CMA Mini Reviews: Ergobaby Adapt

Posted by Laurel McCarthy | 19.10.2017
Ergobaby Adapt Review by Melinda

The Ergobaby Adapt is Ergobaby’s first carrier that can be used from birth without an infant insert. It adjusts wide and taller as baby grows! Itis reviewed by CMA Team member Melinda.

The first SSC carrier I ever used was an Ergo 360 when Kayden was a baby. As I tried out more carriers I eventually moved towards other brands so it was kind of fun for me to circle back and try out the Ergo Adapt now with her baby brother Mack. The Adapt is a soft structured carrier that you can use from newborn to toddler without needing an insert. Personally I’m not a fan of the newborn insert, so carriers like this that don’t require one have my immediate attention!

One of the defining features of this carrier is that it uses velcro straps on the waistband to adjust the seat width (rather than buttons like Tula FTG or Beco Gemini). The proper setting based on weight is color-coded and easy to understand at a glance. You get a really deep seat as a result of the velcro system, almost like a little mold for the baby’s bum 😄

The other key feature with Adapt is the ability to cross the shoulder straps in the back 👐 this gives you next level comfort and at least for me makes carrying a purse or diaper bag soo much easier since the straps aren’t in the way. I also like the way the straps hug the sides of the carrier so the baby feels really secure and the clips are easy to reach. I did find that I needed a mirror or car window to look in make sure I wasn’t twisting a strap in the back.

There were a couple of small features I wasn’t crazy about- like the thickness of the shoulder straps (I feel like Ergobaby carriers tend to have thicker shoulder straps), and the waistbelt has a lumbar support where the clip is, which I didn’t think was super necessary (but it’s one of those things that the next person might love0. All in all I really liked the Ergo Adapt and would reach for it for all kinds of situations like going shopping, hiking, or just around the house for some hands-free time. I only tried the front carry on the smallest setting, but you can also hip and back carry with Adapt. Mack is about 3 months old and 15 lbs. He fell asleep immediately each time I put him up in this carrier, so it’s safe to say it was comfy for him too ❤

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