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How does the new ERGO Heart2Heart Infant Insert work?

Okay, I hear you!  You are intrigued the new Heart2Heart infant insert from ERGOBaby, but you’re just not sure how it works, or how it’s better than the old one.  If you can put aside the fact that I rushed these pictures into print (I took them on my dining room table and didn’t iron the tablecloth), here are a few photos to illustrate.

Original Ergo infant insertTo the left is the old infant insert. It basically acted like a super-supportive blanket. You folded it around baby and positioned the baby sideways in the ERGO baby carrier, with legs hanging out the side. The insert provided some support for baby’s head and back and prevented the straps from digging into her face. While this was adequate, many parents found it difficult to get baby positioned just right, and also worried that the baby would wiggle out the side of the carrier (although I personally didn’t have that concern). The fact that the insert was open at the bottom just made it more difficult to figure out exactly how to tuck baby into it. Moreoever, the old infant insert only supported this reclined cradle carry whereas many infant prefer the upright tummy to tummy (or heart-to-heart) carry. Plus, the ERGO is designed to wear children in an upright position, so it made sense to have an insert that functioned that way, too.

Enter the Heart2Heart, the newly redesigned infant insert.

Open Heart2Heart Infant Insert

There is a cushion at the bottom of this carrier to provide extra support for baby’s hips and also to keep baby in the seated position. The insert is partially sewn shut and that, added to the cushion, make it virtually fool-proof to position baby in the carrier. Here is a picture of Molly, my demo doll, positioned in the insert (she’s meant to be sleeping although this picture looks rather, well, funereal). Her bum is resting on the cushion in the insert, and her legs are supported in a curved, seated position.

Baby on Heart-2-Heart insert

Then the strap holds the carrier close around baby before you put baby into your ERGO baby carrier. I like this because it leaves even less room for error and because you can focus on getting the carrier positioned, rather than having to worry about baby’s position.

Baby in heart2heart infant insert

After that, you just pick baby up, supporting the head, and put them in the carrier as you would an older child, only the legs remain curled against your chest instead of outside the carrier.  As baby gets older, you can also have the legs out while using the insert.

Heart2Heart used with ERGO Baby Carrier

Okay, that’s not me, but trust me, you’d rather be looking at him than me today!

Bottom line on the new Heart2Heart infant insert: it’s definitely an improvement on the old one. I can recommend it if you are only wanting to own one carrier throughout your child’s lifetime. But having experience other buckle carriers that are designed especially for infants, I prefer the Pikkolo or the Beco Gemini baby carriers for the infant stage. Or better yet, a pouch or a ring sling for that cuddle newborn age. A  ring sling make a great companion to the ERGO, as they are super easy on/off and can be used for years as hip carriers even when baby grows out of the cradle carry.

Was this helpful? Let me know in the comments, or ask other questions and I’ll try to answer them!

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2 Responses

  1. I realize this is an old post, but I’m wondering if you think that it would be possible to convert an old style infant insert into something more like the heart-2-heart insert. I already have the old one, and don’t plan on buying another one, but I like this new style. Thanks!

  2. Hi Stephanie, the new infant insert is quite a bit different from the old one! It is meant to hold baby upright whereas the old one was meant to hold baby side-ways. I do think it might be possible to sew or add a cushion onto the bottom of the old insert (to support baby’s legs and hips). Sadly, I am no seamstress and wouldn’t have a clue how to go about doing that!

    That being said, I do know that some customers have used the old insert to hold a baby tummy to tummy, by putting a receiving blanket under baby’s bottom and another one behind baby’s back to provide more support.

    I hope this helps!

    The Sling Lady

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