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Baby Carriers for Men: Dads, Grandpas, Uncles & all men who care for babies!

Babywearing: a special gift for Dads

Many Dads of young children get the feeling that Mom is the only one who can comfort the baby. This is particularly true in families where the baby is breastfeeding or where Mom is staying home with the children. Baby carriers, especially slings and wraps, are seen by many men as something that would only need if their arms got too tired to carry the baby. This is certainly a good time to use a carrier, but Dads shouldn't overlook the benefits they, too, can reap from babywearing at other times.

Holding a baby in arms is fabulous, but cloth baby carriers (especially pouches, slings and wraps) mimic the warm and snug comfort of the womb. These carriers soothe a baby in way that carrying in-arms may not.

Other reasons for Dads (and other men) to wear babies:

Carriers Men Love

It may go without saying, but men can certainly wear any baby carrier on the market! There are no rules about certain types or styles of carriers that mark them Women Only. Men around the US and the world wear wraps, mei tais, buckle carriers, ring slings and pouches.

That being said, men often have different preferences for baby carriers than do women. As a rule, men highly value convenience and ease of use over other factors. The most popular baby carriers for men are buckle carriers and pouches, followed by mei tais and ring slings, with wraps bringing up the rear.

Our number one best sellers for men are the ERGO baby carrier and the Beco Baby Carriers (check out the new Beco Soleil at left, it's sure to be a hit with the guys!)

Other popular options for men are:

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