CMA Reviews: Sakura Bloom Silk Rings Slings, by Janet

By the CMA Team | February 15, 2018

Today’s mini review of the Sakura Bloom Simple Silk Ring Sling is by CMA Team member Janet McKay. 

After falling in love with my Sakura Bloom Theory Ring Sling, I was dying to try out the Simple Silk option! The Theory was thick, soft, super supportive, and comfortable. I loved it! But the Silk was light, silky smooth, easy to adjust, and also supportive and comfortable. Even though I feel like the Theory was slightly more supportive and better for toddlers, the Silk was much easier to adjust in my opinion. I was able to just throw my baby up and go. The theory took a little more adjusting and time to get it right.

The Sakura Bloom Simple Silk has two layers of a really lush and cushy silk. It has a lot of natural nubs and slubs. I found it to be grippy and lightweight. I wore my 18M old in it mainly and it was perfect for him! It slowly started to become my favorite carrier and I reached for it more than any of my other carriers. I also think the Silk would be good for newborns and caregivers new to ring slings. It would be a great sling to learn with! I highly recommend this carrier to pretty much anyone. Plus, the colorways are stunning!