CMA Mini Reviews: Tula Free-to-Grow

Posted 21, 2017

This review of the Tula Free-to-Grow Carrier is by CMA Babywearing Team member Amanda.  Amanda is wearing the FTG in the Imagine print.  

This Tula is the best!!!! I am a huge Tula fan and have been using their products for almost 4 years now! I was so excited and curious when the free to grow model came out. When my son was a baby I used a regular standard Tula. I didn’t have an insert so I waited a few months until he was fitting in the standard properly. In the meantime, we used a stretchy Moby wrap. Had the FTG been an option years back, I’d have totally been using it starting when my baby was a newborn!! Having used Tulas for years, being pregnant with my daughter and hearing about the free to grow, I HAD to have one!!

Fast forward to when my daughter was born I waited a couple weeks until she was at the appropriate weight for the Free-to-Grow. I was so shocked at how awesome it was with such a small baby!! It is really easy to adjust and figure out. The baby has the perfect M position even as a tiny 8 pounder. I love how there are snaps in the waistband. It feels very secure yet it is hidden enough to not hinder comfort of the band. I also love the option to make the panel smaller at the top to fit a smaller baby. As baby grows it is easy to tell when you need to widen the panel at the waistband. When baby’s knees start getting further and further from the leg padding, it’s time to adjust the snaps!

Tulas are very easy to put on alone, especially front carry. Back carry is a little more difficult and it takes some practice but it is not impossible. The buckles are easy to use and tighten/loosen. I love how Tulas can fit people of different sizes. My 7 year old son can comfortably wear the baby in the Tula, as well as myself and my husband. It is awesome we can all easily use the same carrier! The “imagine” print is gorgeous and perfectly gender neutral. The black and white design is timeless!!

Tula Free-to-Grow Review by Amanda
Amanda’s husband enjoys wearing the Tula FTG also.

With all of these pros, I do have to say that with SSCs, it is best you try a few different brands because one might be more comfortable than another. As Tula is the most comfortable for me, Lillebaby or Ergo might feel better for
You! SSCs are like clothing, you need to try on and test run before committing. It is recommended to reach out to local babywearing chapters to try carriers or find a local lending library.

I personally can’t think of any cons with the Tula Free-to-Grow carrier! It is perfect for me and my family!

Tula Free-to-Grow Review by Amanda
Amanda’s son wearing his baby sister in the Tula Free to Grow