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Celebrity Babywearing Watch: Advice for Alanis Morrissette

alanis-morissette-ring-sling-baby-carrierAlanis Morrissette seems absolutely thrilled to be a mommy, and generally ever so much happier these days.   I’m sure she makes a really excellent mother (you didn’t think I’d make it through this post without some play on her lyrics, did you?)  And of course, the Sling Lady loves to see any celebrity using a baby carrier.  Here, Alanis is sporting an olive ring sling, very similar to this Maya Wrap sling.

If I met her out standing in line at Target, I’d be looking for an opening to suggest that she give that tail a good pull and tighten the sling up!  Lots of babies love to face forward and a ring sling is a great way to do this comfortably and securely.   However, you should never need to have your two hands on the baby while doing so, as Alanis does here, and the carrier is a little too loose and too low for safety or comfort.

I’d suggest Alanis pull snug her ring sling up a few inches and tighten the top rail to provide a really snug, safe carry for little Ever.  Then she can really be hands free and as ironic as she wants to be!

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6 Responses

  1. Hi there! That gorgeous ring sling is a Sakura Bloom ring sling, in essential linen. I believe this colorway has been discontinued (not sure exactly which colors they were) but there are many similarly gorgeous options available on our shopping site.

    Best regards, The Sling Lady

    1. Hi Martha, this is a semi-reclined carry where the baby’s legs are pointed a bit off to the side with legs however they are comfy for baby. 🙂 Usually criss-cross works well!

      🙂 The Sling Lady

      1. Thanks! My LO is 11m (on Monday :() and I haven’t ever really figured out how to wear him so he can look out on the crowds, besides the hip carry, but he’s getting to where he’s wiggling out of that, too! We shall try this! <3

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