Best backpack carrier for your baby, toddler or older child

Looking for a good baby backpack carrier for your baby or toddler?  Backpack carriers are a must in any babywearing household, especially as baby gets heavier.  Backpack carriers are better for your body because our backs were made for heavy loads.  With a great backpack carrier, you should be able to comfortable carry your baby, toddler and even your older child comfortably for hours.

Many of the carriers we offer make wonderful backpack carriers.  Our favorites are:

Arrow Beco Soleil|Beco Baby CarriersBuckle Carriers when most people think of a baby backpack carrier, they are thinking of framed backpacks or of soft structured buckle carriers.  We love buckle carriers as a backpack carrier because they are quick and easy to use, because they don’t have dragging straps (since we often use backpack carriers for hiking and other outdoor activities) an because they have padded waistbelts (built in or as an accessory) that really bring your child’s weight off your shoulders and neck and onto your hips.

Mei Tais – Mei Tai Baby Carriers make wonderful baby backpack carriers.  They operate very similarly to buckle carriers, but are knotted together instead of buckled.  Mei tais are very compact, and can easily stuff in a diaper bag when not in use.  They are more minimalist and considerably lighter than most buckle carriers.  They also can be tied in a variety of ways, so that you can find one that is comfortable for you. People who have tried buckle carriers as baby backpacks and found them uncomfortable often love a mei tai instead.  The Kozy carrier mei tai is one of the few baby backpack carriers that can be used with an infant on your back!

Wraps also make a great baby backpack carrier and can be used with an infant on up to toddler.  Wraps are a bit more of a learning curve than other carriers but they can be tied in lots of different ways, so that you can find a carry that is comfortable for both of you.  We recommend the Wrapsody Stretch Hybrid or Woven Wraps (such as the Wrapsody Breeze) as a backpack carrier.  We do not recommend stretchy wraps like the Moby Wrap or the Wrapsody Water Wrap for use on your back.  These carriers are too stretchy to offer sufficient support as backpack carriers.


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