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Best baby carriers for winter, snow and cold weather

Best baby carriers fo winter, snow and cold weatherBabywearing in cold weather and winter is less about choosing  the right carrier and more about how you dress yourself and baby around the carrier.  It’s also about the right accessories!

Any baby carrier will add an extra layer of warmth and weather protection for your child.   That being said, here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting which carrier you will choose for going outside when the temperatures drop:

  • Look for a carriers with some adjustability – this allows you to get truly comfortable if you’re wearing a few extra layers.  Adjustable pouches, wraps, ring slings, mei tais and buckle carriers all have the ability to adapt to thick sweaters and coats.
  • Choose a carrier that is easy and simple to get on an off. You’ll want to be able to pop baby out quickly if s/he gets unhappy.  Many people prefer a buckle carrier for this, because they are fast and easy to use, and they don’t have dragging straps like a mei tai/wrap. But any carrier that you find fast and simple will work!
  • Wraps are some of the warmest carriers out there, since you can have several layers around your child.  For infants, a stretchy wrap like the Moby or Wrapsody Stretch-Hybrid can be pre-tied at home. Then you just need to pop baby in, and go.

One you’ve chosen a carrier, add fleece, wool or other warm accessories to keep you both cozy.  Think layers and remember that being next to your body will keep baby warmer to begin with!  Only dress baby in one layer warmer than you are dressing yourself.  We offer several weather covers, both the type that cover just the baby and the vests/hoodies to cover you both. .

For tips on how to navigate cold weather and winter while wearing your baby, check out more tips here.

Shop our recommended winter baby carriers and accessories here.

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