Quill Winners!

Quill Winners, emails have not been sent! But here is the list so that everyone can breathe easy. Please know: I really want to sell all you lovely people a carrier! It breaks my heart to have to choose just a few. Thanks all for the humor, kindness and patience shown during this ordeal!

Standard #1
Evangeline Seah
Janet Spain
Brittany Black
Vicki Thorne
Kristin Barnes

Standard #2
Tyler Glover – Standard
Kara Steuer
Lizette Switzer
Courtney Fremont
Kendall Fox
Jillian Sawyer
Sophie Henneman
Jade Daniels

Ashley Sanford
Robin Swan
Angie Hackworth
Bethany Blake
Luke Watts
Isabelle Vallee

I will send emails out with your links just as soon as I can! Remember, you have 3 hours to pay and at that point, another winner will be chosen!

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Quill Update!

What a night!  As many of you know, we stocked the Quill Tula last night and boy, it was a fail!  All the amazing Quill Love crashed our servers, and our site was down for hours! We are so sorry!  As I announced on FB this morning, the site is back up and running and […]

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Quill Sweepstakes!

Here is the Quill Sweepstakes for you! This is the same one as we have on FB, so there is no need (or option) to enter in both places, this is just for those who aren’t on FB or who are having trouble accessing it on FB.

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Where can I find a Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Pouch?

Kangaroo Korner pouche

Any long-time reader of our blog knows that the Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Pouch was one of our favorite baby carriers.  Sadly, Kangaroo Korner closed their doors in 2009 and the pouches are no longer being manufactured.  If you are dying for one of these fab pouches (they were made in fleece, cotton and mesh), Ebay […]

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Babywearing and fitness

Babywearing fitness - babywearing yoga

Happy New Year!  If you’re feeling as energized as I am about getting the new year off to a great start with fitness, this post is for you! This is a guest post by Tiff!  (http://instagram.com/namastetiff). Tiff is proof that you can keep in shape and include your little one in the experience. Thank you […]

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