Parisian flair: introducing the French Marigold Tula

I am in LOVE with the newest Tula print: the French Marigold Tula. Featuring gorgeous vintage-y flowers on a gray background, this print adds a bit of Parisian flair to your day.

French Marigold is a re-imagining of Tula’s Marigold print, which was one of our hottest sellers last inter (Feb ’18) and is already long gone.  I loved the Marigold print but I think I might like French Marigold even better!  The gray background adds some sophistication and wintry charm.  It is also just a bit more neutral-feeling.

Here’s a fun shot of Marigold and French Marigold side by side (photo credit: Thea Cruz @theababes84 ).

French Marigold was released on February 5, 2019 on the manufacturer website and at specialty retailers like Carry Me Away.

Here are a few pictures I snapped of this print before the release.

French Marigold Tula

French Marigold Tula

Tula Coast Standard Baby Carrier with Mesh Panel - Twilight Tulip
  • Ergonomic M-position seat: Supports safe development for baby’s body
  • Dual-adjustment padded shoulder straps: Provides optimal neck & shoulder comfort and offers quick and easy adjustments for multiple wearers
  • Mesh panel: Provides ventilation for optimal breathability
  • Multiple carrier positions - back carry and front carry
  • Hood in coordinating breathable mesh fabric

French Marigold Tula Free-to-Grow

The French Marigold Free-to-Grow sold out on Tula’s website in just a few minutes!  That made me especially glad that we had stocked up here at CMA, and still have them in stock!  The Free-to-Grow is my favorite infant carrier right now – it is super adjustable so that you can use it with a newborn, then adjust it on up as your baby grows through toddlerhood. Caregivers of all sizes love the Free-to-Grow, including petite and plus-size wearers.

French Marigold Tula Free to Grow | Tula FTG | Tula Baby Carriers


French Marigold Tula Explore

If you want your baby to face forward, try the French Marigold Tula in the Explore model.  The Explore is great for wearing your baby in the facing forward position; you can also use it on your front facing in or on your back.  This carrier offers one of the most ergonomic forward-facing positions of any carrier on the market, and it is softer and more flexible than the similarly structured Ergobaby Omni.

French Marigold Tula Explore Tula | Tula Explore Carrier | Explore Tula Carriers | Tula Baby Carriers

The French Marigold Tula is available in the Free to Grow, Explore, Standard and Toddler sizes.  We still have all sizes in stock at Carry Me Away as of this writing.

[print_lp_product_2 product=”84055″ title=”French Marigold Tula FTG” description=”” more_button=”Learn More” buy_button=”Buy Now” product_name=”Tula Baby Carrier: Free-to-Grow” image_id=”123076″][/print_lp_product_2]

[print_lp_product_2 product=”119934″ title=”French Marigold Explore” description=”” more_button=”Learn More” buy_button=”Buy Now” product_name=”Tula Baby Carrier: Tula Explore” image_id=”123101″][/print_lp_product_2]

[print_lp_product_2 product=”60532″ title=”French Marigold Standard” description=”” more_button=”Learn More” buy_button=”Buy Now” product_name=”Tula Baby Carrier – Standard” image_id=”123071″][/print_lp_product_2]

[print_lp_product_2 product=”4465″ title=”French Marigold Toddler” description=”” more_button=”Learn More” buy_button=”Buy Now” product_name=”Tula Carrier – Toddler” image_id=”123089″][/print_lp_product_2]

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