Ring Sling Baby Carriers: What they are and why you want one!

Baby Carriers for MenRing slings are made with fabric that gets pulled through 2 rings to create a pouch for your baby’s body.  The rings make ring sling baby carriers super adjustable, so that the carrier can be shared with others, even if there is a  size differences. Most people find ring slings to be especially useful to nurse hands free. The biggest complaint about ring slings is that they utilize only one shoulder for carries. Ring slings can become uncomfortable with heavy babies and toddlers when used for long periods of time. However, ring slings are wonderful for short trips and easy in/out. Ring slings can come with no padding, lightly padded, or heavily padded edges. Ring Slings can be used from infant through toddler in front, back (after 1 year old) and hip carry positions.

Why we love ring slings:

  • Cuddly!
  • Almost infinitely adjustable
  • Can fit wearers of different sizes easily
  • Good for nursing
  • Can be used from birth through toddlerhood
  • Excellent for hip carry with toddlers who want to get up/down a lot
  • Tail offers sun protection and modesty cover while nursing

Ring Slings are great for:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Children who want to get up and down a lot
  • Caregivers who want something fast and easy
  • Quick trips

Not ideal for:

  • Hiking
  • Back carries
  • People with some shoulder and back problems (due to being one-shouldered)

The Sling Lady’s favorite ring sling baby carriers are Sakura Bloom (for their gorgeous fabrics and ease-of-use) and Maya Wrap (simple cotton ring slings, easy to use, and a great little pocket).

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