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Celebrity Babywearing Watch: Orlando Bloom was already hot. Add a baby carrier and I think I’m in love!

Orlando Bloom is clearly in love with his baby.  And I’m in love with Orlando!  There is nothing sexier than a dad who wears his baby.

Orlando bloom navy ergo carrierYep, he’s babywearing hotness personified, all right!

That being said, I do have a few tips for Orlando, now that he’s found the babywearing love.  While his Navy Organic Ergobaby Carrier is super comfortable and easy to use (reasons so many dads love them), it really isn’t meant for babies this young (5 weeks) without the Ergobaby infant insert.  The sleeping hood he’s using to support the baby’s head can’t really provide enough head support for his little guy’s head and neck.

SlingLady Rx: Keep up the babywearing, Orlando!  But add an infant insert next time!  Or try a Beco Baby Carrier  or a Pikkolo Carrier – both provide great head, spine and back support for a little one, without the need for an insert.

P.S. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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