Gypsy Mama Bali Baby Breeze Sizing Chart

Height/US Size

Under 5'4
Over 5'10"
4 yds/3.6m
4.5 yds/4.15m
5yds/4.6 m
5.5 yds/5.1m
6 yds/5.5m
This sizing chart is the property of Gypsy Mama LLC, c 2005, and may not be reproduced without permission.

The sizing chart above will give you an idea of what sizing will meet your needs. Wrap sizing can be a bit confusing - not only do you need to factor in your size and shape, but you need to decide how much versatility you want from your wrap. Some people like to order a few different sizes, using them for different purposes. Some people prefer a shorter wrap, with less fabric to play with, and they don't mind having fewer tying options. Others like a one-size-does all carrier, ordering the wrap that will offer them the most options and versatility.

If you would like a shorter wrap, the following information will help you decide what size to get, in order to get the most use from your carrying cloth.

Q: "I don't want to do the wrap cross carry, but I would like to do the simple cross carry. Which size should I get?"

A: Your size as above still might be best, but you can go ½ yard down as well.

Q: "I'd like to do the Tibetan, hip cross carry, and rucksack variations, and maybe the short cross carry, but I don't care much for the other cross carrying positions."

A: You can go up to a yard smaller than your size above.

Q: "I don't want a lot of fabric, and don't mind using just a strap carry or rucksack knotted under my baby's bottom, or rebozo style carries."

A: If you are at the bottom of your size range, you may be able to get away with going down 2 full yards, or 1.5 yards if you are at the top of your sizing range. You might also be interested in purchasing a traditional Mexican rebozo, such as the Ellaroo Rebozos.