Layaway Payment Plans at Carry Me Away

We are currently updating our Layaway Payment process and it is not currently available through our cart.  Until further notice, please contact us to arrange for your layaway!

We know that some of our baby carriers are a big investment! We think the investment is more than worthwhile, which is why we offer our Layaway Plan!

Layaway Guidelines

  1. A 30% deposit is required to hold the carrier and ensure that the color/size that you choose is laid away for you!  To place your order, put the desired items in your cart and proceed to checkout, where you will be given the option to put the item on Layaway and pay the deposit.
  2. Please note that Layaway orders are typically not eligible for price-based discounts, such as those for free items with purchase over a certain amount.
  3. Make additional payments through Paypal by sending a payment to us at [email protected]
  4. Layaway payments must be completed in full within 90 days.   You may pay on the schedule of your choice, as long as payments are completed within 90 days. If payment in full is not received at this time or if you cancel your layaway, the carrier will be released into general inventory and your payments will be refunded, minus a 20% restocking fee.  To be clear, this is 20% of the full purchase price, not 20% of the amount put down.
  5. Should you need to cancel your layaway, please be aware that if it has been more than 60 days from date of a payment, that payment can only be refunded via check or by sending you money through PayPal.  We do not cover the fees that PayPal charges for this service.
  6. If you change your mind about the color/style of the carrier, you may make one change to the layaway. After that, we charge a 10% restocking fee for additional changes.
  7. If you need to make any changes to your order, please send us a separate email indicating what is needed. Please do not leave important information to be read in the message box of your Paypal payment, as it may be missed.
  8. We will mail the carrier the next business day after your order is paid in full!

We hope that you find our Layaway plan helpful – we have made every effort to keep it fair to us and to you.  If you have concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us!



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