SlingLady Rx: How tight should I wear my stretchy wrap?

Stretchy wraps for newbornsDear SlingLady,

A while ago, you recommended a stretchy wrap to me for use with my newborn.  I bought a Bali Baby Stretch (Chukwa, so DH will wear it too).  DD seems to be very comfortable in it.  Usually I tie it on in the morning and then pop her in and out of it during the day (thanks for the suggestion!).  My one problem is that she doesn’t always feel secure in it.  Can you help?

– Tamara

Dear Tamara,

The key to wearing a stretchy wrap is tying it very snugly.  Most people are surprised by how snugly I tie the Moby or Bali Baby Stretch wraps on when I’m doing demos.  Because they both are stretchy, you want to pull them as snugly as a t-shirt that is a size too small.  Really!  Then add your baby.  The wrap will stretch to accommodate your daughter, and will feel very secure.  Even if it feels a little too snug at first, in about 10 minutes, it will be perfect.

Good luck!


The SlingLady

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