Introducing the new Beco 8 Baby Carrier

Posted by Laurel McCarthy | 15.02.2017
Beco 8 Baby Carrier | Beco Carriers | Beco Baby Carriers

So Boba bought Beco last year and it seems that the Boba Carrier and the Beco Gemini decided to have a baby: the Beco 8.  I’m really excited about this carrier, because it mixes some of the best features of the Boba, the Gemini and the Gemini Cool carriers, plus adding a few new ones.

We *just* got these in stock this week so I haven’t had too much chance to test it out yet, but it’s been available through Beco for a few weeks now and I’m hearing great things.  So, mixing what I’ve heard from those who’ve tried it for longer, and my own observations, here is what I know so far:

My favorite thing about the Beco 8 is that it has a ton of great features while still feeling like a simple, easy-to-use carrier.  I love that!

Here’s a neat little graphic that some of the best bits:

Beco 8 Baby Carrier | Beco Carriers | Beco Baby CarriersFirst impressions: the Beco 8 is pretty similar to the Beco Gemini, but they borrowed some nifty features from the Boba to make an even more functional carrier.  The fit is similar to the Gemini, although the body is both slightly wider and taller to fit bigger kids better.

Features I love about the Beco 8:

  • The body of the carrier is padded along the leg openings, which makes for a cushier seat for your babe.
  • The straps are comfy, like the Gemini, but less stiff than the Gemini straps.
  • There is  a new bit of padding under the front buckles, which means that the buckles are a lot less likely to dig into your sides
  • The lumbar support pad in back is great for adding support to a front carry
  • The zip down panel zips down to reveal the same mesh used in the Gemini Cool.  The 3D mesh is great when you need some extra airflow on baby’s back, but the fact that it’s a panel instead of the whole carrier makes it more supportive than the Gemini Cool.  Plus you have the option to zip it up for warmth and a more streamlined look.
  • Waistband adjusts from 24″ to 59″ making this carrier usable for petite and plus-size wearers.  Beco Carriers are a plus-size favorite and I predict this one will be too.
  • The waistband pocket opens at the side – much easier to get into than opening at the top like most other SSCs.  Zip shut.  Pocket is big enough for an Iphone 6 Plus.
  • the Beco 8 has a hood – no hood is a major complaint I hear from Gemini users, so this is a nice addition
  • Straps can be crossed on the back which I much prefer to wearing them backpack style
  • Chest strap is on a slider which makes it totally adjustable and also hard to misplace
  • Adjustable based means you can use it for little kids and bigger ones.
  • Has the option for forward facing forward for those who want it.
  • Has the snap-in infant insert from the Boba Carrier for use with the littlest babes.

A few things I don’t love:

  • hood could be bigger and can only be used when the headrest is up, so really only available when using with bigger kids.
  • currently only comes in one color (dark grey)
  • utilitarian looking – definitely more of a sporty carrier and not for those who love cute prints and colors!

For those of you who know the safety buckles on the other Beco carriers, you should know that the Beco 8 has these safety buckles on the side strap buckles but not on the waist buckle.

A few pictures:

Beco 8 Baby Carrier
Beco 8 Carrier with the front zipped up and the headrest down.
Beco 8 with the headrest up and the mesh panel revealed. The zipper at the top hides the hood.
Beco 8 Baby Carrier
With the hood out.
Beco 8 Baby Carrier
Inside and back of the Beco 8. You can see the removable lumbar support pad.
Beco 8 Baby Carrier
Closeup of the padding under the side buckle and the chest belt sliders.

Beco 8 Baby Carrier | Beco Carriers | Beco Baby Carriers

So there you have it.  I can’t wait to hear until you guys try it!  Be sure to write a review!

Sound intriguing?  Shop the Beco 8 Carrier now!