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Ergo Baby Carrier at a Glance Looking for Great Deals on the Ergo Baby Carrier?

Age range of child: Newborn (with infant insert) to Toddlerhood and beyond.

Weight of child: 15-45 lbs (from 8 lbs if used with infant insert)

Positions: Front Carry (facing in), Hip Carry and Back Carry (The Ergo Baby Carrier does not allow forward-facing carries)

Ergobaby Collections: Original/Organic, Designer, Performance, Travel and Sport

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Differences between the types of Ergobaby Carriers

Choose the Ergo Baby Carrier if:

The Original / Organic Ergo Baby Carrier is the classic Ergobaby Carrier model. They are made of soft cotton and feature a pocket, an attached sleeping hood and cushy padded shoulder straps.

The Performance Ergo Baby Carrier has a sportier look and a bit more streamlined, having thinner contoured shoulder straps. Its moisture-wicking fabric makes it ideal for hotter climates and for people who run warm.

The Designer Ergo Baby Carrier features the classic fit of the original, but is made from designer fabrics. Some of the designer carriers have extra special add-ons, like the fur lining on the Winter Ergo Baby Carrier.

The Sport Ergo Baby Carrier is very light-weight and is designed for taller and larger people. The Sport Carrier has a vent in the carrier body for coolness and does not have a pocket. The hood is detachable.

The Travel Collection features the Stowaway Carrier, which is super light and compact, and fits into its own pouch for easy storage, and the Urban Travel Carrier, whose sleek looks make it a great choice for day or night!

To further compare the different types of Ergo Baby Carriers, see our Ergo Baby Carrier Comparison Chart!

  • You want a rugged and comfortable carrier that works well for both mom and dad.
  • You do a lot of hiking or day trips. The extra padding on the ERGO makes it very comfortable for long carries.
  • You want a carrier that is quick and easy to get in and out of.
  • Your child is already a heavy toddler or preschooler.
  • You want a carrier with pockets.
  • You are not petite or very narrow-shouldered.
  • You want extra matching accessories, such as a backpack.
  • Your child hates to have his arms restrained.


Possible Downsides to the Ergo Baby Carrier:
  • Base of carrier is too wide for some small babies.Not ideal for newborns due to need to use infant insert, which is bulky and can feel awkward.
  • The short body isn't as supportive for kids who are 'leaners.'
  • Some wearers find the padding in straps and body overly bulky.
  • Hip carry is less comfortable.
  • No forward facing carry.

Our Customers Say:

Some FAQ about the Ergo Baby Carrier

The Ergobaby is my favorite baby carrier ever. Both my husband and I can use the same one to carry my 6 month old or my 3 year old. It's comfortable for both of us, and both kids. - Ashley

The Peformance Ergo Baby Carrier allowed us to have an amazing DisneyWorld vacation. I wore my 20 lb baby all day for a week...she joined us for all the rides and shows and simply slept when she needed to. Sooo convenient and comfortable. Everyone should have one of these. - Dana

Buying my Ergo was one of the best baby purchases I made, I can not imagine life without it. It makes shopping and walks so easy for me and comfortable for the baby. - Melissa

A friend told me about the Ergo carrier - so happy she did! It's easy to use and I find it more comfortable than the other front carrier I have. Great versatility. Good weight distribution across hips. Happy Mommy & Baby! - Alexis


Q.Is the Ergo Baby Carier a good choice for dads?

A. Yes, men love the Ergo Baby Carrier. Definitely Dad-approved!

Q. Can I nurse in the Ergo Baby Carrier?

Yes, It is possible to nurse in the Ergobaby carrier, in an upright position (not a reclined position).

Q. Can I wash my Ergobaby carrier?

A. Yes, all Ergo Baby Carriers can be machine-washed, line-dried.

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Standard & Organic Ergo Baby Carriers
Standard & Organic Ergo Baby Carriers
Performance ERGO Baby Carriers
Performance ERGO Baby Carriers
Ergobaby 360 4 Position Carrier
Ergobaby 360 4 Position Carrier
ERGO Sport Baby Carrier
ERGO Sport Baby Carrier
Designer  ERGOs
Designer ERGOs
Travel ERGO Baby Carriers
Travel ERGO Baby Carriers
Accessories for the ERGO Baby Carrier
Accessories for the ERGO Baby Carrier

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