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Babywearing Support, Advice & Resources Since 2005

Carry Me Away is dedicated to helping mums, dads and caregivers experience and enjoy babywearing.

Over the years we’ve helped thousands of people in the USA, Canada and around the world find the babby carrier that’s right for them, their baby & their lifestyle.

Our mission at Carry Me Away is provide in-depth reviews of the best baby carriers on the market, along with helpful articles, hints, tips and support

Wrapsody Breeze in IrisCarry Me Away was founded by Glenda Criss-Forshey in 2005.  She left the business to focus on babywearing education in the non-profit sector.  Laurel McCarthy took over Carry Me Away in 2007.

About Laurel, CMA’s owner:

My name is Laurel McCarthy (nee Hilfiker), and I’m the owner of Carry Me Away.  I took over CMA in 2007 after several yearsof providing babywearing education and local retail sales in my home town of Napa, CA.

I’m wife to James (JJ) McCarthy and mommy to Otto (age 15) and Madeline (12). We live in California, but I originally hail from the East Coast, via Washington DC and New York City.

How I got started in babywearing:

When Otto (then called Jack) was born, I registered for and duly received a Baby Björn. Since I was a woman before I was a mommy, I loved being able to be close to my son while hiking, socializing with friends, doing things around the house and even exercising in a mom-baby class.  When I discovered the Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch (KKAFP), and it was LOVE. That pouch was the single best baby gear purchase I’ve ever made. I loved cuddling with my son and keeping him close to me but also being able to do other things. Of course, that first sling led to experimentation with countless other carriers, some of which I returned, many of which got added to my stash.

Since Napa didn’t have much in the way of baby carriers available, I quickly found myself something of a babywearing emissary.   I loved educating others about the many benefits of wearing your baby and showing them that using slings and carriers is easy, fun and stylish, too.  Eventually, I realized I needed to start selling carriers, too, since none of my favorites were available locally.  And thus my little business was born…

When I found out Carry Me Away was for sale, I jumped at the chance to take on a great company from a woman I admired.

My “Qualifications”

First of all, I’m a mom of two, so I’ve been there, done that! Secondly, I’m obsessive about thoroughly researching EVERY baby purchase I make, which is why I feel confident that the carriers we’re offering for sale are some of the best on the (ever-expanding) market.

Oh, and I have my Masters in Social Work from Hunter College in NYC and was an LCSW in California for many years.  I consider my babywearing venture an extension of my personal and professional mission to provide support and assistance to other parents in whatever way that I can.

The CMA Babywearing Team


I’m Hannah –  I’m the ringleader of the CMA BAbywearing Team and I also manage the Carry Me Away Instagram page.  I’ve been working with CMA for threeish years.  

I’m Hannah,
I live in rural Nevada with my husband of 5 years and our 3 year old son Jude, 2 dogs and 7 chickens.
I’m a WAHM, I run Judy & Park full time and sew for a baby carrier company part time, all out of my little house in the high desert. I was a preschool teacher for 10 years prior to being a stay at home mom.
I’ve been babywearing for nearly 4 years! I run Reno Babywearers which is a non profit babywearing group here in northern Nevada. I also volunteer with The Carrying On Project, helping get carriers to military families in need.
In my “free time” 😅 I work with Baby Tula and a few children’s clothing companies. 

I started wearing Jude in a Moby Wrap when he was just days old. I had read all about the benefits of babywearing and quickly became fascinated. We currently have a deep love for SSCs, onbuhimos and ring slings. Our babywearing journey is constantly changing as Jude’s needs and personal preferences change and grow. I hope that our stories help you on your own babywearing journey.

I hope to see you around the CMA Instagram page and also at my personal IG account @mamahynson

Janet CMA Babywearing TEamJanet

My husband and I live on the south side of Chicago with our 2 kiddos- Sophie (age 3) and Leo (age 2) and our 3 dogs and 2 cats. We are expecting our third child in February!
I’ve been with CMA since 2016 and I help Laurel with social media and giveaways.I live a pretty simple life. I spend all my time with my kids and husband. We are into homeschooling, unschooling, wildschooling our kids and that takes up most of my time. Babywearing plays a huge part in our lifestyle and I love sharing the babywearing love.I’d love to see you over on my IG page, too!  Follow me at everday.mckay

Fall-Winter 2018 CMA Team members

(in alphabetical order)


Follow me on IG @lannalund


Hello! I’m Amanda and I have three kids, ages 8, 4, and 19 months. I’m a stay at home mom and I live in Southern California. My husband and I met in the military and have been together going on 10 years. I love textiles, cooking, spending time with my family, the beach, and chocolate 😁My babywearing journey started back with my oldest. I used a buckle carrier that wasn’t the best and didn’t know much about babywearing. My journey has grown so much with my second child. Ive worn him since birth with a moby stretchy wrap and then found tula.. the rest is down hill from there! I now wear my youngest the most. I try all the carriers that I can now as she is my last baby. We love a variety of SSCs, RS, and wraps. Babywearing is not only phenomenal for my bonding with baby but also a life saver as a parent with 3 kids. Not enough arms sometimes that is for sure.I babywear for many many reasons. With my oldest I found a love for the close bond. I loved having him so close and comfortable. With my second and third- it was absolutely for the bonding but also other reasons trickled in. I found a love for the community, the artistry with handwoven pieces, the new common ground with my husband, the love my now older kids have for wearing their sister. It’s absolutely convenient for adventuring places that aren’t stroller friendly: whether it be rough terrain, big crowds, places with lots of stairs, places that may startle a baby, keeping them close alleviates all of these struggles and more. I also love that my journey has helped my friends find the love of babywearing. I love how my journey has grown so much from the beginning… and yet there is always much more to learn and new adventures to be had wearing my kids ❤️Come follow me on my Instagram @mandar88 


Hiya! I’m Ashleigh and I’ve got a 15 month old boy, a 4 year old girl, and a 5 year old girl. My oldest didn’t care to be held so I started babywearing with my 2nd child but we started from around 3 months old and she still gets worn some today! My youngest just learned how to walk but still likes to be carried. For fun we visit parks, play Pokemon Go, and play video games. I love babywearing for not only for the community it has given me but also the social justice voice it has brought out in me. Taking part of Black babywearing week and black breastfeeding week and bringing the since of attachment parenting into my community. I look forward to this season with everyone!My IG is @minimallyus


Hi…I’m Bo I grew up in Northern VA and moved out to Reno, NV 7 years ago for work. I met my husband on Match, got engaged 8 months later and here we are 5 years later with 2 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats! My husband races jet skis so we travel and camp a lot…thank goodness for babywearing, it has saved me and my sanity at his races I’ve been babywearing since my daughter was born (3.5 years ago), however, I didn’t truly fall in love with it until my son was born in Feb. I wish I had known more babywearing mamas back then, but better late than never! I’m fairly active in the online babywearing community, although I’m new to CMA so I’m excited to get to know everyone and share this journey with you!Follow Bo @bb728 on instagram.


Follow me on IG at @mommyandmoon


I’m Maura,I live in South East Idaho, close to Yellowstone National Park! I have been married to my husband for 5 years and we have a 4 year old daughter, Brooklynn, a (almost) 2 year old son Barrett, and a 3 day old boy, Wyatt. We also have 6 chickens and a dog that we adore. I have been Babywearing for almost 4 years, and I am experiencing “newborn wearing” for the first time! I stay at home with my kiddos during the day while being a Travel Agent, and I teach cooking classes a few evenings a week.We love to explore the outdoors, have family adventures, and generally be silly. In my free time I like to nap and read a good book!I am so excited to share this journey with you! I love Babywearing and I hope that I can share the joy it brings to our family!Follow me on IG at @becoming_maura

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    1. Hi Cindy, thanks for your post. We sell a wide range of baby carriers, some of which are manufactured in the USA. Most of them, however, are not.

      Brands that are made in the USA are: Sakura Bloom, Ball Baby and some Kozy Carrier.

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