Best baby carrier for petite mom, dad or other babywearer

The best baby carrier for petite moms can definitely vary between wearers!  That being said, here are our recommendations for the best carriers for a petite mom, dad or other babywearer!

Ring Slings are a favorite baby carrier for petite

Petite moms love ring slings because they can adjust exactly to fit your size.  Our most recommend ring sling is the Sakura Bloom Ring Slings.  The sleek, adjustable shoulder and lightweight fabrics won’t overwhelm smaller frames. If you find don’t love the fabric on the tail, you can wrap it around the rings for a sleeker look. Any of the Sakura Bloom ring slings fabric will work well.  The Simple Silk slings are especially popular with petite wearers because they are so lightweight and not heavy on the shoulder.

Our Favorite Ring Slings for Petite Wearers

Buckle Carriers – finding one to fit Petite Wearers

Buckle Carriers are far and away the most common baby carrier.  Petite wearers often have trouble finding a buckle carrier to fit them well.  The padding on the shoulders of buckle carriers can seem bulky and overwhelming, and sometimes the padded waistbands are too wide or the body of the carrier is too long.

The most popular carrier for petite wearers is the Tula Carrier.  I estimate this fits 9 out of 10 petite wearers very well. The Tula Free-to-Grow is a great choice if you need to wear a newborn and don’t want to deal with the infant insert that the standard Tula requires.

If you’ve struggled to find a carrier that fits you as a petite person and (especially if you have tried and rejected several already), I highly recommend the Pikkolo Carrier.  This carrier is a cross between a meh dai a buckle carrier, so it’s not quite a standard buckle carrier.  The Pikkolo sizes down quite small and many petite moms love the unpadded waist of the Pikkolo – it is is very adjustable and less bulky. The memory foam straps are very comfortable and not at all bulky and because they can cross straps on the back, it’s easier to customize the fit.

The  Lillebaby Essentials carriers is also a nice choice – it’s a pared-down carrier but has some premium features and generally fits petite wearers well.  A solid budget option.

We generally don’t recommend the Erogbaby line of baby carrier for petite wearers because it is often less comfortable for people under 5′ and for people with narrow shoulders. While many petite moms love the Beco Gemini, some find that the Beco Gemini it uncomfortable in back carries.

Our Favorite Buckle Carriers for Petite Wearers

Meh Dai Carriers -natural feeling and never bulky

Meh Dai carriers are very adjustable, which makes them a great baby carrier for petite wearers. If you have tried a buckle carrier and found them too bulky, try a meh dai!  If the straps are too long, you can just tie them again around your waist.

The Soul Slings Meh Dai is popular with petite wears because of it’s natural, minimalist feel and it’s straps that can be adjusted width-wise for a custom fit.  If you go with a mei tai, don’t be intimidated by the long straps!

Flyaway Soul Meh Dai | Soul Slings Meh Dai | Mei Tai
Soul Slings Meh Dai

Wraps – something for everyone

Wraps are so adjustable that pretty much any sized person can wear them. For a very petite wearer, the smallest size wrap will still allow you to do a wide variety of carriers. Extra material just gets wrapped around your waist.




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