CMA Mini Reviews: the Wrapsody Hybrid.

By the CMA Team | October 09, 2018
Ingrid Wrapsody Hybrid review

Today mini review of the Wrapsody Hybrid is by CMA Team member Amanda Rivera.

Ohh this wrap! Let me tell you how amazing! At first, I wasn’t so sure about the Wrapsody Hybrid (before trying it) because it’s so soft and has some stretch- I was skeptical that it would be supportive enough for my toddler. Boy was I wrong! Let me tell you about this incredible budget-friendly wrap…

The Wrapsody Hybrid can be used for babies/toddlers that are up to 35 pounds. It is made from a super soft fabric (100% knit jersey) and can be used for front, back, and hip carries. This wrap comes in one size (6m) to give wearers the freedom to carry with a variation of finishes as well as give extra length for multiple passes (this is wonderful if your baby is towards the higher end of the weight limit). The length is also wonderful because it fits a range of different size baby wearers. It is smooth to the touch, lightweight & thin. It basically feels like your most comfortable t-shirt!

Ingrid Wrapsody Hybrid review with baby
Amanda and Penny (17 mos) in the Wrapsody Hybrid.

My favorite thing about this wrap is the comfort. Some wraps you have to be so careful with tightening the rails otherwise it can be uncomfortable for both the wrapper and wrappee. No matter how sloppy of a wrap job I did, it was comfortable! Sometimes if baby isn’t feeling the best, or fighting a nap, it can be hard to wrap perfectly with baby fussing. This wrap alleviates that problem! This wrap is not “diggy” at all, not even a little bit. I also absolutely adore the fact that this wrap has the softness and comfort of a stretchy wrap, yet the support of a woven wrap. Perfection!

Ingrid Wrapsody Hybrid review with toddler
Amanda and son Abel (4.5 yrs) in the Wrapsody Hybrid

Some other features that I loved:

  • This Wrap has tapered ends! It can be a little hard sometimes getting good, tight knots if the fabric is bulky but the combo of the thin wrap plus the tapered thin ends makes it so easy!
  • This wrap is also good for warm weather! The fabric and thinness has worked well for us in the Southern California heat.
  • Easy care! Machine wash friendly!
  • Folds up pretty small and compact for 6 meters of fabric.
  • Being able to support a small business with your purchase.
Ingrid Wrapsody Hybrid review: flat lay
The tapered ends of the Wrapsody Hybrid make it easier to tie

I honestly don’t have anything negative to say about this wrap! If you are torn between the Wrapsody Hybrid and Wrapsody Breeze consider the following… As far as comfort, the Hybrid has my vote. If hot temperatures is your #1 concern, I’d suggest going with the Breeze, but honestly in every other aspect I would vote the Hybrid!

I would recommend this wrap to anyone! I think it’s a phenomenal choice for newborn-toddler. It’s a perfect wrap to use long term. Available at $99, you will definitely get your moneys worth and then some. Also consider this for new baby gifts, I know I’d be elated to receive one!

Ingrid Wrapsody Hybrid review: rolled

Amanda reviewed the Wrapsody Hybrid in the Ingrid colorway, which is a CMA exclusive. Learn more about the Wrapsody Hybrid and get your own here.