CMA Mini Review: Sakura Bloom Chambray

Posted 14, 2017

Another Sakura Bloom love story…Picking a Sakura ring sling can be difficult. They are known for their silk (which I love.) There are several linen options and their cozy Theory Bamboo line, but I kept coming back to this Chambray linen. The thread color combinations, the look, and support had me sold!

Carry Me Away has so many Sakura Bloom options. They also have a handy dandy comparison chart for the different Sakura fabric options. Ease of use, size of baby, and support are all covered.

This Chambray I am wearing is the Black Cherry. It is a mix of black and purplish red threads. So pretty for Fall and going into the holidays!

The double layer linen is supportive and still really breathable. It even feels cool to the touch. This is also a fine soft feeling linen. Not at all scratchy or itchy like cheap linens can be.

Washability is another reason I went with chambray. This washed up nicely and even softened up a bit.

Tip: To keep the colors true, I recommend using a detergent without optical brighteners when washing any carrier.

My love affair with Sakura Bloom continues. Which one to try next?