully tied bow, packaged in a box and filler to ensure that your gift arrives looking fresh.  You can choose from our gift wrap options during the checkout process.