Wrapsody Breeze in IrisCarry Me Away is a babywearing resource center for parents who want personal attention and the best in baby carriers without being overwhelmed by options.

Our mission at Carry Me Away is to provide the best baby carriers on the market, along with outstanding  customer service. We pride ourselves on providing help before, during and after a sale to ensure that proper wearing techniques are being used for the safety of both the wearer and the child. We want all customers of Carry Me Away to be comfortable, safe and fashionable!

Carry Me Away was founded by Glenda Criss-Forshey in 2005.  She left the business to focus on babywearing education in the non-profit sector.  Laurel McCarthy took over Carry Me Away in 2007.

About Laurel, CMA’s owner:

My name is Laurel McCarthy (nee Hilfiker), and I’m the owner of Carry Me Away.  I took over CMA in 2007 after several yearsof providing babywearing education and local retail sales in my home town of Napa, CA.

I’m wife to James (JJ) McCarthy and mommy to Otto (age 15) and Madeline (12). We live in California, but I originally hail from the East Coast, via Washington DC and New York City.

How I got started in babywearing:

When Otto (then called Jack) was born, I registered for and duly received a Baby Björn. Since I was a woman before I was a mommy, I loved being able to be close to my son while hiking, socializing with friends, doing things around the house and even exercising in a mom-baby class.  When I discovered the Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch (KKAFP), and it was LOVE. That pouch was the single best baby gear purchase I’ve ever made. I loved cuddling with my son and keeping him close to me but also being able to do other things. Of course, that first sling led to experimentation with countless other carriers, some of which I returned, many of which got added to my stash.

Since Napa didn’t have much in the way of baby carriers available, I quickly found myself something of a babywearing emissary.   I loved educating others about the many benefits of wearing your baby and showing them that using slings and carriers is easy, fun and stylish, too.  Eventually, I realized I needed to start selling carriers, too, since none of my favorites were available locally.  And thus my little business was born…

When I found out Carry Me Away was for sale, I jumped at the chance to take on a great company from a woman I admired.

My “Qualifications”

First of all, I’m a mom of two, so I’ve been there, done that! Secondly, I’m obsessive about thoroughly researching EVERY baby purchase I make, which is why I feel confident that the carriers we’re offering for sale are some of the best on the (ever-expanding) market.

Oh, and I have my Masters in Social Work from Hunter College in NYC and was an LCSW in California for many years.  I consider my babywearing venture an extension of my personal and professional mission to provide support and assistance to other parents in whatever way that I can.

The CMA Babywearing Team

Hannah-Hynson CMA Mom SquadHannah

I’m Hannah –  I’m the ringleader of the CMA BAbywearing Team and I also manage the Carry Me Away Instagram page.  I’ve been working with CMA for almost two years.  

I’m a work at home mom and do my best to balance life as a small business owner, wife and mother. It’s not always perfect but it’s pretty dang good and I wouldn’t change it for the world.
My husband, Josh, and I welcomed our son into the world on Christmas Eve 2015. He’s been the best gift I’ve ever received. Jude is just over a year now, full of love and adventure and has the best laugh you’ve ever heard.
We currently live outside of Reno, NV but we were born and raised in the Bay Area of California. It’s been hard being away from family, especially after having our first baby, but we’ve been able to make great friends through our babywearing community.
I started wearing Jude in a Moby Wrap when he was just days old. I had read all about the benefits of babywearing and quickly became fascinated. We currently have a deep love for SSCs, onbuhimos and ring slings. Our babywearing journey is constantly changing as Jude’s needs and personal preferences change and grow. I hope that our stories help you on your own babywearing journey.

I hope to see you around the CMA Instagram page and also at my personal IG account @mamahynson


I’m Justice, I’m excited to be a part of the CMA Team!
I’ve been married to my husband Paul for 4 years, together for 7. Paul is an accomplished tattoo artist here in Phoenix. He’s amazingly talented and is also profoundly deaf.
Our son Bronson is three years old and my daughter Sawyer was born in May 2017.  
We love to explore our great city, participate in community events and get outside and hike! We are also avid Disney fans and enjoy our trips to SoCal to visit friends and Disneyland.
We started wearing Bronson as a newborn. Ring slings were our go-to carriers. We loved how easy they were to pack in a diaper bag and how quickly we could get Bronson in one while out in public places. Since then our collection has also grown to include Meh Dais and SSCs. I’ve always been fascinated by wrapping but haven’t yet taken the plunge.  It’s been so fun trying new carriers with Sawyer!

Follow me and my family on our IG feed, @threadedgypsy

 Fall-Winter 2017 CMA Team members

(in alpabetical order)


I’m Amanda. I have 3 kiddos. 7, 3.5, and 6 months. I’ve been babywearing since my oldest was born! I love it and do it everyday. My 3.5 year old, Abel, still goes up on occasion but it’s mostly the baby now. I’m a SAHM currently. I’m a huge lover of wraps and ringsling but we also SSC. We have a few Tulas and LOVE our free to grow! Not having to use an insert is pretty awesome 🤗 I’m very excited to be here! This is the first time I’ve ever been a part of something like this, so I’m excited to share one of my passions even more.   Come follow me on my Instagram @mandar88

Ashley CMA Babywearing Team


I’m Ashley, mom to Aubrianna (9), Sophie (2.5), and I am due with a sweet baby boy in just a couple of weeks (October 2017)! We are from Spokane, WA and love living in the Pacific Northwest. I’m so excited to be a part of the CMA team this season!

Babywearing became a huge part of our lives when Sophie was born. We joined our local babywearing group and quickly became actively involved with leadership and outreach. Babywearing gets us through each day and will be even more important to our survival once Baby S arrives!

Follow our adventures on my IG feed @grey.st.girl


Britta CMA Babywearing Team


I’m Britta! My husband Brandon and I have two boys-Kayden (7) and Jameson (1). I’m so excited to be on the CMA team again! We are a big babywearing family and all three of us regularly wear my younger son Jameson (yes even big bro loves wearing the little guy). I really love helping other people find their babywearing bliss as best I can. I’m one of the leaders in our area for babywearing and am most known for wrapping-especially multiples. Woven wraps are by far my favorite but I’ve definitely found a love for SSCs as my little man has gotten older.  My husband and son prefer ring slinging or SSCs. I’m a SAHM, hockey mom, have a degree in patisserie and baking, small shop addict and hobby photographer. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to be if you have any questions! My IG is @brittamccauley

Janet CMA Babywearing TEamJanet

Hello! I’m Janet, a stay-at-home mom with two beautiful babies and a dedicated husband. Our family of four lives in the town of Evergreen Park, IL, right outside of Chicago. And just like our big city neighbor, we never stop going! My two angels are just 12 months apart and they’re balls of energy who love experiencing life. We attend playgroups, have fun at parks and community events, go to museums, visit animal conservatories, and much more! Babywearing first came into my life as a necessity, but it became so much more. I love the connection babywearing gives me with my children, and they in turn love being close to mama while we go about our day. It turned from a fact of life to a passion, and something I love to share with others! This drive has inspired me to volunteer with some great organizations, including The Carrying On Project, a non-profit organization that helps connect military families with free baby carriers. You can see me, my beautiful family, and my babywearing adventures at @everyday.mckay on instagram.

Maria CMA Babywearing TeamMaria

Hi my name is Maria and I was on the CMA team this last spring/summer season! So happy to be back! I have been wearing since my oldest, Elias, was about a year old, he is now going to be turning four in November! My daughter, Iliana, has been worn since day one, she’ll be two in February. And we are expecting sweet baby Lucas to join our troop in January. We live in Reno, NV.
I work for the school district but will be a SAHM once Lucas is here. So I’ll be needing to be hands free for sure with three kiddos!

Follow me on IG at @martinezm13


Ophelia CMA Babywearing TeamOphelia

I am Ophelia. I am a SAHM to my two little guys. Noah is 3, and Joseph is 20 months old. We are from Alabama, and we LOVE being outside. Both boys love getting dirty, as do I. #boymom 💙

I’ve been in the baby-wearing community for a little over a year now. Honestly, I never knew this was such an amazing “community”. I never saw babywearing in my community nor did I know the significance of it. I have now become an advocate in my community for breastfeeding, and baby-wearing! I currently volunteer for my local baby-wearing lending library. I also work a few days a week in a high-end baby boutique where the lending library is kept. 🙌🏽

Oh yeah my boys and I love watching movies!! Our current favorite movie is Moana. We’ve seen it at least 1000 times since its release. 😂

We’d love for you guys to follow our journey on Instagram ❤️ @noahandjoseph_

Stacey CMA Babywearing TeamStacey

Hi all, I’m Stacey, one of two mamas in our household. My Wifey and I live in beautiful Southwestern Michigan, hence my Instagram handle @twomittenmamas. We are avid babywearers to our baby boy, Emmett Luke. I am an active volunteer in our local babywearing group, a passionate breastfeeding mama, home chef, and advocate for diversity. I love promoting babywearing online and in person. There’s so much more to babywearing than you see in the big box stores! Babywearing to me has meant keeping my baby close, being hands free, and most of all community. I want to share that with other care givers. Wear all the babies and carry on!

Follow me on IG @twomittenmamas