Tula Update – April 2015 #tuladrought2015

Tulas are getting harder and harder to keep in stock!  If you’ve been on our product pages, you’ve no doubt noticed that we only have one Standard carrier (in the Lil Rascals print) and a few Toddler Gray ZZ in stock… and that’s it!

As demand for Tulas grows exponentially, Tula has been working to grow production to get their customers (and retailers like us!) as much product as possible.  Ramping up production while making sure that quality remains high is harder to do than many people realize, and that is what is leading to the current shortage.

Naturally, we want to sell you all the Tulas you want, and we are buying just as many as we are allowed (limits have been put even on retailers so that more retailers can access the stockings when they happen).  Fortunately, we have some big orders coming in the next couple of weeks!

New Prints:


My head has been spinning with all the new Tula prints and discontinuances since I last updated!




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Preview: the Beco Toddler Carrier

Mint Birch Beco Toddler Carrier|Beco Baby & Toddler Carriers

Wow, the carriers just keep getting bigger!  I’m so excited to introduce Beco’s new Toddler carrier, their response to popular demand for carriers that can support even older kids well. At 18″ wide and 19.5″ tall, this carrier is weight-tested to carry children up to 60 lbs! I’m loving the patterns on these, especially the […]

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Tula Update – February 2015

Migaloo Serene Tula Ring Sling|Wrap Conversion Ring Slings

Whew!  Tula has really been keeping us on our toes the last few weeks.  They’ve had a huge influx of new designs (yay!) although many of them are quite limited releases (boo).  Meanwhile, several of the old standards aren’t available for us retailers to order and are getting hard to find (like Blue ZZ, Gray […]

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Tula Update – Jan 2015

Midnight Garden Tula||Tula Baby & Toddler Carriers

Tula Baby Carriers are super hot right now!  They also rotate their stock quite a bit, adding new colors and discontinuing others (sometimes in the blink of an eye!).  We decided it would be helpful to start updating you about Tula info on a regular basis here on the blog.  All updates will be listed […]

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Quill Winners!

Quill Winners, emails have not been sent! But here is the list so that everyone can breathe easy. Please know: I really want to sell all you lovely people a carrier! It breaks my heart to have to choose just a few. Thanks all for the humor, kindness and patience shown during this ordeal! Standard […]

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Quill Update!


What a night!  As many of you know, we stocked the Quill Tula last night and boy, it was a fail!  All the amazing Quill Love crashed our servers, and our site was down for hours! We are so sorry!  As I announced on FB this morning, the site is back up and running and […]

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Quill Sweepstakes!

Here is the Quill Sweepstakes for you! This is the same one as we have on FB, so there is no need (or option) to enter in both places, this is just for those who aren’t on FB or who are having trouble accessing it on FB.

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