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Good Question: Baby Slings and Carriers for Preemies

Dear Sling Lady,

I recently had a beautiful baby girl born at 33 wks.  Her gestational age would be 37 wks today.  We brought her home from the NICU after 16 days.  She never had any respiratory problems and is doing great! I’ve read that wearing my baby is great for preemies but I am concerned about her airways.  What type of sling do you recommend?  She is about 5 lbs exactly right now.  Thank you!

– Jessica

Hi Jessica, congrats on the birth of your baby!  You must be so excited to have her home with you and doing well.

I am so glad you are planning to wear your baby.  Research has shown that “kangaroo care” (wearing baby next to your skin) has proven physical benefits for premature babies.  It also helps all newborn babies to sleep more and cry less.  Moms who wear their preemie babies also feel more confident in themselves as parents.   Click here for some more information on the benefits of Kangaroo Care for preemies.

One of the most frequently recommended carriers for a preemie is wraps.  Wraps with some stretch in them are a bit easier to use when you are just starting out but it is important to tie a stretchy wrap very snugly so that it provides good support for your baby’s back. If you are already experienced with wraps, I’d recommend a woven wrap as even more supportive than a stretchy (but a tad bit harder to use when starting out).


Baby Carrier for Premature babies

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), meticulous research—more than 15 million premature babies are born every year.

All of these babies are born before they are completed 37 weeks of gestation in their mother’s womb. Plus, the most worrying thing, in this case, is that the number of births of this Preemies Baby is constantly increasing.

And the main reason baby’s death before the age of five is premature birth, which is truly tragic.

If you, too, have been the guardian of a baby born prematurely, it is sure to say that you are much concerned about the proper care of your child.

So, the role of ‘Best Baby wrap Carriers for Preemies’ is undeniable to free you from worries and make it easier to take full care of the baby.

Baby wrap carriers specially designed for premature babies are a very useful item. Because with this, you can easily keep your baby in skin-to-skin contact safely close to your chest.

Which is very important for babies at this critical moment, and all these wrap carriers work a lot like a mother’s womb from the outside.

It is highly recommended that you wear your premature child as much as possible.

Kangaroo care, the practice of wearing your baby next to your skin for hours a day, has been demonstrated to improve outcomes for premature infants. Click here for more information (and links to research articles) about the benefits of using a sling or baby carrier with your preemie.

*Please note, these recommendations are general guidelines only and should not be used in lieu of a doctor’s advice.  We cannot know your baby’s individual condition or needs, so please consult a medical professional prior to using any baby carrier.

Wrapsody Hybrid Wrap

Best carrier for breastfeeding: Wrapsody Hybrid
Wrapsody Hybrid Wrap

Our top recommendation for babywearing a preemie is the Wrapsody Hybrid Wrap.

This wrap is super adjustable and very comfortable for wearing for long periods of time. It’s actually possible to use a stretchy wrap instead of a shirt in hot weather! Only the upright, facing in position is recommended for very small babies

 Kangaroo Care Bonding tee Shirt

DadWare Bondaroo Skin to Skin Kangaroo Care Bonding tee Shirt for New New Dad

This kangaroo shirt works for mom and dad. It is soft and easy to use, you don’t need to take off the shirt every time snuggle up with your little one.

*Note: “use in a seated position only”


Cuddlebug Baby Wrap Sling + Carrier – Ideal Gift for The New Mom’s Baby Showers!


So, when you want to carry your baby safely and pleasantly without fully utilizing your hands’ support. That time this cuddleBug Baby Wrap carrier sling will help you at the utmost level.

And the reason is that in this best quality wrap fabrics, raw material is made by the premium blend of 95% French terry cotton and 5% spandex to provide appropriate stretch. And as per needs and to properly support the baby against on your chest.

That’s why this baby wrapping sling item can give you buckle and ring-free performance for a long time, plus you can wash it with the use of a washing machine.

You can use this hands-free baby carrier effortlessly without any frustration. And the reason is that the CuddleBug brand has given them all the directions to use this highly practical product easily.

With just a few steps, you can carry your baby safely to your chest in no time – even if your baby is more fussy! So, you can easily carry out other tasks safely with your baby, such as cooking or going out.



It makes more easier to Breastfeed a baby

Its using method is truly simple and easy

This product has a lifetime warranty

You can choose this Baby Wrap from -Black, blue, gray, red, and yellow


For full-figured women, it may seem a bit small


Note: Did you know that for proper growth of the hip and spine of a newborn baby, it is much more important to maintain an appropriate posture while carrying them, as research has shown? No worries, because this amazing CuddleBug baby wrap is designed to ensure that your baby is carried in the highest level of comfortable, developmentally sound positions.

Boba Baby Wrap Carrier – To Getting Great Seat for Your Baby!


Parenthood is not an easy task, especially for new parents. And if your baby is born prematurely, then taking the proper care of the early months for the child is more challenging. 

In these months, you should need to keep your baby close to the chest as much as possible. And, in this case, Boba Baby Wrap Carrier will help you surprisingly to carry the newborn baby without using your hands. 

About 95% of this extraordinary baby carrier fabric from the Boba brand is made with extremely high-quality cotton raw materials. So, this baby carrier fabric can pass air properly to give your baby a comfortable environment with a gentle warmth on the chest.

And five percent of this high durability fabric is made with Spandex. So that you and your baby can easily cover themselves completely with this carrier.

Plus, if you’re worried about getting much outdoors, such as shopping or walking around, and for other reasons, to thoroughly clean the Baby Wrap fabric. Then you will be happy to know that this Boba Baby Wrap Carrier can be easily cleaned and dried quickly with the help of a washing machine.



You can use this wrap from birth to 35 pounds for the baby

It’s making with high-quality cotton and a balancing touch of Spandex

It’s truly easy to use and wrap your baby fast

it’s able to provide the expected level of comfortable feeling


For some, it may seem quite bulky


Note: These most quality go-to-baby-carrier fabrics give you undeniable privacy shield support to breastfeeding – no matter where you are. Plus, with the use of this baby product, you will ensure your baby’s ergonomic custom seat every time, as well as proper hip development.


Moby Wrap Baby Carrier – For the Modern and Fashionable Parenthood!


With this Moby Wrap Baby Carrier, you can easily create a very strong bond with your little baby. And which will play a much more important role in keeping your child calm and always smiling plus happy.

Even this highly practical usability-rich baby carrier fabric will enable you to breastfeed your baby regularly at the right time by providing good privacy.

In this item carefully included less bulky 100% pure quality cotton material. And its sufficient padding able to provide you to keep your child extremely close, plus securely warm.

It measuring exactly eighteen feet, this highly premium quality Moby Baby Carrier fabric is designed so that you can carry your baby with a touch of modernity. And as expected, it can provide a completely comfortable feeling as well as distributes the baby’s body weight in a balanced manner.

If you are using a washing machine for regular cleaning of this essential product for parents and newborn babies, you must maintain a light or delicate cycle with cold water.


Its making material is so soft and comfy

This baby Wrap can grow with your child from 8 to 33 pounds

This all-in-one item can use parents, grandparents, and others

It’s enough fashionable and functional for the modern parents


This long baby carrier fabric can be a bit of a problem for some parents.

Note: If you are skeptical or confused about how to use this Moby Baby carrier. Then with this, you will get a detailed guidebook that is designed in a very understandable way. In addition to getting the details, you will also get some guidance .


 Nuroo Pocket Hands-Free Baby Carrier – Excellent Usability Rich for Your Little One!


This high-quality patented NüRoo Pocket babywearing shirt is a blessing, especially for new mothers. This is because they cover their babies very easily and carry them safely to their chests and carry out other necessary tasks without any hindrance.

Specially designed with a touch of modernity in mind with a very attractive and intelligent, this practically usable career shirt is for pre or full-term babies. Through which, mothers can easily keep their newborn babies in skin-to-skin contact and also use it as a maternity or nursing top if necessary.

This branded baby product of the 08007 model has been used to make the signature NuRoo fabric invented with the proper application of high-quality raw material.

Due to which you will get a superior softness feeling of premium quality while using it and moisture-wicking capability with sufficient breathability. And it will support the baby with you as needed, plus provide the right amount of continuous compression to ensure a safe position.



This is very helpful to keep the baby completely covered and make you move freely

It is effective to keep pre / full-term babies close to the chest at all times

It is very easy to use and does not require wrapping

You can also use a washing machine to clean plus dry this baby carrier shirt


For some mothers, it may be smaller or larger in size


Note: If you are worried about the weight-bearing capacity of this remarkably usable Nuroo Pocket Hands-Free Baby Carry Shirt. So, the good news for you is that this baby item is made to comply with the principles of sling carrier standards. Plus, it is tested or proved to support the highest weight load of up to 45 pounds.

Acrabros Baby Wrap Carrier – Made for The Easy Tie and Better Fit!


Acrabros Hands-Free Baby Wrap Carrier is the first choice of responsible mothers with the highest level of premium quality to take adequate care of the baby in the midst of their busyness.

Plus, when you wrap it up to use on the back of your body and on the front side to carry the baby safely. Then you and your baby will be able to realize the extraordinary comfort, style, plus appropriate support of this Carry Fabric with absolute pleasure.

With the YEGJ-BB model number, this Acrabros brand baby carrier, capable of delivering the highly supportive capability, allows you to carry small babies with ease quickly. So that you can continue to move everywhere without facing any trouble and complete all the necessary work freely.

Measurement of this natural usability-rich fabric is 210 inches in length x 22 inches in width. Has been applied to the preparation of this baby carrying fabric, the yarn made by blending high-quality rayon and polyester material. That’s why it gets the ability of more stretchy, lighter, and expected level comforts, which is purely good for your body as well as the baby.



It comes with double-sided stitching to give you more strength

You can choose it from the most attractive nine trendy colors

It’s made for the more comfort and breathability rich carrying

This fabric is skin-friendly without zero harmful chemicals and dye included


Some plus-size moms found it did not fit properly with their body


Note: In the case of all mothers, the abdomen expands slightly forward after childbirth. And if you use it to carry your baby, you can easily tighten the wrap around the stomach, making it easier to remove the enlarged part quickly.

Baby K’tan Print Baby Wrap Carrier – Best for The Smart, Simple, And Stylish Usability!


This K’tan Baby Wrap Carrier is highly fashionable and has been interestingly invented or designed from the thought of using it in a completely practical way.

You can use it effortlessly—to give your newborn baby the full amount of mother’s affection, love in the midst of busyness or to always take care of the baby born prematurely by keeping it close to the chest.

Also, this utterly advanced unique design baby carrier will give you a comfortable position with proper privacy in a highly useful manner to breastfeed the baby in any situation.

This Simple Pre-Wrapped design with model number “BKBC-TD-MB-XS” has been hand-dyed to the rich Baby K’tan brand every single piece Wrap Carrier. As a result, you will get a touch of magnificent finishing in every baby carrier that will surely impress you.

100% cotton material is used to make these high-quality fabrics, which are very soft and breathable so that you and your baby feel completely comfortable wearing them.



You can choose from 14 very attractive colors and 11 size variations

It can carry Newborn up to 35 lbs

It is completely buckle-free as it is made with 100% natural cotton

It has been given a patented double-loop design for durability and security


It is important to determine the right size before choosing


Note: You will be surprised to know that this baby wrap does not have any rings, belts, buckles, or excess fabric attached. So, if you are confused about how to use other traditional baby carriers for extra fabric or other reasons, then this Baby K’tan Print Baby Wrap Carrier or Child Sling is the ideal choice for you. And the cause of that, it can be used as easily as wearing a T-shirt in a short time.


 Sleepy Wrap Baby Carrier – Specially Designed for Carrying Newborns!


Being a good mother is not an easy task for all girls – especially those who have tasted motherhood for the first time:)

So, in this situation, almost all mothers are worried about their newborn’s proper care, so Sleepy Wrap Baby Carrier is prepared to retire from this thinking. With the help of which, you can keep your baby close to the chest with absolute care.

To provide this extraordinary baby carrier of Sleepy Wrap brand with extremely comfortable practical functionality at reasonable rates. Its main ingredient is 95% pure cotton so that no one feels any discomfort after wrapping it to carry the baby.

And to ensure complete ergonomically seated space for your baby, it also includes the stretchy material Spandex, which amount is 5%. And in doing so, its ERGONOMICALLY wrapping design plays an important role in distributing the weight of the infant in the right balance, for which you will not feel any extra strain on your backside.



You can use it to carry up to 35 lbs TODDLER starting from NEWBORN

This item allows you to clean it with the use of a washing machine

Its length is large enough to be used by almost everyone

You can choose from two available colors of your choice – Dark Gray, Ink Black


It is a bit thicker


Note: Cover your newborn close to the chest when you use this baby carry fabric which is very rich in health benefits. Then you will notice that you are sweating a little more than usual, which means the baby is thermoregulating with your help. And it has been proven that it strengthens the immune system on the one hand and helps get a good amount of more sleep on the other hand.

Lillebaby Lillelight Baby Carrier – For the Worth of Your Every Penny!


Are you looking for a highly advanced quality carrier that does not require any wrapping to use? Then there is no need to bother to find out, and the reason is that this LILLE-light Baby Carrier will provide the highest level of support to meet your expectations.

To use this awesome baby carrier in the “LL-1T-DNM” model, you first need to set it up like carrying a bag on your shoulder. Then place the baby according to the position Plus, tighten the belt on the side of the waist as required, and the straps provided on the side should be buckled.

And that’s all very easily, and it will quickly become an uninterrupted arrangement to carry your baby completely secure plus comfortably.

So, you can happily go anywhere with your little one, whether shopping or going for a walk. You can also put or storing it in your outdoor travel bag if you need to by folding it for later use.

This baby product is made with denim fabric made from organic 100% pure cotton material. So, when using this ergonomic design baby carrier in practical life, you can feel free to worry about your baby’s comfort.



The ergonomic design of this baby carrier includes a protective hood

It is designed in such a way that it can carry up to 7-36lbs of weight for your baby

There are six very attractive color options for you to choose from

It can provide uncompromised comfort


In some cases, it may be slightly smaller or larger in size


Note: It’s another great use of it is that it allows you to carry your baby in three positions as needed – Fetal Inward, Infant Inward, and Back Carry. And that’s why you will carry your child as much as possible without feeling too much back strain.

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Mini – Absolutely Perfect for Newborns!


Is It Worth Getting A Baby Wrap Carrier?


Since preemies babies are born from their mother’s womb without completing 37 weeks of pregnancy, they need to be given extra labor to grow properly.

So, these different types of baby carriers have been invented to ensure the benefit of the parents plus caregivers of the children and their proper care.

And baby carriers can be of different types, such as – traditional fabric wrap carriers, pre-wrap baby carriers, and more. According to experts and experience at different levels of baby wrap, it makes it much easier to breastfeed new babies.

And the amount of hand-carrying by young children is also greatly reduced, allowing children to get more in touch with their parents. And since a baby brings a lot more chance of being close to their mother’s chest because of its use, a strong bond is formed between them.

And which is much healthier for both mother plus baby – physically as well as mentally. One of the advantages of using a baby carrier is that the mother has free hands while carrying the baby very safely and comfortably, so she can easily perform other tasks as well.



How to Determine the Best Baby Wrap Carriers for Preemies?


If you have decided to use hands-free carriers to carry your baby easily. Then there is a strong possibility that you will have to face some more problems to choose the right product according to your specific needs.

The main reason for this is that if you do a little search in the current market, you will come across thousands of products, out of which finding the exact one is not an easy task, isn’t it!

But there is no need to worry because you will know about some important key features of these baby products in the following part. And considering that you can easily select Best Baby wrap Carriers for Preemies as per demand.


Breathability: When a baby is carried for a long time by wrapping or carrying a backpack-type carrier, that baby clings to its mother’s chest. Plus, the reason of that there is a continuous production of temperature, so in some cases, it’s seen that the children are sweating or feel uncomfortable in the carrier. So, you must make sure that your chosen carrier is breathable, and in this case, 100% cotton fabric carriers can be seen.

Accurate sizing: It is very important to pay attention to the right size when choosing the baby carrier according to your choice. Because if it doesn’t fit perfectly with your body shape, you can’t wrap or cradle comfortably to carry the baby. And of course, make sure that the baby’s face never covers the fabric or your body; otherwise, the baby may have trouble breathing.

Support system: Whether you choose a backpack or a traditional type of baby carrier, provide adequate support. Because your newborn is on a very sensitive stage during his first few months, you need to ensure his seating is perfect and comfortable. Because through this, the physical and healthy hip development of the baby will be ensured. Plus, it would be more beneficial to examine the padded seating area of the baby carrier selected for this.

Usability: In this case, you should choose the baby carrier depending on your specific needs and the expected usability. And carrying wraps baby through traditional clothes requires some experience and skill. But there are also many more backpack-type or pre-wrap style baby carriers that you can use effortlessly without any hassle.




Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:


Question: What is the Right Time to Carry Preemie Baby?

Answer: One thing that most babies born prematurely have in common is that they are born two to four weeks ahead of schedule. And in this case, many babies have a variety of physical problems, so the parents have to be a little more serious to take care of them properly.

And to carry a premature baby, you should take the advice of an experienced consultant or who is in charge of your newborn’s. But babies who can breastfeed independently or weigh more than 4 lbs can usually survive in Kangaroo care.


Question: How Much Secure Is A Baby Wrap Carrier?

Answer: Baby Wrap Carriers are usually extremely safe to carry easily. However, according to many experienced doctors, carrying a little child can lead to serious problems if certain things are not taken care of properly. Plus, the most important of all these things is that when carrying a baby in their carrier, they should take care that their face and especially his/her nose should not be covered in any way. Otherwise, the newborn will not be capable of breathing correctly, which can cause a critical situation.


Question: Can You Wear Your Baby Too Much?

Answer: It is not good to do anything at the extreme level – this is the consensus. However, a preemie baby indeed needs much more care than a normal baby. But of course, it should be in moderation; normally, you will be a little more concerned about the proper care of your child. So, you need to pay more attention to the baby’s needs, what they want, or what situation they feel comfortable with.

Here is a page that links to all our recommended carriers for preemies:

I’m not a medical professional, so I do recommend that you show your sling to your pediatrician for approval.  Also, here is an article written by a nurse about the proper positioning of your newborn in any type of carrier.

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  1. Stretchy wraps are fantastic for kangaroo care for preemies too! We’ve upgraded our 34 weeker into his ergo and he loves it. He’s a little small still so we are using the infant insert pillow to sit him on and its fantastic!

  2. Hi Becky, that’s great that the ERGO infant insert is working well for your little one! As always, I recommend checking in with your medical professional to make sure that the carry is a proper position for your baby. 🙂

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