CMA Mini Reviews: Sakura Bloom Double Layer Linen

Posted by Laurel McCarthy | 30.11.2017
Sakura Bloom Simple Linen Review by Amanda

This review of the Sakura Bloom Simple Linen sling is written by CMA Babywearing Team member Amanda.  Since her review, the Sakura Simple Linen sling has been updated to the Sakura Bloom Basics – double layer sling.  The two slings are made from the same linen, but the Basics has been prewashed for additional softness!  At this writing, we have both the Simple and Basic slings available – choose your favorite color!

I was really excited to try a Sakura Bloom piece because I never had before, but more so because I kept hearing how amazing they are from friends. I’ve seen photos and they looked beautiful but I just never had the opportunity to try one until now!

The Sakura Bloom Simple Linen ring sling I received came in almost new condition. Honestly, to the touch, it wasn’t incredibly soft at first, but it wasn’t at all too harsh in my opinion either. I expected it to have a tougher texture since it was linen that hadn’t been broken in. My very first time using it was difficult! Not going to lie here at all, I had a really tough time adjusting the rings when I was getting started. On a positive note, if you adjust it to where it is almost perfect and then slip baby in, you barely need to adjust the fabric at all. The more I used this ring sling, the easier I found that “sweet spot” of adjusting before putting my daughter in. The easiest way to adjust this sling is by lifting baby slightly to take the weight off the fabric, then adjust by pulling the fabric through the rings. Also, be sure to adjust it section by section rather than just pulling the entire tail greatly helps with getting that perfect fit.

Sakura Bloom Simple Linen Review by Amanda

Pros: Extremely supportive, really grippy, no slipping of the rings at all, moldable, very light, airy, not hot at all. Easy to pack and fit into my diaper bag.

Cons: Needs lots of breaking in, hard to adjust (at first), definitely has a learning curve (even for someone like myself who has been using ring slings for a while).

I don’t think I’d recommend this ring sling in particular to a new baby wearer. Ring slings, in general, have a learning curve but due to the fact that this one takes some time to figure out, it just doesn’t make the best combination for someone new. I’d also say that this exact one wouldn’t be the best for a newborn since the fabric takes a lot of breaking in. Just my opinion but I’d opt for a softer ring sling for the newborn months.

My daughter is 7 months now and this Sakura Bloom Simple Linen sling is PERFECT for us. I love it so much I’m really considering adding one to our collection!! All of the Sakura Bloom pieces look so beautiful. I’m looking forward to trying one of their pieces made from silk!

Sakura Bloom Simple Linen Review by Amanda

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