Best baby carriers to use while pregnant; carry your toddler during pregnancy! Plus, tips for wearing while pregnant.

Yes, it really is possible for most people to wear a baby or toddler while you are pregnant! While pregnancy is not a time to add new stressors to your body, if you have already been carrying or wearing your child, you can definitely continue to do so.  In this article, we will cover which of the different baby carriers to use while pregnant and also offer some tips for baby wearing during pregnancy.

**Please note that the following recommendations are based on our personal experiences and those of other babywearers we know. They are not meant to substitute for the advice of your healthcare practitioner. Please consult your healthcare practitioner before lifting heavy weight or using a baby carrier while pregnant to discuss any safety concerns.**

Tips for babywearing while pregnant

  1. Talk to your birth practitioner about whether your body is physically capable of wearing while pregnant.  With certain physical issues, it may not be an option.
  2. Explore your carrier options!  What worked for you before you were pregnant may not be as comfortable during pregnancy.
  3. Pay attention to your body’s cues while wearing.  What was comfortable for you early in your pregnancy may not be comfortable later and the right carries for you may change on a week to week or even daily basis. You are the best judge of your body’s cues!  If you get dizzy, out of breath, or very tired, you may need to take a break or stop altogether. Pay attention to your body and honor what it is trying to tell you!
  4. Start mastering back carries early, if you aren’t yet comfortable with them. That way you will be ready when there is no longer any room for two babies on your front!  Back carrying is often the most comfortable position for wearing during pregnancy – it keeps your child out of the way of your pregnant belly and also helps with more even weight distribution on your body.
  5. If the child you are wearing is old enough, let your child help you with the lifting by scrambling up on your back from a sofa, chair, or car door so that you don’t have to do as much lifting.

Best baby carriers to use while pregnant

Early on in your (standard) pregnancy, you will find most any carrier comfortable for you. As your belly grows, however, you will likely find that front carries are becoming uncomfortable.

The best baby carriers to use while pregnant varies by person – which carrier will work best for you for wearing while pregnant is really a matter of personal preference. You may be perfectly comfortable wearing the same carrier or carriers you were wearing before you were pregnant. you may find that no carrier is super comfortable for you, or somewhere in between.

Most Versatile Carriers to Wear While Pregnant: Wraps and Meh Dais

If you want a single, multitasking carrier to wear when you are pregnant, my favorite carriers are wraps and meh dais.  These all-cloth carriers are super adjustable, can be tied above or below your belly (which you will find most comfortable is a personal preference) or even tied to avoid your belly altogether!

Wearing a Wrap While Pregnant

Wraps are very versatile and can even be tied so that you don’t have any fabric around your waist at all!  Many pregnant mamas definitely find wraps to be one of the best baby carriers to use while pregnant.

Wrapsody Breeze Wrap - Best Baby Carriers to Use While Pregnant

Both wraps with some stretch in them (like the Wraposdy Hybrid) and woven wraps (such as the Wrapsody Breeze) can be tied for comfortable use while you are pregnant. You can use a wrap to achieve pretty much any carry around, including hip carries and ties that avoid the belly area altogether.

If the child you are carrying is a toddler, I generally don’t recommend purchasing a very stretchy wrap like the Moby or Boba wraps at this point – they can be used safely with heavier kids but are not my favorite for use with heavier kids as they can stretch out with time.

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Tips for wrapping while pregnant

  1. Experiment with different ways to tie your wrap to find what is most comfortable for you.  You can tie wraps under your bump, over your bump or you can even avoid your belly altogether by tying off at your shoulders.  Get some great ideas and video links here.
  2. With your changing body, pay extra attention to your balance when wrapping.
  3. Two-shouldered carriers will even your weight out best over your whole body
  4. Hip carries or off-center carries are an alternative to front carries if you aren’t ready for a back carry.

Wearing a Meh Dai While Pregnant

Meh dais are also very versatile baby carriers that are a dream to wear while pregnant. Like wraps, meh dais can be tied in a variety of ways so that you can find a comfortable one for you, including ties above your breasts, directly below your breasts and under your belly.

Mei tais have less fabric than wraps and have a very slim profile, while makes them ideal for carrying your toddler while you are pregnant.

Meh Dai Best Baby Carriers to Use While Pregnant

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Tips for wearing a meh dai while pregnant

  1. Back carries are typically the most comfortable way to wear a meh dai while pregnant.  A smaller child might enjoy a high back carry as this allows them to see over your shoulder.
  2. Experiment with different ways of tying your meh dai. You can tie the waist band under or over your bump, as you prefer. Different finishes for your meh dai straps will each feel different on your body.

If you have never tried either a meh dai or wrap before but want to now that you are pregnant, my recommendation is for a meh dai.  Meh Dai carriers are a bit easier to get the hang of and are a bit less intimidating than wraps for the beginner!  They are definitely a great choice of baby carriers to use while pregnant.

Perfect little Pregnancy Carrier: the Onbuhimo

OnbuhimoOnbuhimo Best Baby Carriers to Use While Pregnant are one of my favorite baby carriers to use while pregnant. Onbuhimo are a shoulders-only carrier that doesn’t have any waistband to contend with at all.  While it can take a little practice to get the hang of positioning in an onbuhimo (particularly if you are used to soft-structured buckle carriers with their thick waistbands) it is lovely to have the option of nothing tied around your waist!

Onbuhimo are fast and simple carriers.  They are also compact and great for travel or for tucking into a diaper bag.

Most Commonly Used Carriers During Pregnancy: Buckle Carriers and Ring Slings

Tula Carrier Best Baby Carriers to Use While PregnantWearing a Soft Structured Carrier While Pregnant

Soft-structured buckle carriers are very commonly worn during pregnancy (in part because many caregivers already own one.  Buckle carriers are somewhat less versatile in that they don’t have as many choices for positioning (most people choose to fasten them below the belly), but they are very popular baby carriers to use while pregnant because they are so easy to use and they are very supportive even of big kids.  Most buckle carriers also have a padded waist belt and move much of your child’s weight to your hips, which many women find very comfortable while pregnant.

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Tips for Using a Soft-Structured Carrier while pregnant

  1. Front wearing often gets too uncomfortable or difficult as a pregnancy progresses. You will like to want to move to a hip carry (if your SSC offers this option) or a back carries if your child is ready for it.
  2. Play with the position of your waistband to find the most comfortable position for you (hint: this can also change during the course of your pregnancy).  You can wear the waistband under your belly or over your belly safely.  Try both to see which one you prefer!
Buckle carriers are definitely one of the most popular baby carriers to use while pregnant!  The waist belt can be buckled over or under your waist, whichever you prefer and find more comfortable.

Wearing a Ring Sling while pregnant

Rings Slings are also very commonly owned before becoming pregnant. Many pregnant women find a ring sling to be one of the great baby carriers to use while pregnant because baby can be worn off to the side.  Ring slings are simple to use and offer quick up and down.

Ring slings Best Baby Carriers to Use While Pregnant

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Tips for Using a Ring Sling while pregnant

  1. Hip carries or off-center front carries will likely be the most comfortable ring sling positions as your bump grows.
  2. Be sure to spread the fabric of your ring sling as widely as possible across your back and shoulder for maximum comfort and support.  This distributes your child’s weight most evenly across your body.
  3. If wearing this one-shouldered carrier makes you feel unbalanced, consider switching to a two-shouldered carrier during your pregnancy.

Can I hip carry while pregnant?

If you are not comfortable with either baby carriers I recommend in this article , the hip seat is another option while your little kids want to be held for a few minutes.

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