Best baby carriers for hot, humid weather or tropical climates

Best baby carriers for summer and hot weather wearing!First, reality: wearing your baby next to your body in hot weather is going to be hot for both of you. There is just no way around that! That being said, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a baby carrier for use a warm and/or humid climate.

Summer Babywearing Hot WeatherConsiderations for choosing a carrier to wear in hot weather

      • Consider a carrier with UV protection built in, like the Moby Wrap with UV Protection or the Wrapsody Water Wrap.  These are especially lovely when wearing a baby who is too young for sunscreen.
      • Consider coverage when choosing baby carriers for sunny weather. For example, ring sling tails can provide additional coverage and sun protection for your baby
      • Consider the fabric of the baby carrier you choose. Fabrics made specifically for warm weather, like linen and mesh, are breathable and cool.  100% cotton is also breathable, and therefore also a good choice.
      • Consider a back carry over a front carry, if your baby is old enough. For some reason, back carries always feel less hot to us!
      • If you’re going to be at the pool or beach, definitely consider a water carrier – water carriers dry easily and usually wick water besides.

Our favorite carriers for hot summer weather and water are:

The Wrapsody Duo Water Wrap

The Wrapsody Duo Water Wrap Carrier is a best seller all year round, but especially in the summer months or when people are living in and traveling to hot/humid locales!

      • Made to be worn in water, this baby wrap is breathable, wicks water and dries in a flash.
      • UV protection is built right into the fabric!
      • Gives a super secure carry
      • Made of silky material with a soft sheen, it dresses up nicely for evening, too.
      • This wrap is very stretchy, so it’s best for front carries with children under 20 lbs.

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Linen ring sling for summer baby carrierLinen or lightweight Cotton Ring Slings

Ring slings are fabulous for warm weather babywearing because they are often made of light, breathable fabrics. Also, their long tails can provide additional sun shade for baby.

Maya Wrap ring slings are 100% loomed cotton, with a linen feel that is perfect for warmer weather.

Sakura Bloom’s entire line of slings are great for warm weather wearing (with the possible exception of Theory).  Our favorites are the Sakura Bloom Classic, the Sakura Bloom Chambray and Sakura Bloom Simple Silk.

Moby Wrap Ring Slings are a great budget choice, but very long, so best for tall and plus size wearers!

Best for:  use as a front carrier for your baby from birth and as a hip carrier for older kids who have good head control. Usable up to 35 lbs.

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Iris Breeze|Wrapsody Breeze Baby WrapsWrapsody Breeze Wraps

Wrapsody Breeze wraps are some of the lightest, coolest baby wraps around!
Made from gauze, these are slightly transparent yet still supportive and strong. They are super lightweight and dry quickly.

Best for:  year-round use, with children from birth to 35 lbs.

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Best Buckle Carriers for Wearing in Hot Weather

Buckle carriers are our most popular carriers, beloved for their ease of use and their ergonomic support that makes long carries possible.  Here we run down our buckles that are lightweight or have built-in coolness features to make them best for wearing in hot weather.

Summer Baby Carriers Beco Gemini CoolBeco Gemini Cool

The Beco Gemini Cool Carrier is made entirely from performance fabrics, including a cool 3D mesh fabric that is super breathable.

  • ideal for younger babies, since this carrier doesn’t require an infant insert.
  • allows for forward-facing carries, which is great for those who want it.
  • recommended for occasional use as a hot weather option and not for purchase as your only carrier because it is not as supportive for long carries.

Best for: infants (7 lbs) – 10 months, for occasional hot weather wearing.
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Beco 8 CarrierBeco 8 Baby Carrier | Beco Carriers | Beco Baby Carriers

The Beco 8 Carrier is an all-seasons carrier that combines a sturdier performance fabric with the 3d mesh from the Gemini Cool.

  •  panel zips down to reveal the mesh when you want to keep both of you cool.
  • can be used from birth without an insert
  • can be worn with straps crossed or backpack style
  • allows for forward-facing carries.

Best for: infants (7 lbs) to 18 months, all season wearing.

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Tweet Boba Carrier | Boba Baby Carriers | Boba CarrierBoba 4G Carrier

While the Boba 4G carrier doesn’t have specific coolness features, it has a lightweight cotton body that makes it a cooler option that other carriers.

  • great as a year-round option if you are concerned about some hot weather
  • can be used from birth without an infant insert
  • included footstraps give additional leg support for bigger toddlers

Best for: infants to 2.5 years

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Stone Lillebaby Essential All-Seasons Carrier | Lillebaby EssentialLillebaby Complete AirFlow & Lillebaby Complete All Seasons

These two carriers are structured the same.  The difference is that the Airflow is has a body of performance mesh, while the All Seasons is cotton with a zip down panel to reveal mesh lining.

  • both are extremely versatile and can be used from birth, although can be bulky in this position
  • removable lumbar support pad is a great additional feature
  • Airflow is the coolest choice
  • All-Seasons carrier makes a good all-year round carrier that can also be vented when it’s hot

Best for: infants to 2 years

Learn about the Airflow 

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Stone Performance Ergobaby: Stone and Grey carrier with Orange accents and stitchingErgobaby Performance Carrier

The Ergobaby Performance Carriers are lightweight, wicking performance fabric.
  • big pocket on the body makes this our top choice for hiking
  • slimmer, contoured shoulders for a less bulky feel.
  • buy the Performance fabric infant insert for use with babies under 4-5 months, but if you’re using extensively with an infant, choose another carrier for maximum cooling.

Best for: babies 6 months – 2 years
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Coast Frost | Tula Coast |Tula Baby Carriers | Tula Toddler CarriersTula Coast Carriers

Tula’s Coast carriers have the same canvas body as the standard Tula carriers, with a mesh panel for added airflow.
  • great year-round carrier that also works well for wearing in the heat
  • less utilitarian looking than other hot weather carriers
  • wider range of patterns and colors

Best for: babies 6 months – 2.5 years (standard size Tula Coast) and toddlers 18 months-4 years (Toddler Tula Coast)

To shop the Coast Tula, click the links below for the size you want, then click on the colors that start with Coast to see all the options!

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Beco Toddler CoolSummer Baby Carriers Beco Toddler Cool

The Beco Toddler Cool is made entirely from performance fabric, with a 3D mesh panel.

  • one of the coolest option for bigger toddlers and even preschoolers
  • may be less supportive during very long carries, but probably best as a hot-weather carrier only, vs. year-round wearing

Best for: Toddlers (wearing at least 2T pants or bigger) to 4 years

To shop, go to the link below and click on the Cool Mesh color option.

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 Wraposdy Wrap Duo | Wrapsody Wraps


Shop our best baby carriers for hot weather and summer!


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