We are so grateful for our customers who write us lovely notes – it always makes our day to read about the joy our baby carriers have brought so many families!  Some of them are listed below (we always reprint with permission!).  We’d love to hear what YOU have to say as well (whether it’s props or a concern: let us know here).

I am beyond pleased with my purchase from your website. I knew I wanted a Tula for our upcoming family vacation as my little guy has outgrown his Ergo and even though it still works, its just not very comfortable anymore for either of us, especially for extended wear. After checking the Tula website I was so discouraged to learn that it would take 6-8 weeks for shipping for EU.  I’m so happy I found your website, my order came unbelievably fast as was packed so nicely and clearly it was done with love. Its make me feel good to know that I have supported someone who is passionate about what they do and cares about customers.  I will definitely be passing your information on to my friends! What a great experience, look forward to finding other goodies to buy from you in the future.” -Heather Musser

I have had my eye on a Sakura Bloom ring sling for a couple of months now but have been waiting for a good pay day and the extra money to purchase. I reviewed your website for a while and was just really appealed by the layout, cleanness, and easiness to navigate. Once I realized I’d be getting free shipping since my purchase was over $50 I was in! So thank you for offering that. Then after navigating the site some more I saw the code for the free Moby hat, which just sold me. This is my 4th kid, money is tighter so I just really appreciate these little offerings. So impressed that for $88 I got the exact sling I wanted, a free baby hat, and free shipping that I shared your company on our local baby wearing group. I made this order 3 days ago, so seriously I was even more impressed it was on my door step this morning. Then the packaging and extra tips and literature along with it was just perfect. I’m busy, and definitely not a normal company emailer person, but I really feel compelled to take a moment to email you about how pleased I am all around with my experience. The website, check out, deals, shipping, product, and extras! I’m praying that you’re encouraged and continue to put so much effort into the packages that come on a worn out momma’s door step and make her day 😉 Thank you!
-Courtney Kebodeaux

Just want to tell you that I still LOVE my pikkolo!  My son is 15 months now and I still use the carrier almost every day.  He wasn’t feeling well today (had a bit of a fever) and all he wanted was to wrap himself around my chest.  So..while I usually carry him on my back, it was SO nice to just switch the carrier to the front to ease his weight off my arms.  Honestly, one of the best purchases my husband and I have ever made.  -Chandra Lund

Why didn’t I get this carrier with the first kid?!?!? I carry my 30lb 17mo son around in this on my back. This carrier is a GEM! I’m still getting the hang of getting him in it, but once he’s in, he loves the ride. I am also comfortable as well. It really doesn’t feel like there’s a toddler strapped on your back. We shopped around before we purchased with Carry Me Away. I found that Carry Me Away had the BEST prices, and I knew I was getting a real Ergo, and they have the BEST customer service. I’m loving my Ergo. The only regret I have is that I waited til kid #4 to get one.  -MJ

I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the fantastic information on carrymeaway.com. It was a relief to find such a resource when trying to decide which carrier was right for me and my son.  I went with the red and grey chevron Kozy, and I’m loving it! So you can take me off the notify list for when the navy Kozy comes in. – Jude Ferrara