Celebrity Babywearing: Jennifer Meyer Maguire with her baby boy

By the CMA Team | June 25, 2009

Jennifer Meyer baby carrier ring sling

Wow, Jennifer Meyer (wife to Tobey McGuire and mama to Ruby Sweetheart) looks so happy carrying her 6-week-old son in this carrier by Serena & Lily!

While this carrier is very pretty-looking,  unfortunately, the Sling Lady cannot recommend this baby carrier.   This “pouch” carrier is what as known in the babywearing circles as a “bag sling,”  a carrier which essentially acts as a bag to put your baby in, rather than holding baby snugly against your body.  Bag carriers have been shown to be unsafe for infants, because they do not provide correct positioning to ensure proper airflow for your baby to breathe while in the sling.

While the SlingLady is in favor of any carrier that encourages caregivers to wear their children, I cannot in good conscience recommend a type of carrier that she knows is unsafe.  If you check out the website for this carrier,  you’ll notice that even the model isn’t achieving the correct position for carrying an infant.



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