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Introducing: the Soul Meh Dai by Soul Slings

I am so excited to finally have a new Meh Dai in the shop!  I have been looking to bring in a new meh dai carrier to replace the Ball Baby Carriers (who sadly went out of business) and the Kozy Carrier.  I really wanted a carrier with wide wrap straps that would also be long enough for plus-size wearers.  On top of that, I wanted them to be a great value.

The Soul Meh Dai met all our criteria AND it comes in really pretty linen and cotton color combinations that I just love.

Shop the Soul Meh Dai

What is a Meh Dai anyway?

For those of you who have never tried a meh dai carrier, a quick introduction is in order!  A meh dai is an East-Asian style of soft-bodied carrier, originally from China.  The meh dai has a square or rectangular body panel with four straps, one on each corner of the center panel.  The baby is seated in the body panel and the straps of the meh dai are tied around the wearer.

Note: The spelling “meh dai” is an approximation of the Cantonese pronunciation; it can also be spelled Bei Dai, which is similar to the pronunciation in Mandarin.

Below is a diagram showing a traditional Meh Dai, along with some information about the history of the name and the appropriate pronunciation.  For more information, go here.

Meh Dai Bei Dai pronunciation

Anatomy of the Soul Meh Dai

Here is the Soul Meh Dai laid out flat. As you can see, it has a center panel, with two waist straps coming out from the sides and two longer shoulder straps angled off the top of the panel.

Soul Meh Dai | What is a Meh Dai | What is a Mei Tai

  1. The body of the meh dai. This rectangular piece of cloth becomes the seat for the baby and support’s baby’s legs and back. The body of the Soul Meh Dai is slightly contoured, which gives it a comfortable, snug fit for your baby without looking too bulky.
  2. The waist band: this is the band that goes around the wearer’s waist. It is fastened using the waist straps (#4). On the Soul Meh Dai, the waist is wide and unpadded. This keeps it breathable and makes it great for hot or humid weather.
  3. The shoulder straps of a meh dai go over the wearer’s shoulders. On the Soul Meh Dai, these straps are padded in the center of the straps, with extra fabric that fans out to wrap width. It can be worn with this extra fabric tucked in or widely spread, depending on what the wearer finds more comfortable. I love these wraps straps because they give you the even weight distribution of a wrap shoulder with the comfort of a padded shoulder.
  4. Waist straps – these are the straps that fasten around the wearer’s waist. The waist straps on the Soul Meh Dai are a generous length which makes them a great choice for plus-size wearers.
  5. The hood. Not all meh dai carriers have hoods, but the Soul Meh Dai does. You can use the hood to cover baby’s head for some protection from the elements and also to support the head when baby is sleeping. The hood on the Soul Meh Dai is adjustable and can be cinched up when not in use.
Flyaway Soul Meh Dai | Soul Slings Meh Dai | Mei Tai
Pretty tie offs and finishes with the Soul Meh Dai!

Why the Soul Meh Dai is awesome

Meh Dai are amazing for people who are looking for a carrier that has a natural, organic feel.  Because there are no buckles or webbing involved in a meh dai, they feel great against the body.  They are less bulky on than most buckle carriers, especially in the shoulders, and the unpadded waist is super soft and flexible.

The hybrid straps of the Soul Meh Dai are adjustable so that you can get a great fit for your body.  You can make them wider on both sides, so that they become wrap straps that hug your shoulders, or you can keep them folded under so that they are more like standard-size padded straps.

The straps of the Soul Meh Dai are a generous size, making this a carrier that fits plus size wearers well.  More petite wearers like the use the additional length for fancy finishes and tie-offs.

The cool linens and cotton fabrics make this meh dai very breathable – a great choice for hot weather wearing.  The Soul Meh Dai are a great value.  Starting at $84 for the all-cotton meh dai carriers, you really can’t beat this price!   Even the spendier linens are only $115.

Have you tried a Soul Meh Dai?  We would love to hear from you!

Shop the Soul Meh Dai

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