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Babywearing through the Ages

And here you thought baby carriers were a NEW trend!  Today’s post comes to us via a sweet little blog called Nine Davids.   The pictures are fabulous, and I love the sense of connection with mamas all over the world and over time as well.

Babywearing through the ages

David and I went to the local Farmer’s Market on Saturday, and as usual he was sitting pretty in the BabyHawk on my back.  If you ever want to see babywearing in action, go to a farmer’s market – I counted over a dozen other worn babies.A random woman in line commented “Those things are all the rage”.  An old (80+) lady with a strong accent replied, “Eeet was da rage when I lived in Moscow too!”  She went on to tell me about how she always wore her babies, and how it helped to keep them warm during the long Russian winters.Babywearing’s not trendy, it’s normal.  It’s practical.  It’s beautiful!  Below is a collection of beautiful babywearing pictures from around the world and through the ages, from a friend’s presentation to her high school Spanish class.  Enjoy!

Not sure where, but nice Mei Tai!


South Africa
Ancient Egypt
















Congo (Way to get some work done, mama!)


Czech Republic – love the basket!


Czech Republic








French Daddy on a bike (not recommended lol)








More Guatemala!  Beautiful pattern


Inuit – such a beautiful photo




Mary and Jesus


Dark ages?  I think not!


Mexico, rockin the Rebozo Superman toss!


Morocco – babies wearing babies




Roma (Gypsy Mama anyone?)


Slovakia – what a happy baby.


Southern USA


Modern Day Texas





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