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Infantino Flip 4-In-1 Convertible Baby Carrier Reviews (With Customers’ Comments)

Infantino is a well-known brand of maternal and infant products in the United States, with decades of experience in the development of infant products, and has accumulated a quite good reputation in the U.S. maternal and infant market.


1.  Wonderful carrier for a tight budget

the price of better baby carrier brands in the U.S. market, such as ergobaby and Babybjorn, is generally more than $100, while the price of Infantino is only about $30, but its function is not inferior to these brands. It is definitely the “king of cost performance”. If you think the price of ergobaby and Babybjorn is too expensive, or you need to buy one more strap as a replacement, then Infantino’s baby strap is definitely a good choice.

2. Buckle-free wrap and tie design

Belt and belt design help reduce the pressure on the shoulder of the mother: the waist design of this belt is dedicated to providing the maximum comfort and flexibility for the mother and the baby. The side belt can be flexibly adjusted according to the baby’s body, and the belt can also be adjusted according to the waist circumference of the mother, which is also very comfortable for the plus size mother.

The width of the shoulder belt is also designed to be very suitable. There are fillers inside, which can help to disperse the weight of the baby and reduce the pressure of the shoulder belt on plus size mother.

3. M-shaped leg design:


the baby in the strap can maintain a natural and relaxed sitting position, which is conducive to the healthy development of the baby’s leg bones.

4. Support three ways of carrying:

Three ways to carry: facing-in, hip-hugger and backpack.the mother can make her baby face to herself, hold her baby on her side, and carry her baby directly.

5. The design has a detachable windproof cap:

Includes detachable hood for sun protection and sleepy can protect the baby’s head and prevent strong light from irritating the baby’s eyes, and it can also play a role in keeping warm when the weather is cold.

6. The fabric is soft and breathable, very suitable for summer use, and can be machine washed.


1. The material is nylon, the texture is relatively poor compared with expensive baby straps, and the durability is also poor. If the mother has plans to have a second child, it may not be able to buy this strap for the next child.

2. The belt is free binding type. If it is not tied properly, it is easy to form a knot. It may be a bit troublesome to untie.

Customers’ Reviews of Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier


1.Was worried about buying anything online because I’m plus sized & scared it wouldn’t fit,so I made a ring sling carrier & it was a pain to get adjusted with or without the baby in it.I started looking online & found this. It’s super comfy, easy to use, stylish even. I’m 5’2, 250lbs and it fits fine with room to spare

2.This is the first carrier I bought after my daughter was born. I did not have money to invest in a hundred dollar carrier. I had heard from a friend that this was light and easy to use. And bou, we’re they right! This is a great carrier to start out in the baby wearing world. It works best for older babies, but they do have the option of legs I’m for a newborn.

3.This baby carrier worked great if you are looking for an affordable carrier with lots of support. There are many cheap carriers on the market but this one was by for the most supportive for the best price. There are some carriers out there that you can spend several hundred dollars on, but no need to do that when you can get this for a great price!


1. I liked the fact that I could breastfeed in this carrier and that’s why I purchased it. t if you have a baby that calms from being put in a carrier and you plan on wearing your baby for multiple hours a day, I would research something that’s a little kinder on your back. I will be purchasing an ergo baby and making an appointment with a chiropractor ASAP! I’m seriously dying in pain. 

2. was not very soft and it’s impossible to get around a squirmy baby. 

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