CMA Mini Reviews: Soul Onbuhimo

Posted February 04, 2018

This review of the Soul Onbuhimo is by CMA Babywearing Team member Stacey.  Stacey is wearing the Soul Onbuhimo in Frozen.

Anyone else ever afraid of an Onbuhimo? I recall seeing this style of carrier at one of my first babywearing meetups and thinking “no way I can do that!”

The Soul Onbuhimo is one of the most comfortable I’ve tried. There is no waist strap on an Onbuhimo (hello pregnant mamas!) It is so nice not to have a waist band!

Probably my favorite feature that of Soul Onbuhimo is the fabric. It is 100% soft, breathable, and cool linen. This Frozen colorway is gorgeous in person. It has a subtle sheen that I can’t take me eyes off of.

Another perk is it’s packability. It is much less bulky than a traditional buckle carrier (SSC.)

My wife and I both found this carrier comfortable once it was adjusted properly.Your shoulders carry much of your kiddo’s weight, so I appreciated the cushy straps. The adjustable chest clip is also important. No choking feeling for the wearer!

The key to getting comfortable in this (or any) onbuhimo is getting baby up high on your back. Child’s shoulders should be level with yours. It takes practice to get them up that high, but getting that right takes a lot of the pressure off of your back. There are several ways to get baby on your back in an Onbuhimo. Start slow, watch YouTube videos, or talk to a babywearing educator. Having a second set of hands is also helpful the first time.

An Onbuhimo is probably never going to be anyone’s first carrier, but look at this beauty! It’s not so scary.  If you are looking for diversity in your stash collection this is the carrier for you!