CMA Mini Reviews: Studio Tekhni Ring Sling

Studio Tekhni Ring Sling Review, by CMA Babywearing Team member Maura Ashby

I was very excited to try out this gorgeous ring sling! I currently have a silk sling that I love, and I wanted to see how I would like the cotton/linen blend of the Studio Tekhni slings.

Honestly, it was not love at first wear. I found the fabric to be slippery, hard to adjust, and overwhelming. An awesome feature of this sling is the length- it is longer than your standard sling which is great for plus sized care givers. However, I am on the shorter side, and I found the tail to be very long every time I wore it.

After a few tries, I did come to like the sling better. It became easier to adjust, and I love how soft the fabric is. It is very supportive and comfortable for long periods of time as well.

While I still reach for my silk sling more than the Studio Tekhni sling, I have come to appreciate its features. The soft fabric helps baby fall asleep even faster, and the extra length becomes an extra layer in the cold Idaho winters. I love the look of the fabric- being able to see the weave adds a cool pattern, while still having a nice neutral look.

Overall, the Studio Tekhni Ring Sling is a great option! It has a bit of a learning curve, even compared to other ring slings, but once I got it, it became pretty easy to get on and off. It is crazy affordable which makes it great for first time moms, or caregivers on a budget. The extra length means that it fits more caregivers and I love that it is “one size fits all”.

This Studio Tekhni Ring Sling review is of the graphite colorway.


Maura is 5’4 and 140 lbs
Baby is 6 weeks about 8 lbs and 20” long

Studo Tekhni Ring Sling review-by-Maura

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