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Celebrity Babywearing Watch: Gisele Bundchen LOVES her family AND her Ergobaby Carrier!

Gisele Bundchen holding baby Vivan close enough to kiss in an ERGO baby carrierI’m loving these gorgeous pics of Gisele Bundchen wearing her  Ergobaby Carrier in River Rock.  I’ll admit, a celeb wearing a buckle carrier isn’t anywhere near as exciting as seeing Kate Hudson wearing a ring sling but it’s still not something you see every day, especially in this pretty green carrier with the funky pattern hood.  Plus, Gisele is obviously loving her baby carriers right now, and that always deserves a mention!

I also love her easy mom-style and the fact that she doesn’t need to get all matchy-matchy with her baby carrier and her outfit.  Her babywearing style is casual, comfortable and no-fuss.  Simple!

Babywearing advice for Gisele: none!  She is wearing her Ergobaby carrier just perfectly, with baby Vivian riding high and close enough to kiss.   Wearing your baby “high and tight” in any carrier is best for your body and also for baby to feel secure in the carrier ( a too loose buckle carrier can result in an achy, sore back, neck and shoulders!).  Fortunately, buckle carriers make it super easy to get good positioning without much guesswork.


While a baby carrier is a great accessory for any new mom, it becomes especially critical as your family grows!  It’s easy to give some attention to your older children when you can keep your little once comfortably close.

Ergobaby Carrier celebrity

Babywearing also helps you maintain an active lifestyle and Gisele seems to know it.  It’s hard to hang from a tree while pushing a stroller!

Gisele Bundchen babywearing

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