CMA Mini Reviews: Tula Coast Carrier Review

Posted by Laurel McCarthy | 17.05.2017
Tula Coast Carrier Review | Coast Tula Review | Tula Coast Carriers

CMA Babywearing Team member Allison recently checked out the Coast Tula carrier.  Tula Coasts have a mesh panel in the middle to help keep baby cooler when it’s hot outside.  We talked to Allison about her experience with the carrier, and wow, she was raving about it!  

Overall, what do you think of the Tula Coast?

I love this carrier. I think there is nothing more comfortable out there, than a Tula carrier. We live in Arizona so the fact that the Coast is mesh makes it even better, it doesn’t get as hot as our other buckle carriers.

Is it comfortable for you? Is it comfortable for others in your family who have worn it?

SO comfortable, it’s like you’re not even wearing your baby. I have had a few buckle carriers and they all end up hurting my back or neck, but this one doesn’t. It is like it fits your body so well that it doesn’t put strain on anything, it’s just so comfy.

It fits my husband perfectly too.  I am 5′ 6″ and weigh 120 pounds. My husband is 6 feet and weighs 200 pounds. Our nanny uses it and she’s 5′ 1″ and 130 pounds.

How does/do your little one(s) like it?

My babe loves this carrier. He falls asleep in it, fits it perfectly and can see out over it. It is sturdy enough to hold him as well (he is 8 months and 22 pounds).

Is it supportive for them?

It is! What’s crazy is that I had another mesh carrier, from another company, and it didn’t hold the baby well. The mesh was really flimsy and it wasn’t as supportive as the fabric version of that same carrier. I was worried the same would happen with this one, but it doesn’t. The mesh is both breathable but sturdy, and supports my heavy babe as I wear him.

How easy or hard is it to adjust the carrier?

It is super easy to adjust this carrier. I love the side straps to get him snug against me, and the back buckle is easy to reach on my own. It is just so no nonsense. Our nanny, who has never used a carrier before, was able to put it on by herself and figure it out, first try.

Is it easy to share this carrier between wearers?

So easy! The back adjusts really easily to create that perfect H but we never adjust it, it seems to fit all of us just fine without having to move the back latch. We just adjust the waist and the sides and go!

How does this carrier compare to other carriers you have used?

It is truly the best. I will never go back after a Tula, I don’t reach for anything else.

Does this carrier have any features that you think are unique or special?

I love all of the fun colors and the fact that ours is the Coast (mesh) version. I also love the removable head/sun shade.

What are the “cons” to this carrier?


In what situations would you reach for this carrier?

Every situation – walking, hiking, shopping, napping, cooking.

Would you recommend this if someone were only buying one carrier?

Yes yes YES!

The Tula Coast carrier is the perfect carrier for your baby/toddler. It is easy to adjust, share between users, and keeps you and your baby cool while wearing. It also comes with a detachable hood and in all sorts of fun colors.  It’s a great addition to your baby wearing collection!

Tula Coast carriers are available in standard size (best for six months -2.5 years) and toddler size (best for children over 18 months and wearing 2T pants).