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Babywearing Halloween Costume Roundup

It’s the day after Halloween, so I’m munching on candy while my kids are at school and checking out all the fabulous babywearing Halloween costumes – I love them so much!

Incorporating your baby carrier in a Halloween costume for both of you means that you can get into the Halloween spirit while keeping your babe close to you.  It’s especially awesome if you’re trying to stay nimble while navigating a party or taking older kids trick or treating.

Of course, there are so. many. amazing. costumes out there and we can’t feature all of them!  So we’ve chosen a few we especially loved (and have permission to post) that featured ideas we hadn’t seen before.

For more inspiration, checkout out our previous Babywearing Halloween Costume roundups.  Also,  follow our Pinterest board where we collect ideas year-round so you’ll have them for Halloween next year!

  •  Ratchet and Clank 

Ratchet-and-Clank Babywearing Halloween Costume Roundup 2017

First up for all you gamers out there, we have this awesome Ratchet and Clank costume by Heidi Evans.

  • Game of Thrones

Mother-of-Dragons Babywearing Halloween Costume Roundup 2017

Game of Thrones Fans will love this Mother of Dragons idea, by Lilian Baron, aka @momquilage  I also like this costume for being pretty comfortable and easy to get around in.  If you love GoT, definitely check out the Hodor costume we featured in last years’ roundup!

  • scuba diver and shark

This scuba diver and shark costume are awesome for being simple and easy to do last minute if you need to! Photo from Nikki Gordon.  Nikki mentioned that this was an XL dog’s costume that fit perfectly over her Tula carrier!  Ingenious!

  • Rainbow and Cloud

I always love clever costumes made with stuff found lying around the house so when I saw this adorable Rainbow and Cloud costume by Marissa Waters, I knew I had to include it this year!

  • E.T. Elliott

ET and Eliot- Babywearing Halloween Costume Roundup 2017

For anyone who can’t wait to introduce their kids to your favorite classic movies, this costume by Ashlea Beers is perfect! Ashlea says that she also had a Bluetooth speaker in the basket playing choice segments from the E.T. soundtrack – I love that!

  • Snoopy and Woodstock

    Snoopy Woodstock and Charlie Brown Babywearing Halloween Costume Roundup 2017

Speaking of classics, how amazing is this Snoopy and Woodstock costume?  So perfect to have big brother as Charlie Brown.  Janelle Moubray also had Grandma as Shroeder and Grandpa as Linus – this makes a great crowd costume for sure.

  • Witch and Dorothy

Wicked-Witch-and-Dorothy-Babywearing Halloween Costume Roundup 2017

And in the “only in my dreams” category is Adina-Marie Pelicci’s Wicked Witch and Dorothy costume. Adina says “Every year we really enjoy Halloween. Briella (age 3 1/2) is Dorothy this year and I am the wicked witch. I like to make each year so special for her since she was born with a congenital heart defect. We try to enjoy life and make every moment special.” I love this. If you’re as blow away by Adina_mari’s artistry as I am, definitely check out her Ursula and the Little Mermaid costume in last year’s roundup – it is absolutely stunning.

  • Beauty and the Beast

Beauty-and-the-Beast Babywearing Halloween Costume Roundup 2017

I am always so envious of great family costumes! My family could never get on board with a theme – big props to families who make that happen! We did love Beauty and the Beast, though, so I loved this take by Meghan Pender, inspired by her princess-loving daughter, Mckenna. I especially loved 11 months old Connor as Chip, so sweet. And of course dad Brendan made the perfect Beast. Meghan says their costumes are a mix of homemade and store bought.

  • trolls

Trolls - Babywearing Halloween Costume Roundup 2017
Movies always make good family costume, especially when there is an older kid who is loving the movie!  Kari Payne and her 4-month-old son Lochlan are Biggie from the movie trolls holding his little buddy Mr. Dinkles. Kari says that she took a piece of cloth with fabric spray paint to create a little cover for her Tula carrier – then just tucked in on the corners and made a little face on the back of her son’s hat.  So creative!
  • Circuses

Circus Act Babywearing Halloween Costume Roundup 2017

Circuses are another great source of family costume inspiration! Our own CMA Team member Justice Lee and her family did an awesome job with this theme。

  • cotton candy


I especially love Baby Sawyer’s cotton candy costume. And clearly, so does she!


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