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The CMA Babywearing Team Reviews: Wrapsody Hybrid mini review

Today’s mini review of the Wrapsody Hybrid is by CMA Team member Janet McKay. That’s baby Leo in the pic there, enjoying his Asha Wrapsody Hybrid.

Wrapsody Hybrid Wrap Mini Review by Janet McKay

I love the idea of wrapping and I particularly love woven wrap. I obsess over the gorgeous weaves and colors of the pretty rainbows. I stalk all of the wrapping mamas and daddies on Instagram as they make it look oh so easy. “I can do that!”, I think to myself. Then I buy my woven and I try to throw my 4 month old up into a back carry and 2 hours later, I just want to cry. Haha! Well, thanks to Wrapsody and their hybrid wrap, I can wipe those tears away!

It’s true. I love the idea of wrapping. And I truly do love to wrap. But sometimes I struggle with some of the more advanced carries. Even with the help of the lovely ladies at my local babywearing international meetings, when I get home, sometimes I just can’t get it right. But I’ve found that with this Wrapsody Hybrid wrap, some of the advanced carries, are MUCH easier to learn! I almost cried when I was able to put my 4 month old up in a back carry on my first try- but tears of joy this time! (I’m 4 months PP I’m pretty much always crying about something happy or sad! 😂)

This wrap has all the snuggle of a stretch wrap with the support of a woven. It supports up to 35 pounds on the front, hip, or back. It’s tails are tapered so the wrap is not bulky when worn.

It’s also great for a simple front cross carry and any thing else you’ve had your heart set on trying. I highly recommend this wrap for the beginner wrapper. It’s great for anyone really! It’s soft and cushy too and my little one just loves it! Now for the tough question- which colorway are you going to choose?!

See more details and shop the Wrapsody Hybrid here.


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