CMA Mini Review: Pikkolo Carrier by Catbird Baby

Posted by Laurel McCarthy | 02.11.2017
Pikkolo Carrier Review by Ophelia

Today’s mini review of the Pikkolo carrier is by CMA Babywearing Team member Ophelia. The Pikkolo (by Catbird Baby) is a hybrid carrier that is a cross between a buckle carrier and a mei tai. It can be used from birth without an infant insert and is also one of the most versatile buckle carriers we know!  Ophelia is wearing the Pikkolo in Zephyr.

Have you ever needed a carrier that was extremely versatile? I mean you can wear it apron style (no waist band), add the waist belt for extra support, criss-cross it in the back, wear baby on the front. I mean all of that in one was accomplished with my Pikkolo.

Let’s talk about how amazingly comfortable the Catbird Baby Pikkolo carrier is. The straps are made with memory foam, so that means my shoulders had extra support. Also, being able to cross the straps on my back gave me the extra support I needed to wear comfortably on my front.

Pikkolo Carrier Review by OpheliaThe waistband is the most tricky part. When I received the carrier the waist support belt was not attached. It took me a while to figure out how to put the waist support belt on. I even had to visit my local babywearing store to get some much-needed help with figuring it out. If this carrier will be used for multiple children it may not be ideal to use, as with one child you may need the extra waist support and the other you may not.

I did attempt to wear the carrier in apron style without the support belt. It was not comfortable for me at all. My little guy is 24.5lbs and I definitely needed the waist support with him. It was so much more comfortable once it was attached.  Editor’s note: we definitely recommend the support belt for wearing kids over 20 lbs!  

I’d recommend this carrier for moms of smaller babes as my 24.5 lb guy just was not as comfortable in this as I was. If you are looking for versatility, apron style, and waist support all-in-one, then the Catbird Baby Pikkolo is for you.❤️

Editor’s note: the support belt is actually an additional accessory to the Pikkolo although we are currently offering one free with the purchase of the Pikkolo!

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