John Lennon baby carrier

John Lennon would have loved him an Ergobaby carrier!

Did you know John Lennon was a babywearer?  Neither did I, but it certainly fits with a Dad who definitely seemed to be grooving on family life with Yoko and Baby Sean.  Check him out in this lovely video.

I love watching John taking his little guy everywhere. That’s certainly one of the great things about babywearing, you can really involve baby in your life and activities, as John does here.

I also love his message about getting off the merry go round and just enjoying the moment.

John Lennon would have been 74 today.  Happy Birthday

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Where can I find a Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Pouch?

Kangaroo Korner pouche

Any long-time reader of our blog knows that the Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Pouch was one of our favorite baby carriers.  Sadly, Kangaroo Korner closed their doors in 2009 and the pouches are no longer being manufactured.  If you are dying for one of these fab pouches (they were made in fleece, cotton and mesh), Ebay […]

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Babywearing and fitness

Babywearing fitness - babywearing yoga

Happy New Year!  If you’re feeling as energized as I am about getting the new year off to a great start with fitness, this post is for you! This is a guest post by Tiff!  ( Tiff is proof that you can keep in shape and include your little one in the experience. Thank you […]

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3 Great Baby Carriers for Gifting

Ask any babywearing mama what’s on her wish list and, no matter how many carriers she already has, chances are very high that she would LOVE another one.  Here are five carriers that are pretty much guaranteed to be a hit! Sakura Bloom Silk Ring Sling Sakura Bloom’s utterly gorgeous silk ring slings are to […]

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Encouraging your Babysitter to Babywear

Babylegs great for babywearing!

When I was a new mom and reluctantly heading back to work, I really really wanted my babysitter to wear my son.  She said she would and possibly did sometimes, but I would have liked her to wear him a lot more!  So I was excited when Rachel Thomas, an ex-babysitting pro, offered to write […]

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Babywearing Dad – guest post by Justin Wojslaw

Ergobaby Carriers|Baby Carriers for Dads

Some Dads take to babywearing right away, but many of them need a little convincing!  Today’s post is a lovely little piece of one Dad’s babywearing journey, along with some lovely photos.  This piece originally ran on Goodnight Mush, a great blog about parenting, babywearing and more.  If you love gorgeous photography and honest writing, […]

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