What's that baby carrier Eric Dane is wearing on Grey's Anatomy?

By the CMA Team | May 13, 2011

Why it’s the Ergobaby Carrier .  Mr. Dane is looking quite gorgeous, as usual, and so is the Ergobaby!  Check out a clip here (it’s a sneak preview actually, of tonight’s show).

The Sling Lady’s review: One of my favorite things about the Ergobaby carrier is how simple it is to use and how difficult it is to use improperly.  That being said, the one really improper way to use it is to carry a newborn in the carrier without the infant insert!  While the Ergobaby  is much more streamlined looking without the infant insert, the insert is absolutely essential to keeping your little one properly positioned in the carrier until she is big enough to hold herself and her head up! So while the designer at Grey’s Anatomy are focusing on style alone, all y’all out there with newborns will want to be safe for your baby as well!