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The ERGO Comparison Chart

ERGO Standard vs. Sport vs. Performance

Wondering about the differences between the ERGO, the ERGO Sport and the ERGO Performance baby carriers? The Sling Lady lays them out for you in this handy comparison chart. Both baby carriers can be used with ERGO accessories including the back pack and front pack. And of course, all three carriers have the same ergonomic position and great ERGO comfort!

Galaxy Grey ERGO Baby carrierERGO Performance Baby Carrier

ERGO Standard/Organic
ERGO SportERGO Performance
Sleeping Hood
Zipper pocket on body of carrier, provides extra storage.
Tiny pocket with snaps, sized to hold sleeping hood only. No additional storage.
Zipper pocket on body of carrier provides extra storage (can also be used for hood)
Carrier Fabric
100% cotton
35% cotton 65% polyester
Shell is Ripstop water repellant polyyester; lining is 100% cotton lining. Mesh areas are 100% poly mesh.
Fabric properties
Soft & smooth, (especially soft if organic)
More breathable, with slight wicking properties - good for when you are perspiring or in hot weather. Still very soft!
1/3 lighter than the standard carrier,more breathable with wicking properties.
Carrier Body
No vent, does have seat darting
Has vent, no seat darting

ERGO Standard/Organic
ERGO SportERGO Performance
Added Coolness Features?
Vent on body
Mesh panels and CoolMax lining

Waist belt circumference

Weight of Carrier
1.85 lbs
1.21 lbs
1.21 lbs
Shoulder straps
27"-49", thinner, with contoured padding
For extra storage
Back pack, front pouch, travel pack
Back pack, front pouch, travel pack
Cargo pack, Backpack, travel pack
Machine Washable?

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