Babywearing Halloween Costume Roundup 2016

By the CMA Team | November 01, 2016
Babywearing Halloween costumes

Halloween has come and gone, and once again, there were SO many fabulous babywearing Halloween costumes!

Babywearing is such a great way to make Halloween easier and more fun, especially if you have older children who actually care about trick-or-treating.   In addition to keeping your baby warm and cozy (and not too overstimulated by all the Halloween energy), babywearing means that you can dress up the baby carrier instead of the baby.  This gives you a lot options!

First up is in the super simple but adorable mama and baby pair, by Shelby Williams.  Shelby loves elephants and decorated her son’s nursery with an elephant theme, so it was a natural choice for her to get a few elephant accessories to create this memorable costume!  Shelby is using an elephant-themed baby wrap, but any gray carrier would work well for this!

Babywearing Halloween costumes 2016: Elephants, by Shelby Williams
Elephant Mama and Baby, by Shelby Williams

I love a good family costume, and Shawna’s simple Scooby Doo gang has something for the whole family!  Shawna turned baby into Scooby by decorating the outside of her baby carrier (an Infantino).

Babywearing Halloween costumes 2016: Scooby Doo Gang, by Shawna Oakland Evans
The Scooby Doo Gang, by Shawna Oakland Evans

Charlotte’s baby carrier helps the Wicked Witch of the West keep her flying monkey close!  Apparently the flying monkey slept the whole time – perfect!  Daddy as Dorothy and the cutest Glinda the Good Witch round out this family ensemble!

Babywearing Halloween costumes 2016: Wizard of Oz, by Charlotte Belsan
Wizard of Oz, by Charlotte Belsan

Next up are a couple of cute variations on the Flower in a Pot theme that has been floating around for a few years.

@Fifilyn’s lovely Gardener with a Cactus in a Pot is so pretty!

Babywearing Halloween costumes 2016: Cactus in a pot, by @fifilynn
Cactus in a Pot by @fifilynn

I’m a Harry Potter fan, so of course I loved this Professor Sprout with a Mandrake costume, by Amanda Goss Peters.  It’s perfect!

Babywearing Halloween costumes 2016: Professor Sprout and a mandrake, by Amanda Goss Peters
Professor Sprout and a mandrake, by Amanda Goss Peters

We saw a bank robber with a bag of loot in last year’s post, but I love how Amber Fegurgur Flores turned it into a family costume, and used her wrap for the loot.  Says Amber: “OH thought he hated our baby wrap until he wore her last night and realized it’s the best thing ever. She was the cutest loot bag ever! We may have been the robbers, but she definitely stole everyone’s heart.”  Aw…

Babywearing Halloween costumes 2016:
Robbers and their Loot, by Amber Fegurgur Flores

I think Harmony Tanguay’s use of the store-bough raccoon costume is ingenious!  By, the way, Harmony is aka The World’s Okayest Mother, which I love.  You can see more of Harmony and her great sense of humor on Instagram @worldsokayestmother1 or Facebook

Babywearing Halloween costumes 2016: Raccoon rummaging through the garbage, by Harmony Tanguay
Raccoon rummaging through the garbage, by Harmony Tanguay

Rachel A Chapman and her little one as the world’s cutest gnomes makes me smile every time I see it!  And that Wrap Conversion Tula makes the whole costume extra adorable.

Babywearing Halloween costumes 2016: Gnomes by Rachel Chapman
Gnomes by Rachel A Chapman

Everything is right about this Sushi and Soy Sauce family costume by Athena Baxter!  I have an special fondness because my 14 year old son went as sriracha this year.

Babywearing Halloween costumes 2016: Sushi and Soy Sauce by Athena Baxter
“We SOY cute! This is how we roll.” by Athena Baxter

These Octopus costumes are so creative!  I love that the octopuses have patterned legs.

Babywearing Halloween costumes 2016: Octopuses by Rebekah Haigood Weddel
Octopuses by Rebekah Haigood Weddell

My husband and I are hooked on Game of Thrones so of course I had to include this super creative costume by Valerie Harness.  So cool.

Babywearing Halloween costumes 2016: Hodor Game of Thrones, by Valerie Harness
Hodor (Game of Thrones) by Valerie Harness

I love this Eric Carle-themed costume because Cameron Dennison clearly had such a great time making it and wearing it!

Babywearing Halloween costumes 2016: Eric Carle inspired costume, by Cameron Dennison
Eric Carle inspired costume, by Cameron Dennison

I this this Stormcloud and Rain costume is so, so creative!  Stacey says it was actually quite easy and inexpensive to make. “We used twinkle led battery operated lights and bunched up cheapy spiderwebs to make the cloud and lightening (pinned to a slip cover). I carried a speaker with thunder sounds and daddy followed with the rain.”  Love.

Halloween Babywearing Costumes 2016:Stormcloud and Rain by Stacey Dukes
Stormcloud and Rain by Stacey Dukes

Last but not least comes my dream costume. Is this Ursula and the Little Mermaid costume incredible, or what?  Wow.

Babywearing Halloween costumes 2016: Ursula and the Little Mermaid, by Adina Pelicci-Alsina
Ursula and the Little Mermaid, by Adina Pelicci-Alsina