Beco Soleil reviews | Review of the Beco Soleil

The CMA Babywearing Team Reviews: mini review of the Beco Soleil

Here at CMA, the Beco Soleil is one of our favorite carriers.  Beco Baby Carrier sold to Boba last year and, because Boba already had their Boba 4G carrier, the Soleil has sadly been discontinued.  We still have stock left, though, and we wanted to make sure y’all don’t miss out!  So today’s review is of the Beco Soleil, by CMA Team mommy Rosa. 

There are so many reasons and ways I love my Beco Soleil, it’s hard to pick just a few to highlight, but I’ll do my best.

The Beco Soleil is for sure my most used carrier (and if you’ve seen my collection, you know that’s saying something!). It is comfortable, versatile in adjusting to many different mama body and baby body shapes.  Most of all, it is so so easy to put on, especially when I’m by myself and I need to throw somebody on my back.  Back carrying is definitely the preferred way to be worn as of late around here.

I’m a size 22 and the waist belt adjusts to my size with room no matter how I wear it, so a big thumbs up for plus size moms and dads. It is also my burly, broad-shouldered, 6’4 tall husband’s favorite carrier.  He loves how easy it is for him to convert it from my comfort preference to his, and how comfortable it is for him to wear our babies in it for hours.

For those of you using this carrier for the first time, remember (like any new carrier!) to give yourself several tries to get comfortable with it!

My only issue with the Soleil (especially the woven-wrap conversion pictured here) is that it gets so hot to wear for long periods of time in the summer.  This because of the thickness of the fabric (fabric on the standard Soleil is a bit thinner).

My second complaint is that when the solid color hoods are attached and not being worn on baby’s head, they cover a majority of the print. This is a problem for me for aesthetic reasons just because the prints are so so adorable but obviously, it doesn’t change the excellent functionality of the carrier in the slightest.

Overall, the Beco Soleil remains my favorite carrier after a solid 3+ years of baby wearing, and it is my recommendation for anyone new to baby wearing.

Note on the Beco Soleil:

CMA recommends the Beco Soleil for wearing your child from 6 months to 2 years.  For newborns and younger babies, consider the Beco Gemini, which can be used without an infant insert.  For older children, check out the Beco Toddler!

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