Trying to decide which wrap will work best for you? Check out our handy/dandy comparison chart!

If you’re shopping for a baby wrap, you won’t want to miss our Wrap Comparison Chart!  For most babywearers, the hardest part about choosing a carrier is figuring out which brand you want to buy.  So if you’ve settled on a wrap for one of your baby carriers, you may be wondering whether to buy a Moby Wrap vs. a Wrapsody.  Or you may be stuck on the differences between Wrapsody wraps – which one is better for you, the Breeze, the Stretch-Hybrid or the Duo water wrap!

Wrap Comparison Chart
Leaf Moby Wrap Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid Wrapsody Breeze Wrap Wrapsody: Duo Water Wrap
Brand Moby Wrap Wrapsody:Stretch-Hybrid Wrapsody:Breeze Wrapsody: Duo Water Wrap
Ease of Use Easy Easy-Moderate Moderate Easy
Versatiliy Good Great Great Good
Long Carries Great Great Great Good
Easy On/Off Good Good Ok Good
Breastfeeding Great Great Takes practice Great
Back Carry No Yes Yes No
Hip Carry Possible Yes Yes Possible
Forward-Facing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Newborn Use Yes Yes Yes Yes
Toddler Use Possible but not recommended Yes Yes No
Choose this Wrap if: You want an afforadable, incredibly comforbtable, stretchy wrap for use from birth until at least 6 months (sometimes longer). The Moby Wrap is a great starter wrap: it is easy to use, and has a lower price tag than most other wraps. Also choose this wrap if your prefer solid colors and classic designs. Bonus: Moby makes wraps with UV protection in them. You want a an incredibly comfortable wrap that is easy to learn but has a bit more versatility than the Moby and is supportive enough for carrying baby on your back and for use with your toddler. This wrap is also a better choice if you are looking for a stretchy wrap for summer/hot humid weather. Also choose this wrap if you love funky, batiked designs! You want a lightweight woven wrap for use in the summer or in a hot climate at an affordable price point (compared to other woven wraps on the market). The Wrapsody Breeze is widely known as one of the coolest wraps available! Also choose this wrap if you love funky, batiked designs. You want a lightweight stretchy wrap, for use with newborns and infants that can be used in the pool or shower, and dries easily.You want a silky, slinky wrap to wear to evening events, at an affordable price point.You want a super light, compact wrap.
Possible Downsides Not appopriate for back carries.Most parents find the Moby insufficiently supportive for heavier babies (over 20 lbs) and toddlers.Thicker fabric and thus warmer than the Wrapsody Stretch wrap, so less ideal for hot or humid weather. More expensive than other wraps listed here (but much more affordable compared to some woven wraps).Fabric designs may not appeal to all tastes. Woven wraps have a higher learning curve than stretchy wraps.Gauze fabric requires more skill to avoid pressure points, compared with stretchy wraps and more expensive woven wraps.Usually needs to be re-tied each time baby is put in. Not appropriate for back carries or for use with heavier babies and toddlers.May need to be re-tied after several hours of use.
Materials 100% cotton jersey, serged edges,stretchy, heavier weight 100% cotton jersey, hemmed edges, medium stretch, lighter weight 100% cotton gauze, hemmed edges, woven (not stretchy), very lightweight, Sports knit, wicks moisture and sweat, with 45% UPF to block sun’s rays, hemmed edges.
Length 5.5 m (one size) about 6 m (one size) 3 sizes available: S/M, M/L and L/XL. about 6 m (one size)


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