13 Best Baby Carriers for Plus Size Moms and Dads

Looking for the best plus size baby carrier, one that will fit both you and your baby comfortably? You’re in the right place!

Updated for 2020

Since 2005 we’ve been helping people find the baby carrier that’s right for them and their baby. We get a ton of questions from customers who want to find the best baby carriers for plus size bodies so we’ve put together this helpful guide to help you decide.

My Top Recommended Baby Carrier for Plus Sized Mums and Dads

Editors Choice (my top recommendation)

Tula Free to Grow

Our Rating

This is the baby carrier I always recommend when people ask me what is best baby carrier for plus sized people…

Why I Love It!

  • Super comfortable
  • Great value for money
  • Lightweight cotton body
  • Range of stylish colors and prints
  • Adjustable for all sizes!
Imagine Tula Carrier | Tula FTG | Free to Grow Tula Baby Carriers

In this article you’ll discover:

  1. Tried & tested tips to make sure you choose the best baby carrier for plus size wearers, based on more than 15 years of personal experience of working with different babywearers of all shapes and sizes.
  2. The most important things to consider when choosing a plus sized baby carrier and how these features can impact your day-to-day babywearing life.
  3. The BEST baby carriers for Plus Size Moms and Dads looking to wear their newborns and older babies in 2020

I’ve done my best to organize all the answers and advice you need in once place, so this article is quite lengthy. If you already know what you’re looking for, scroll down to the relevant section using the links below…

Summary – Our Top Picks 

Here’s a summary of the top baby carriers for larger men and women. Click on the links to read our full review.

There Is A Baby Carrier For Every Body

My plus sized customers often share with me that it can be hard to find slings and carriers that fit comfortably. I know how frustrating and discouraging it is to feel that your body type is limiting the options available to you!

Everyone wants to find a carrier that fits on their body, and is also comfortable, safe and fashionable!  Fortunately, we are seeing more and more size-friendly options on the market.

I am often asked what is “the best” baby carrier for plus-size wearers.  It’s important to acknowledge that all body shapes are different and not all “plus size” bodies are the same shape and size!  Baby carrier fit is also a personal thing and everyone has their preferences.  So whether you are plus-size or not, you may need to try a few carriers to find the one you love.

The Four Basic Carrier Types

There are four basic types of carriers. All four can be comfortable for plus size wearers!

The first step in choosing a carrier is to choose which type of carrier you want to focus on. Then, you can move on to the tips in the baby carrier category you are interested in!

There is a huge range of carriers on the market, but most of them fall into these four basic carrier types:


Long pieces of fabric that get wrapped around the body. Versatile, stretchy & cuddly, but the highest learning curve.

Ring Slings

Long pieces of fabric that get looped over one shoulder and tightened with rings.  Fast and easy to use, great for newborn cuddles and as hip carriers for older babies.

Buckle Carriers

A catch-all category for carriers that fasten with buckles.  This includes soft structured carriers, which are the most widely recognized type of carrier.  These have a padded structured waistband and padded shoulder straps. This category also includes Onbuhimo carriers.

Meh Dai

A cross between a wrap and a buckle carrier, meh dais tie rather than buckle but are easier to learn than wraps.

Plus size wearers can choose from ANY of these categories – nothing is off limits!

What Carrier Types Should You Consider?

All of them! Being plus-sized does not mean you are limited to one type of carrier! 

The type of baby carrier you pick should be based on your budget and what you will be using the carriers for.

If you are looking for one single carrier, choose a two-shouldered option.  This means looking at a buckle carrier, wrap or meh dai.

If your budget stretches to more than one carrier, definitely add a ring sling! They are a great complement to a two-shouldered carrier and are awesome for easy ups and hip carries (with older babies).

Features to consider when choosing baby carriers for plus size wearers


Comfortable straps are key.  The straps need to be long enough to fit, but they also should be either wide enough or sufficiently padded so that they comfortably distribute weight and don’t dig into your skin. Pay attention to the placement of any buckles as well, and whether there is a chance of the buckles digging.


If the carrier has a waistband, it should be fully adjustable for the plus size wearer.

Breathable Fabrics

If you run hot, you’ll want to look for carriers in breathable fabrics.  100% cotton and linen fabrics are breathable and cool.  Many carriers also have mesh panels to increase air flow in and around the carrier.


To be comfortable, the baby carrier you choose should be adjustable to your needs.  Straps and waistbands usually adjust, but you also want to make sure that you can reach the pockets, easily put the hood on and off and reach any straps or buckles that you need to adjust.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Buckle Carrier for Plus Size wearers:

Tula Carrier best baby carriers for plus size moms and dads

  1. Acknowledge up front that there may be some trial and error in finding the right buckle carrier.  The most popular type of baby carrier can also be the most challenging one if your body type is different than the “standard” size.
  2. Don’t just look at the length of the arms straps and waist belt.  Also consider the padding on the carrier and whether it’s placed to be most comfortable for you.
  3. Look for carriers which have options for extra adjustability. For examples buckles you can open all the way to lengthen the padding or push them down to help move buckles to a comfortable spot that doesn’t rub.
  4. Look for dual adjust side buckles that allow you to move the buckle around to a more comfortable spot. These buckles also allow you to adjust the straps by pulling forward rather than back, which is easier for all wearers.

Editors Choice (my top recommendation)

Tula Free to Grow

Our Rating

This is the baby carrier I always recommend when people ask me what is best baby carrier for plus sized people...

Why we love it

The Tula Free-to-Grow knocks it out of the park in so many ways, including comfort for plus size bodies.  This is my top recommended carrier when asked about the best baby carriers for plus size wearing.

The Tula Free to Grow has a lightweight cotton body that is floppy and moldable so it hugs your baby to you.  It is reasonably cool to wear, and there’s an upgraded “Coast” version with a mesh center panel for additional airflow to baby’s back.

This carrier has three width adjustments and several height adjustments so your baby can be properly supported as she or he grows.  With shoulder straps that extend to 50″ and a waistband that extends to 57″, this carrier is a good fit for plus size wearers.  Comes in a wide range of colors and prints.

Keep in mind

The Tula Free to Grow does not face baby forward.  If this is important to you, you may want to consider another carrier.

Also, the pocket on the front is small and can be a bit hard to access as baby gets bigger.

Single adjust buckles are attached at the end of the shoulder straps, which means you have to have some arm flexibility/mobility to get the carrier on and off (for some suggestions on making it easier to get this or any buckle carrier on by yourself, go here.

Imagine Tula Carrier | Tula FTG | Free to Grow Tula Baby Carriers

What CMA Customers Say

“I love that it’s soft and fully adjustable to your body (and the baby’s) but structured enough that there is good back support.”

“The material is so soft and comfortable, not too hot, nice and compact, not bulky. very simple and easy to use.”

“I love that it’s soft and fully adjustable to your body (and the baby’s) but structured enough that there is good back support.”

Favorite Buckle Carrier That Can Also Face Forward

Tula Explore

Our Rating

This ergonomic carrier allows you to face your baby forward and can also be worn on your back. It provides a great fit for plus-size people!"

Why we love it

Tula carriers are favorites of our plus size customers, and this new Tula Explore offers the forward-facing carry at last!

The fabrics on this carrier are soft and the design of the seat means this carrier supports your child is an ergonomic position when facing forward, as well as in the standard front facing and back carries.

This carrier offers several adjustments so that it grows with your baby and can be used from birth to toddlerhood (7-45 bs). It is easy to switch between positions.

The shoulder straps (up to 54″) and waistband (up to 57″) on this carrier are generously sized.

Keep in mind

The light padding on the body makes this carrier warmer than some others (such as the Tula Free to Grow).

The pocket on the front is small and can be a bit hard to access as baby gets bigger.

Single adjust buckles are attached at the end of the shoulder straps, which means you have to have some arm flexibility/mobility to get the carrier on and off (for some suggestions on making it easier to get this or any buckle carrier on by yourself, go here.

Bloom Explore Tula | Tula Explore Carrier | Explore Tula Carriers | Tula Baby Carriers.

What CMA Customers Say

“I love the simplicity of this carrier – it does all the carries with a minimum of fuss and not too many adjustments. And it’s so soft! “

“This carrier is so lightweight and easy to use. My little one gets to people watch and I get to enjoy having my hands free to play with my older child.”

“No buckles poking my underarms or breasts like other carriers do after a while.”

“It’s super adjustable and so comfortable for me and my baby, even when she is facing out, which is something I was worried about.  This is literally the only carrier you need, it’s perfect.”

Simple & Streamlined Baby Carrier

Beco Gemini

Our Rating

Easy to use, with straps that cross on your back or can be worn backpack style.

Why we love it

The Beco Gemini is simple but versatile. 

The wide shoulder straps are super comfortable and they offer the option to cross the straps on your back, which many people find way more comfortable.  Wide shoulder straps are less bulky and spread the weight nicely across your shoulders and back.

The Gemini buckles attach on the side of the carrier which makes it easier to buckle the straps if you have limited mobility in your arms or shoulders.  There is padding under the side buckle, which keeps buckle from digging in to your side as much.

This carrier has a generous 59″ waistband and the shoulder straps extend to 45.”

Keep in mind

The Gemini has a bit less adjustability than some of the newer forward-facing carriers on the market. 

The body of the carrier has two height settings: one with the headrest up and one with the headrest down.  There are also just two settings on the base.  This carrier doesn’t have an additional hood. 

Also, know that the padded body of the Gemini offers support but is also a bit warmer for baby. The “Cool Mesh” version is a lot cooler but has shorter straps and waistbelt (54″).

Best baby carrier for plus size Beco Gemini | Beco Gemini Carrier | Beco Baby Carriers

What CMA Customers Say

“I’m a big girl…like 3x-4x big.  I was worried the carrier wouldn’t fit me because of my size. I am in LOVE with this carrier! It’s a comfortable fit and easy to put on.”

“I’ve tried EVERY carrier out there and the Beco Gemini has by far been my favorite.”

“The weight is on your hips, not your shoulders or back, so I am able to wear this for an extended period of time. I love it and wish I got it sooner (instead of suffering through the Bjorn).”

Most popular buckle carrier for older babies

Tula Standard Carrier

Our Rating

This is an awesome carrier for babies 6 months and up (or younger with additional infant insert). A plus-size customer favorite for comfort and ease of use.

Why we love it

The Tula just fits!  This is our most popular buckle carrier for babies 6 months and up and it’s a great fit for wearers of all sizes.  The body of the carrier is a soft cotton twill that is soft and breathable.  The Tula has Coast versions with a center mesh panel for additional coolness.  The shoulder straps are well padded but not super bulky and the waistband is flexible while still offering support.  The Tula comes in so many cute prints, too. Perfect fit adjustor buckles at the shoulder make this a great buckle carrier for breastfeeding and also give your baby a little more room in the carrier if needed.  Waistband extends to 59″ and shoulder straps to 50.”

Keep in mind

This carrier requires an additional infant insert for use with small babies (under 15 lbs) so it’s best for use with babies 6-7 months or older.

Tula Carrier best baby carriers for plus size moms and dads

What CMA Customers Say

“My son is now almost 10 months old and 22lbs. He loves being in the Tula, front or back, and he really seems almost weightless.”

“Tula- my golden carrier. I’m 5’8” and a size 18.  It fits my waist and wide shoulders with no issues. Easy to adjust while wearing. Was able to nurse in this carrier with a little practice. “

Soft and Budget Friendly!

Soul Full Buckle Carrier: Standard

Our Rating

A great choice for wearers on a budget or who want a carrier that softer and less heavily padded. Best for babies 6 months and up

Why we love it

The Soul Carriers are so soft and floppy!

These lightweight carriers come in gorgeous all-over fabrics, including cushy wrap fabrics, linens, and cottons. The waistband and shoulder straps are thin and soft – but still comfortable – and they mold to your body more than the straps of other carriers.

Soul’s carriers are less expensive than some comparable carriers on the market, but they are still great quality.  Perfect Fit Adjustors make breastfeeding easier and also offer an additional room in the carrier.

Soul’s Full Buckle carriers have some of the longest straps available – the shoulder straps are and the waistband is 64″.  Additional padding under the buckles means they are less likely to dig.  Last but not least there are dual-direction adjuster buckles on the straps which allow there to be minimal webbing (the narrow black strap) against your body.

Keep in mind

This carrier is best for babies over 6 months or so, and at least 15″  It does not have any pockets and there is no spot to store the attached hood, although you can cinch it up.

Corallium Soul Full Buckle Carrier | Soul Slings Buckle Carriers | Soul Full Buckle Carrier Standard | Soul Full Buckle Carrier Toddler

What CMA Customers Say

“Soul full buckle carriers are incredibly soft. The waistband is softer than some other carriers I have used, and it makes it so much more comfortable and less “diggy” to wear. My daughter loves it as well, and snuggles up to sleep each time in it as well. It forms to her body so much better than any canvas carrier. The colors are beautiful and vibrant, the fabrics are so soft, and they are very well made.”

“I have a Soul Linen Full Buckle and it’s amazing. So soft out of the package. I love that all of their carriers come with a cute little bag for storage. Very comfortable, super floppy. The band isn’t overly stiff at all. I can easily carry my toddler in it and both of us are comfy. I love how breathable the linen is, too. It isn’t hot and sweaty like a canvas carrier is.””I’m really impressed with this ring sling, the quality for the price is above and beyond. MOBY has really stepped up the game and made great quality and stylish ring slings affordable and attainable for more caregivers.”

Waistless wonder for carrying older babies and toddlers

Soul Onbuhimo

Our Rating

Quick and easy to use, an onbuhimo is awesome for wearers with older babies who don't want anything wrapped around their waist

Why we love it

The Soul Onbuhimo is an awesome option for when you want something for quick ups with your older baby or toddler. 

This carrier doesn’t have a waistband so there is no constricting fabric around your waist.

Onbuhimos are one of best carriers for plus size wearing if you don’t love having anything round your waist.

These carriers are a great price, too.

Keep in mind

Onbuhimo carriers are not suitable for wearing newborns or smaller babies, they are best for babies 6 months and up. 

They are designed to be worn high on your back, which is a different feel than the average buckle carrier – it can take some practice to get the positioning correct and comfortable.

Fennel Soul Onbuhimo | Onbuhimo Carriers | Soul Sling Onbuhimo

What CMA Customers Say

“This is a beautiful and well made Onbuhimo! I really appreciate having this variety of carrier in my stash. It is easy to pack and lightweight, especially if you go for one of the linen options! Soul’s linen is gorgeous and cool to the touch. This Onbu is very supportive, but it does take practice. With good adjustments and baby high up on your back, you can carry comfortably for long lengths. I also appreciate that this carrier gives my kiddo a comfortable and deep seat. The practice was so worth it for no waistband!”

“Love this carrier! Super affordable, extremely comfortable, and stylish! I have an almost 3-year-old and an 8-month-old and it works great for both. I’m able to wear it longer than any of my other carriers and it doesn’t hurt my back (most do since I have back injuries from an old car accident). Our favorite carrier!”

Tips for Choosing a Meh Dai for Plus Size Moms and Dads:

Meh Dai carriers best baby carriers for plus size

If you love the ease of use of a buckle carrier, but find the buckles uncomfortable, a meh dai could be perfect for you.  These all-cloth carriers offer a soft, natural-feeling carry with no buckles, but are easier to use than a wrap.

    1. Choose meh dai with at least 80″ straps (or longer)
    2. Consider wider straps which distribute the weight well over your shoulders.  Wrap-style straps are popular for their comfort and digging in less on the shoulders.

The ease of a buckle carrier with the flexibility of a wrap

Kol Kol Meh Dai

Our Rating

The Kol Kol is a budget-friendly meh dai for wearers wanting a soft, natural feeling carry - no buckles or stiff padding!

Why we love it

Meh dai carriers are buckle-free fabric carriers that offer a soft, natural feeling carry.  They are tied on with knots, so the Kol Kol can be tied in a variety ways – this allows you to vary up the way it sits on your body.

Wide, wrap-style straps spreads out the weight so the straps don’t dig into you. 

The Kol Kol Meh Dai has a nifty adjstment at the base so you can wear it with an infant up to toddler (to 33 lbs).  Two straps lengths available. Value priced.

Keep in mind

This carrier ties rather than buckles and has long straps which can drag on the ground when putting it on and off, if you’re not careful. 

This carrier doesn’t have pockets although it comes packaged with a pouch that you can carry on the strap.

Mittai Kol Kol Meh Dai | Kol Kol Carriers | Mei Tai Carriers

What CMA Customers Say

“Problem solved! The straps are wrap strap style which means that they spread out over your shoulder eliminating the diggy feel. I also love the secure feeling that this Meh Dai gives me.”

Tips for Choosing a Wrap for Plus Size Wearers:

Wraps are a fabulously size friendly carrier. Because they are simply a long piece of fabric, they are infinitely adjustable around your curves.
  1. Wraps with some stretch in them are great for those new to babywearing – they stretch and conform around your body with ease. Many of these wraps are one-size and can easily fit bodies up to 2x.
  2. Woven wraps are sized, so it’s possible to find one that works for every wearer.
  3. If you re new to woven wraps, choose a 100% cotton, thin-to-medium weight wrap in a colorway that you love.

Super soft and cuddly newborn wrap

Moby Wrap : Evolution (Bamboo)

Our Rating

Wrap your baby in cocoon-like softness. Cotton with bamboo to keep you both cooler.

Why we love it

There are a lot of stretchy wraps on the market, but the Moby Evolution stands out by with its bamboo fabric content, which makes it thinner and cooler than the classic Moby and than other stretchy wraps out there. 

At 5.5m, this wrap is long enough for most plus size wearers. We consider stretchy wraps to be one of the best carriers for plus size wearers with a newborn.

Keep in mind

This carrier has a lot of stretch to it which makes it lovely for wearing small babies but most people find that it is too stretchy to provide needed support once baby hits 20 lbs or so, so it’s best as a newborn wrap.

This wrap is not recommended for forward-facing carries or for back carries.

Caramel Evolution Moby Wrap | Moby Evolution Bamboo | Moby Wraps

What CMA Customers Say

“I am a size 26/28 and the Moby fits me great tied in the back! We love our Moby. “

“I have tried a few other carriers on and as a plus size momma the Moby by far is the most flattering and most comfortable.”

Soft and versatile wrap to take you from birth to toddlerhood

Wrapsody Hybrid Wraps

Our Rating

Super soft for newborn wearing, but supportive enough for older babies & toddlers.

Why we love it

This is my favorite stretch wrap – it has enough stretch in it to make it easy to use (and to pop baby in and out after it’s tied on) but is also supportive enough to wear in most positions that a woven wrap can be used in (including forward-facing and back carries). 

Unlike many stretchy wraps, the Wrapsody Hybrid can be used well into toddlerhood.  It is also reasonably thin and light. At 5.5m, this wrap is long enough for most plus size wearers.

Keep in mind

Like all wraps, there is a lot of fabric, which can be overwhelming at first. These are gorgeous, hand-dyed and batiked wraps, but the look is not for everyone.

Oliver Wrapsody Hybrid | Wrapsody Hybrid Stretch Wraps | Wraps for newborns

What CMA Customers Say

“It is so lightweight, doesn’t take up space in my car/storage, and has some stretch for comfort but so far is quite supportive for my 18 lb 5 month old. I love it as much as my woven wraps and wish i had purchased it sooner.”

“This wrap is so soft but still sturdy enough for back carries. No need to break it in. I also love the design! As for the seller, I couldn’t be more pleased. “

The coolest wrap on the block

Wrapsody Breeze Wrap

Our Rating

Easy, breezy and beautiful, in lengths to fit most bodies!

Why we love it

This woven wrap is super lightweight and cool!  Suitable from birth through toddlerhood, this wrap could be the only carrier you need! 

Great price for a woven wrap.  The longest length is 6.0m which should fit up to size 28.

Keep in mind

Like most woven wraps, this wrap takes some breaking in to get soft and some practice to learn to use.

It is not as cushy as more expensive woven wraps. 

Some customers report that you have to wrap carefully to avoid pressure points with heavier kids.

Noa Breeze: Aqua blue to yellow gradation, with blue scrollwork on the edges.

What CMA Customers Say

“I was looking for an infant carrier that was both lightweight and simple to use. This wrap is absolutely beautiful & so comfortable in warmer weather.”

“It is super grippy and there are a million different ways you can baby wear it.”

“Because this wrap is made of gauze it is a bit more grabby than other wraps and my girlie feels nice and secure everytime we use it. It is also cool and airy in the hot summer months.”

Tips for Choosing a Ring Sling for Plus Size Moms & Dads:

Ring slings are another easy-to-use and adjustable carrier that can fit any babywearer.

Many wearers consider a ring sling to be one of the easiest and best carriers for plus size wearers.

When choosing a Ring Sling baby carrier, you should:

Consider Sling Length

Generally, longer is better in a ring sling because the additional length can just be wrapped around the rings if needed (or you can easily get it tailored to fit).  If you are sized 16 or under, a standard size sling (72-78″) may fit.  If you are over size 16 (or want a longer tail), look for a sling that is 80″ or longer.

Consider Shoulder Type

 If you have rounded or sloping shoulders, you may prefer a sling that spreads wide, such as a gathered shoulder.  If you have narrow shoulders, you may prefer a narrower shoulder such as the Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Sling.  Shoulder padding can also make these carriers more comfortable and the narrower shoulder is less restrictive of your arm movement.

Think About Pockets

If the ring sling has a pocket on it, this may reduce the usable length of the sling.

Fantastic Budget Option

Moby Ring Sling

Our Rating

Long length and supportive fabric make this a g great value choice for plus size wearers.

Why we love it

Budget carrier price without the budget carrier feel! 

Woven cotton has a wrap conversion feel that other slings in the price range don’t.  The fabric is soft and moldable and supportive enough for toddler-wearing.  85″ prior to washing and 81″ after washing, so long enough to fit most plus size wearers. 

For a budget price, this is one of the best baby carriers for plus size, as far as ring slings go!

Keep in mind

This sling is only available in three colors.

Jet Ribbons Moby Wrap Ring Slings | Moby Ring Sling

Super supportive to wear through toddlerhood

Studio Tekhni Ring Sling by Tekhni Wovens

Our Rating

Linen + cotton woven together to make a super supportive and beautiful wrap. Long length fits all!

Why we love it

A super supportive ring sling that will take you all the way through toddlerhood.  50/50 cotton-linen blend offers great support and is gorgeous besides. Option of ring colors is a fun touch.  This one-size carrier is very long at 90″ so should fit most plus size wearers with length to spare. Weight limit is 45 lbs which is higher than many ring slings – so this is definitely toddler-worthy!

Keep in mind

This fabric is stiff out of the box so will need washing and steaming to break in.  Like any ring sling, this carrier is one-shouldered so all your baby’s weight is on the one shoulder.


What CMA Customers Say

This ring sling hit all of my must-haves: budget-friendly, size friendly, and easy to care for! If you’re in the market for a quick everyday carrier that will take you from birth-toddlerhood this is it!

Easy to use sling in lengths to fit all bodies!

Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling

Our Rating

Easy to use sling in lengths to fit all bodies!

Why we love it

This classic sling has a lightly padded shoulder that makes it so easy to learn on and adds a little padding without being bulky. We appreciate the lightweight woven cotton in a ton of pretty colors. The size XL is 85″ (including a pocket on the tail) and is usable for most wearers.  The pocket on the tail is handy for stashing small items on the go

Keep in mind

The Maya Wrap sling’s pocket does limit the usability of the length.

Luis Maya Wrap Lightly Padded Ring Sling | Maya Ring Slings | Maya Wrap Ring Sling

What CMA Customers Say

“Wonderful and easy to use for sure. If you are short do not get the XL. I read the reviews and it said if you were on the fluffy side to get the XL. I am right at 200 lbs and 5 feet tall and the XL nearly touches the ground.”

“Cushy (obviously) and doesn’t restrict arm movement. But the fabric of the Maya wrap is the real winner – it’s handwoven, so it’s soft, moldable, and SO cozy.”


I hope this guide as helped you find the best carrier for plus sized people, but if you have any questions please contact us and we would be happy to answer your questions and make recommendations! For those who want to see more baby product reviews please visit momnkids for more exciting posts.

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