CMA Mini Reviews: The Lillebaby Carry On Toddler Carrier

Posted February 11, 2018
Britta-Lillebaby-Toddler-Carry On Review

Today’s review is of the Lillebaby Carry On (a toddler carrier) by CMA Babywearing Team member Britta. 

I was very excited to try the toddler Lillebaby out since I haven’t really used a Lillebaby before and I always get lots of questions about them since they are such a popular brand. Upon initially trying it on it was very comfortable and my little man seemed to like it as well, snuggling up nice and close.

I’m a Tula girl, though, and while there were some things I really liked about this carrier, but if I had the option to choose I would personally stick with my toddler Tula.

This is a quality carrier and it’s very comfortable.  I definitely like the bigger pocket on the Lillebaby – it was nice to be able to put my phone and keys in that pocket rather than trying to struggle putting them in my own pockets.

Personally, I find the number of strap tighteners obnoxious and overwhelming rather than helpful but I know a lot of parents who prefer them to get a better fit. My husband honestly wouldn’t even use it because it was too overwhelming for him. He definitely prefers simple (he’s a Tula and ring sling guy) And while I liked the lumbar support pad for front carries it became cumbersome for me occasionally because we so often switch from front to back carries throughout a single day trip and I didn’t like it on my front.

I would recommend this carrier if someone had tried it out themselves before purchasing to see if it works for them because it definitely is a quality and comfortable carrier but based on personal preferences someone might love it or they might not.

All in all this is a great toddler carrier that I would recommend.  However for my family specifically it was just too complicated with having so many straps and buckles to tighten and adjust.