Dreamy Skies Tula Explore

The Tula Dreamy Skies print just released and it’s definitely been a hot seller!  We were only able to nab it in the Explore pattern and our initial stock sold out within minutes.

I’m totally not surprised! Dreamy Skies features adorable pastel rainbows on a perfect blue background.  It’s super sweet, but also wearable. I love that it’s gender neutral so you can wear it with a boy or a girl (if that is a concern), and I suspect will hide dirt nicely, too.  The blue background is a perfect blue and will look amazing with blue eyes, although I think this color looks great on almost anyone.

Dreamy Skies Tula Explore

This is a limited edition print and won’t be coming back (according to my sources) so the time to act is now if you love this one!

The colors on the stock prints from Tula read a little navy on my screen.  The background on this is definitely blue, and not navy, with a hint of warmth to it.  Here’s a closeup I shot in our backyard that captures the color a little better (if I do say so myself.

Dreamy Skies Tula Explore

We just restocked more of the Dreamy Skies in the Tula Explore model. The Explore is the new carrier by Tula that can be used from birth without an infant insert AND which allows forward-facing carries.  It can also be worn on your front or back.

Fwiw, the Tula Explore is one of my favorite carriers for forward-facing carries – it is softer and more flexbile than some other forward facing carriers (like the Ergobaby Omni) and more streamlined and less bulky than the Lillebaby Complete.  If you’re wondering how the Tula Explore compares to the other forward facing carriers we offer, you’ll want to read this article – it has my opinions plus a ton of comparison shots.

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