In fact, the stroller is still too complicated for the customers…

Because there are many brands, many series, many styles, and many functions, the dimensions that need to be considered in the final purchase are not simpler than the baby carriers at all.

Here to share out, I hope to provide some useful reference for you in the shopping of baby stroller.

Always remember, the safety and comfort of the baby come first.

Table of Contents

Including comparison charts of several types of strollers

Dear CMW fans welcome to our new channel: The CMW Stroller Center.

For many years, I have been receiving lots of emails from perplexed readers asking for further information about choosing the right stroller.

So here we are.

The CMW team has been doing a lot of works to meet your needs.

The person who invented the baby stroller was so smart!

Let’s give him a big hand!

The same world, the same parents, our aim is free parents’ hands!

What should I consider when buying a stroller?

1. Four questions before you buy a stroller

  • How old is the child?

More than 6 months: lightweight stroller > functional stroller

Less than 6 months: functional stroller

  • Is there an elevator? How often will I be folding and carrying the stroller?

There is no elevator/you often fold and carry stroller: the first choice is a Lightweight stroller which is easy to carry.

There is elevator/you rarely fold and carry the stroller: functional stroller can be considered for newborns

  • How much is your budget?

Sufficient ($500 +): two strollers, lightweight and functional strollers

General (only buy one): lightweight stroller

  • Will you have another child in the future?

Want another child: functional stroller

Don’t want another child: whatever…

  • What kind of terrain and environment will you be using the stroller in?

City: lightweight stroller

Rough roads: functional strollers

Mountains: the baby carrier is better than the stroller

2. Some don’ts when choosing the best stroller

  •  Don’t buy a stroller with super low price

Whether you are going to buy a functional stroller or lightweight stroller, one or two, I suggest you do not consider too low-cost stroller.

I am not telling you to buy the super-expensive strollers.

I usually against hard on overpriced infant products

 But I can’t do that here because yes the stroller is expensive but it provides everything that other infant products don’t have. While the cheap umbrella strollers only offer a certain degree of comfort to your baby,

You get what you pay for.

  •  Don’t be obsessed with high landscape stroller

Do not be infatuated with high landscape stroller, do not infatuate with high landscape stroller, do not infatuate with high landscape stroller.

The high landscape stroller is big and heavy, the urban traffic is poor, and it is suitable for general home use and a short time out.

3. Features to be considered when buying the best stroller

1. The storage basket is deep and big enough for a big diaper bag or a backpack full of every stuffed animal you own -because of toddler.

2.Option to adapt a car seat.

3. Option to forward-facing or back-facing.

4.Canopy or raincoat

5.The Maximum Weight Recommendation


1.   Lightweight /Umbrella Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight
Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight

Most umbrella stroller is suitable for kids 6 months and older.

Usually, the weight is less than 15 pounds, it’s light, easy to carry and fold, Perfect for travel.

An umbrella stroller makes any outing easier!

When your baby at the age can walk but can’t walk long. It’s more convenient to have a light umbrella stroller.

Don’t expect a sturdy, solid stroller: that’s why is called “lightweight”.

2. Standard Stroller

Cynebaby All Terrain Vista City Select Pushchair Stroller
Cynebaby All Terrain Vista City Select Pushchair Stroller

Which is also called Full-Sized Strollers

Usually, it weighs more than 26 pounds. It can be used from newborn to 3 years old. It is tall and stable, with better comfort, more perfect functions but heavy. The rear wheel size is larger.

The standard stroller is the ideal stroller for newborns and infants, but when the baby is growing up, your baby can sit and walk, many functions no longer needed.

It is not as convenient as an umbrella stroller for public transportation and traveling.

3. Jogging Stroller

baby trend jogger stroller
baby trend jogger stroller

A tricycle specially used for outdoor, with large tires (such as bicycle inflatable tire).

If you want to take your baby for jogging, long walks, and even outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and hiking.

The jogging stroller is for you.

4. Double Strollers

Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller
Joovy Scooter X2 Double Stroller

Suitable for multiple children or twins.

If you have children more than one, buy it

There are two types of double stroller: tandem stroller and side-by-side stroller.

The side-by-side double stroller is more popular than tandem stroller

5. Travel Systems

Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System

Travel Systems is the combo of the stroller and car seat, And the car seat has the base for the car to snap into.

You can save money when you buy travel systems which include a car seat and stroller.

Let’s talk one by one in detail to help you choose the best stroller.

The 5 Best Umbrella Strollers

1.Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller: Bestseller umbrella stroller

Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller,

♥Portable , Affordable price and Large storage

Stroller Weight: 13 lbs

Maximum Weight Recommendation:50 pounds and 43 inches.

Buy on Amazon

The Summer 3Dlite stroller is considerably heavier (weighs 13 lbs) and bigger than the other umbrella strollers weigh around 7-10 lbs due to its material.  Not a super light stroller but far sturdier in both its frame as well as seat fabric.

It’s a great stroller for $69.if price was a big factor, this would be the clear winner.

Summer 3Dlite IS a great choice for tall parents. The stroller and handles tall and It rides smoothly.

You can easily hang your bags and stuff on the handles bars without worry about it tipping over, you don’t even need a child sitting in it to offset the weight.

Doesn’t fall over when you take the baby out even with the giant Columbia diaper backpack hanging from the handles

The seat is huge and very comfortably padded. Wide enough for the toddler to be comfortable.

The seat on this one is easy to up and reclines to a sleeping position, make it comfortable for longer trips.

The canopy provides a lot of sun protection.

We love the easy and adjustable buckles on the seat and like the nice padding around the straps and clasps.

And the STORAGE!! It has more storage than any other stroller. Even a big full size one. The huge basket is ideal for holding diapers, cartoon books and plush toys. .A rear pocket that you can put the wallet, keys, and phones.

The biggest shortcoming is it is a little difficult to fold/unfold and you need both hands to do so.

Buy on Amazon


  • Affordable price
  • Sturdiness: its frame and seat fabric are made of pretty durable material.
  • Recline to a comfortable sleeping position
  • Large seat area
  • Large storage: huge basket, rear storage pocket, and cup holder
  • Great for tall parents
  •  Do well in cobblestone streets


  • you need both hands to fold/unfold
  • The cup holder for parents is small
  • The stroller is a little low to the ground.
  • Summer 3Dlite is not light to carry in comparison to other umbrella strollers.
  • A little cumbersome to adjust the belts (each strap individually).

Buy Summer 3Dlite on Amazon

2. gb Pockit+ All-Terrain:BEST TRAVEL STROLLER

gb Pockit+ All-Terrain
gb Pockit+ All-Terrain

♥most compact stroller for the travelers

Stroller Weight: 12.3 lbs.

Maximum Weight Recommendation:55 lbs.

Buy on Amazon

If you are a minimalist when it comes to traveling or you needed an extra single stroller to take to Disney. The gb Pockit+ All-Terrain is your best choice.

The compact stroller will save a ton of space and a lot of time when you’re traveling. It makes trips so much easier!

First, this stroller is light, thin and tiny which is awesome for traveling

It sits in the back of your car and had room for luggage and groceries.

You need it when your kids at the age of rather stroll instead of walk.

Secondly, it folds to an incredibly small size.

The ultra-compact folding mechanism transforms the stroller into a handbag-shaped package.

You don’t need to check it in before a flight. You can take it on the plane as a carry-on or put this stroller in your checked bag. You can put it under the seat on a plane or put it into the overhead compartment.

This umbrella stroller is so small that you can wear it as a backpack (bought backpack straps and carabiners to attach to the stroller) and so you can be hands-free. You can also carry via the attached handle.

Other features of gb Pockit+ are great, too。

The self-standing fold, making it the perfect for parents to store on the go—anywhere, anytime.

The seatback is adjustable and has multiple recline positions your little one’s comfort. The original Pockit can’t have reclines feature.

The large sun canopy offers increased sun protection with UPF50+

The height was great for both parents and baby. It does require both hands to open and close. It was easy to assemble.

The stroller is very easy to push and maneuver – even in the large crowds and tightest areas.

It’s great if you are planning on using it on smooth ground, or indoors. It’s not an all-terrain stroller with some massive all-terrain wheels and the sun visor is, unfortunately useless, but It will be perfect for sightseeing in cities, dashing for trains, going through customs. And you can even put it in a bag.

If you really need something that reclines and can pack really small, this is awesome. Also, if you’re you are passed 5’ 7, I don’t recommend this stroller because is not a tall stroller

Buy on Amazon


  • Compact , it can fit in a backpack
  • Self-standing fold
  • UPF50+ Sun Canopy
  • Reclines.
  • Lightweight
  • Good for traveling.


  • Useless sunshade
  • Storage is tight.

Buy gb Pockit+  on Amazon

3Kolcraft Cloud Plus : BEST MID-RANGE CHOICE

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight
Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight

♥saving grace umbrella stroller

Stroller Weight:11.8lbs

Maximum Weight Recommendation: 50.00 lbs

Buy on Amazon

This Kolcraft Cloud Plus stroller is SURPRISINGLY sturdy for the price, easy to assemble.

It almost has everything you are looking in a stroller – kids’ tray, parents’ tray, underneath storage, quick fold, lightweight (only 11.8 lbs) and looks great.

The storage space below is amazing, big enough to hold diapers, baby bags, and even groceries。But you can also hang on the handles too!

It is very nice having the removable children tray with cup holder in the front for the baby. And there are cups holders for parents too.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus is excellent with a Peek a boo window to look down and take an eye on your little one without opening of a flap.

The biggest problem is when you fold it up, it’s a little tricky, and the lock does not lock tightly.

But, I think it’s not a big deal.

Overall this is still a very light stroller and perfect for vacation and travel, it is great (especially for the price) with features you’d expect in a full-size stroller.

Buy on Amazon


  • Cups holders for parents and toddlers.
  • Peek a boo windows
  • Roomy storage
  • Travel-friendly lightweight design
  • Large canopy
  • Footrest
  • Stands on its own when folded up


  • Limited Recline, not flat
  •  Inconvenient fold

Buy Kolcraft Cloud Plus on Amazon

4 Graco Jetsetter Stroller, Balancing Act: Editor’s choice

Graco Jetsetter Stroller,
Graco Jetsetter Stroller,

♥a strap to carry

 Stroller Weight:14lbs

Maximum Weight Recommendation:50lbs

Buy on Amazon

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Graco jetsetter stroller is compatible with any Graco Click Connect Car Seat, so you can use it from birth.

It’s lightweight, compact folds easily, you can Folds up to about the size of a larger briefcase.

You can’t take this stroller to the plane, but you can check it before boarding.

Carrying strap is great. Strap when it is folded to make it super easy to carry around.

Large and high storage basket to hold all your essentials and easy to get to. It also has two pockets in the back where you can keep the car seat adapters.

The adjustable calf support is great for kids whose legs are long enough to rest on the footrest.

You can recline seats for a comfortable position for your child (the seat can be left up for smaller children).

The canopy is huge and does a nice job offering shade, the only minor negative is it does not have a peekaboo window to see baby, and there are no cup holders for parents or the baby.

Other than that it is perfect!

Overall this is a stroller under $100 that folds up as small as it does

The pros outweigh the cons. I really recommend Graco Jetsetter Stroller for you

Buy on Amazon

Buy on


  • Comes with car seat adapters
  • Use from birth.
  • A strap to carry the stroller on the shoulder
  • A tote-style carry bag transports stroller
  • Multi-position reclining
  • Adjustable calf support
  • Compact fold
  • Removable armbar
  • Large and  high storage basket
  • The padded single handle
  • Large canopy with 50 SPF
  • Higher handle


  • One handhold fold, but two hands unfold
  • No peek a boo windows
  • No full upright position
  • No cup holders
  • Basket is shallow

Buy Graco on Amazon

5 Bugaboo Bee5 Complete: Best overall

Bugaboo Bee5 Complete Stroller
Bugaboo Bee5 Complete Stroller

♥Super high-quality, customizable stroller!

Stroller Weight: 19.6 lbs.

Maximum Weight Recommendation: 37.5lbs

Buy on Amazon

Buy on

This is the perfect lightweight stroller! Premium quality construction,lightweight, comfort, stylish, convenience and great for travel

It is not the lightest stroller, but the stroller feels super sturdy and at the same time has a super smooth ride. The materials are honestly amazing and it has a nice look to it. It looks and feels pretty luxe, Definitely the Maserati of strollers.

The Bugaboo Bee5 Complete stroller is worth the money!

The Bugaboo Bee5 stroller is very customizable, accommodates kids as they grow.

  • Reversible seat

Nice that the seat can face forwards or backward. The reversible seat is parent-favorite, you can switch it to parent facing to allow your little one to see your smiling face or switch it to back when he wants to face the world as he gets older!

  • Car Seat Compatible

Bugaboo offers car seat adapters. It’s compatible with many popular car seat brands including Maxi Cosi, Chico, Nuna, Peg Perego, Britax, and Cybex. So you can safely and easily transition between your car and your stroller.

  • Perfect for parents on the go.

Extendable seat and backrest and footrest

The seat is very soft and cozy without being too warm, it’s good for hot weather. It’s not too big, not too small, easy to put your kid in and out and easy enough to fold and unfold and transport for travel.

The seat has good support and comes with an extra layer of padding, the actual cover can easily be removed for washing.

The Bee⁵’s plush seat features an extendable seat and backrest, It also features three-position recline with one button, so your baby can ride comfortably at any age.

The Bugaboo Bee5 customizes the fit as your baby grows for the ultimate in comfort

  • Height adjustable handlebar

For parents, the Height-Adjustable Handlebar with luxurious vegan-leather grips ensuring comfort and control, you can raise or lower the handlebar with a few simple clicks for a comfortable ride.

  • Extendable sun canopy

The sun canopy offers great coverage

The zipper-extender for the canopy is nice and actually keeps the sun out of your little one, creates a cozy nook for napping on the go

The rain cover came with this stroller is nice. So enjoy your outing, no matter what the weather is.

There are tons of nice features:

The roomy basket underneath is convenient to put things.

The 5 point harness is very secured, easily adjusted can be opened completely with one hand.

Wide wheels have springs/ shock absorbers nimble handling offers a comfortable, cozy, smooth, and tight turning radius, ideal for when in tight or crowded spaces.

The back brake is easy to use than on some other strollers.

The sleek design makes it easy to open and close for seamless storage at home, apartments, cars or as you travel

This stroller is a perfect combination of practicality and comfort.

in addition: the Bugaboo can be used for multiple children with Comfort Wheeled Board (not included, you have to buy it separately)solution for family with two children don’t want to buy double stroller.

It truly is the perfect lightweight stroller!

The stroller is really compact and nicely designed. sturdy, sleek and fairly light, easy turns, Nice folds, comfortable to push around.

The materials are very high-quality, especially the seat, harness, sun canopy, and handlebar fabrics.

You never regret spending so much money, it was worth it!

Buy on Amazon

Buy on


  • Reversible seat
  • Car seat compatible
  • Better suspension
  • Extendable backrest
  • Extendable footrest
  • Adjustable handle
  • Rain covers
  • Extendable canopy with SPF50+
  • The back brake
  • Easy-fold
  • Fashion style
  • Stylish
  • Sturdy
  • Premium quality


  • Price

Buy Bugaboo on Amazon

Lightweight Strollers Comparison Chart

Best Lightweight Strollers

Car seat compatible

Reversible seat so baby can face parents

Adjustable Canopy

( extendable)

One-hand fold/unfold

Peekaboo window

Standing fold

Cup holder

Child tray 

Five-point harness/

multi_position recline








2.The 4 Best Jogging Strollers

Who needs a jogging stroller?

Most jogging strollers have more internal space than four-wheel strollers, and more flexible than the four-wheel stroller.

It features large bicycle tires and a front swivel wheel, large bicycle tires roll effortlessly over all surfaces. The jogging stroller can be used into place for jogging even for dirt paths, muddy trails, bumpy track。

It is very suitable for fitness and Joggers enthusiasts who need to accompany their children, moms who need exercise after puerperium.

The main downside is that it is Heavy, not the ideal stroller for travel. if you’re looking for something to travel super easily with, It’s obviously not the right choice.

1.Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller: Best less-expensive jogging stroller

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Strolle

♥Affordable ,Economical price

Stroller Weight:25.5lbs

Maximum Weight Recommendation:50lbs

Buy on Amazon

The Baby Trend Expedition jogging stroller was very affordable, but it doesn’t feel cheap. It feels very sturdy and durable and has lots of convenient features:

  • Car Seat Compatible

 The stroller can accept Baby Trend Infant Car Seats (sold separately) to create a travel system.

  • smooth, easy glide

Baby Trend stroller has a great is very light and practically rolls itself.

It is so easy to push, so smooth when you push, literally like pushing air around.

Wherever you go: dirt paths, muddy trails, gravel and off-road terrain, walkways with a thin layer of sand tanbark at the park, The Baby Trend Expedition jogging stroller rocks!

This is an excellent stroller for walking, jogging, & running.

  • Convenient Two trays with 2 cup holders

Baby Trend comes with a snack tray, one for baby, and one for you.

The parent tray with 2 cup holders and a covered storage compartment with the lid on can put your phone, key in it.

Baby Trend Stroller is also equipped to:

  • The adjustable canopy with a peekaboo window, enable to adjust its full range and still see your child while you run.
  • It comes with a nice big storage basket, but no hard bottom.
  • Footrest reflectors provide greater low-light visibility,Baby will love to rest his feet on it while you are on runs.
  • The multi-position reclining seat, easy to put baby in and out, easy to adjust the seat reclines or sits up
  • It is easy to assemble right out of the box(in about 10 minutes)
  • One foot brake lock is really convenient for parents on the go
  • safety strap to prevent losing your baby

Things needing improvement:

  • You have to press hard on the foot brakes until you hear a click.
  • Need to use both hands to makes it fold and unfold. This is a problem when you take kid out alone
  • The main downside is the canopy. It’s not a full canopy. If you put the canopy down over kid’s face, It leaves the area behind the head exposed. So if you are going to be out in the rain, you definitely need a cover
  • Other than that it is perfect!


It is a Great Stroller with Convenient Features!

The CMW team was surprised because of the price.

Baby Trend jogging stroller rides just as nice and was about 1/3rd the price of most jogging strollers.

Buy Baby Trend on Amazon


Affordable price

Car seat compatible



One foot brake lock

Peekaboo window


Uneasy brake

Small canopy

Buy Baby Trend on Amazon

2.Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller: Editor’s Choice

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller
Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight

♥Great For Taller, Bigger Kids

Stroller Weight:25.7lbs

Maximum Weight Recommendation:75lbs

Buy on Amazon

If you are looking for a stroller for a bigger taller kid, this is it.its able to hold a child up to 75lbs

Joovy jogging strollers have great advantages. It is a big stroller, a little heavy as it needs to be to hold a child up to75 lbs., so it can be used for longer. The hood design of Joovy is great, taller kids can sit in it.

Joovy is super light, easy to maneuver. You can maneuver it with 1 hand easily. It makes pushing a 70lb child a breeze. The suspension and Inflatable rubber wheels make riding over any surface pretty smooth for the passenger.

The stroller seat is as high as the average chair. High seats give children great visibility. Extra-wide sea Adjust to your baby’s growth and just as easy to snap your child in and out. (Seriously, you could fit an average 5-year-old in this seat) .The seat reclines nearly flat so your baby fits comfortably in it.


Joovy also has great additional features:

  • Nice huge canopy which is great for sunny and windy day, completely protects your little one’s face, you don’t even need a sun protector.
  • A peekaboo window to see baby while on the move.
  • And it has a substantial footrest, children will love the legroom in joovy.
  • It is also very simple to fold, it requires 2 hands, but it takes less than a second anyway


The downside is that it is a big stroller. if you are a small lady its may too heavy to you,

The stroller unfolding Plastic latch is very weak, difficult to open.

There are snack “pockets” on the side, but no snack tray.

And there are complaints of the tires are inflatable and that requires a bit of upkeep and the risk of a flat.



Joovy is a good jogging stroller Midrange in price. Price is reasonable: not the cheapest stroller out there, but it is not the most expensive either.

It’s of high quality with some room to grow (Maximum Weight Recommendation up to 75lbs). Easy to put together, easily collapses, easy to push and turn, easy to put baby in and out.

Joovy is a really good jogging stroller that was made well without breaking the bank.

Buy Joovy  on Amazon


High and wide seat

Larger sunshade

Peekaboo windows

Rubber wheels

Reasonable price



No snack tray

Buy Joovy  on Amazon


3. Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller:PREMIUM PERFORMER

Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller
Thule Urban Glide 2

♥Large 16″ rear wheels and sleek look

Stroller Weight: 25.3lbs

Maximum Weight Recommendation:75lbs

Buy on Amazon

Yes, It is a little expensive, but it is such a great quality pram. You can feel it is sturdy and exceptional quality from the ergonomic handle, easy use hand brake, ample storage space with zip-top cover, and easily remove back wheels which allow more compact packing. It’s a value for your money.

As you can see, Thule has a sleek design,beautiful  overall look. It looks modern and many people compliment on how “nice” Thule jogging stroller looks.


The best thing about the Thule jogging stroller is that it’s light, agile, and easy to push.

 Thanks to the large 16″ rear wheels and the quickly locking front wheel, Thule is tough enough to handle the bumpy track, unpaved rough roads. This stroller handles all that like a pro!Great wheels for thick snow too.

You can easily push it with one hand-practically pushes itself when running!Everyone who maneuvers it compliments on how easy it is.

And the suspension system, it rolls very smoothly, really works to the little one’s favor. Kids fall into sleep even when on the bumpy trails

Popping the wheels off for travel and storage is a breeze, can be removed quite easily to put in tight places.

 Thule can be folded with one hand and it is very easy to do so, compact fold for easy storage and transportation.

The easy use hand brake works beautifully. It is engaged easily to provide speed control when running on hilly terrain.

The foot locking mechanism also easy to use.

The seat lays back to become pretty flat for baby to sleep comfortably and the straps feel very secure.

There is a zippered storage compartment to keep everything you need dry and clean.

There’s even a rear mesh pocket and two mesh pockets on the sides of the seat so your little one can store snacks or toys,

Running with Thule is like a dream.


It is a good jogging stroller, but it is not right for everyone for below reasons though –

  1. First of all, there is no stroller organizer and no cup holders or snack tray for the baby included, you have to buy it yourself.
  2. The seats are not very deep and they cannot be positioned in an upright configuration. That’s probably the biggest flaw. The BOB has a one-up on this aspect.

Children can’t sit all the way upright as the backseat’s most upright position is slightly reclined,60-70 degrees at the highest position. If your child likes to sit upright and look around, this may not be the stroller for you.

Another gripe is the depth of the seats. The seats are narrow and not very deep so it will be a tight fit for bigger kids.

  1. Compared to a normal stroller the rear wheels are wider and the overall length is longer.

This has meant some problems when maneuvering in crowded areas and small elevators, though the actual pushing and turning is very smooth, light, and easy.

It is big, but it makes sense for the purpose of running and walking outside, off-road, and on roads.

Apart from these, the stroller is awesome.



This is sleek, smooth handling, relatively lightweight, easy to use jogging stroller.

it’s agile, it’s easy to get children in and out of,the suspension is great, the hand brake is easy to use, the storage beneath is zipped.

There are issues with the seat recline but it’s an excellent jogging stroller. The features of this stroller beat the competitors in every aspect.

The CMW recommends it highly.

Buy Thule on Amazon


Smooth ride

Easy push

Basket with zipping

Hand Brake


No cup holder or organizer (sold separately)

The seat can’t recline upright

Narrow seat

Buy Thule on Amazon


4.BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller: The Best Overall Jogging Stroller

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller
BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 

♥Recline sits fully upright 

Stroller Weight: 28.50lbs

Maximum Weight Recommendation:75lbs

Buy on Amazon


The CMW team is impressed by BOB jogging stroller, the seat recline, the size of the canopy, the storage compartments, the adjustable handlebar, and the overall maneuverability.



First of all, the seat is heavily padded and sits fully upright with the push of a button.

Everyone LOVE Bob because child can SIT STRAIGHT UP in it, so your little rider can take in the world.It also reclines far back.

The child seat adjustment is easy, you can One hand recline without waking up your sleeping little one.

The seat with Ultra-padded compression provide all-day comfort for your little riders’



It has so many great features like easy maneuverability, air-filled tires, and a great suspension This stroller is a dream, easy to jog with and it felt so light.

It is easy to maneuver around, you could actually use just one hand to guide it around and turns quickly and easily。

Bob has a very smooth ride. The unit never off balance.

The suspension feels rugged and capable.

The air-inflated large wheels ride over all terrain and make the ride very smooth and weightless.

The wheels really do cut through the sand and handle very well on dirt, pavement, and off road trails.


Adjustable handlebar

The handlebar is great, it is adjustable, fits parents of all heights.

It has a comfortable foam coating on the handlebar that feels great in the hands.

Whether you are tall or short are able to use this stroller comfortably.



The  UPF 50+ canopy is HUGE,when it is fully down, only teeny tiny toes stick out and that is going to be great when in the tropical environment.

There’s a see-through vinyl window so you can check on your little passenger over the top of the stroller without having to pull it back.

The fabric on the canopy is reflective so you will get noticed in the dark too. Great for night runs.


Extra space

The storage basket is HUGE: 6 storage pockets and a spacious cargo basket.

Everyone loves pockets!

So many pockets and a little zip pocket on the back of the canopy with a zip that fit a cell phone.

There are two little pockets for toys and snacks on the inside, You’ll have plenty of room to stock the kiddo with diapers, clothes to do a long excursion.


The same as Thule, weight limit of BOB is 75lbs,a 8 years old kid can still use it .



Well, the entire stroller is really B.I.G and heavy.

The second thing is there is no cup holder and snack trays, you have to buy them separately.

Some people also complain that is a little difficult to fold/close up and requires two hands.


Overall, if price were not a concern, you should definitely choose the BOB.

Buy BOB on Amazon


Adjustable handlebar

 recline sits fully upright 、seat recline straight、2016 bob now includes a completely upright position,

Huge canopy

Peek a boo window

6 storage pockets &a cargo basket


Big and heavy

No cupholders

No snack tray

Buy BOB on Amazon

Jogging Srollers Comparison Chart

The Best Jogging Srollers

Baby Trend Expedition 

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight

Thule Urban Glide 2

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0

Car Seat Compatible

sold separately

sold separately

sold separately

Adjustable Canopy with Sun Visor


Five Point Safety Harness

One hand fold

Peekaboo Window

Baby Trend Expedition 

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight

Thule Urban Glide 2

BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0

Standing Fold

Cup Holder

Snack Tray 






To be continued……

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