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The new Tula Mini Doll Carrier – so your mini-me can “baby”-wear too!

The new Tula Mini Doll Carriers are here, and they are just lovely!  For those of you familiar with the Ergobaby Doll Carrier, the Tula Mini Doll Carrier is actually quite similar in construction and use, which is awesome because the Ergobaby doll carriers are one of the most kid-friendly and easy-to-use doll carriers around.

The Tula Mini is a simplified version of the Tula Standard Carrier, made to carry dolls and stuffed animals.  There is light padding in the shoulder and waist straps.  There is no actual structured waist belt like the Tula but the carrier otherwise mimics the Tula and is put on the same way.  There is a chest strap feature, too.  If your little one wants to wear hs/her “baby” on their back, they may be able to buckle the chest strap themselves across their chest.  Otherwise they may need your help getting it on.

A nice feature of the Tula Mini (similar to the Ergobaby doll carrier) is the little pocket that you can put the doll/stuffed animal into before loading the carrier.  This definitely makes it easier for kids to use by themselves!


Flat lay of the Tula Mini – this is the Carousel print


Flat lay of the inside of the Tula Mini – here you can see the pocket for kids to load their doll/stuffed animal before putting the carrier on.


Tula Mini – with teddy bear loaded and ready for wearing!

The Tula Mini doll carrier has long straps so that bigger kids can wear it too.  My 11 year old had no problem fitting into it but it can also cinch down for younger ones.

The Tula Mini doll carrier currently comes in 5patterns: Archer, Bliss Bouquet, Carousel, Clever and Look for Helpers.  You can see them all here at the Tula Mini product page.




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