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Best Front Carriers for your baby or toddler

Looking for a front carrier to carry your baby or toddler?  The good news is, most baby carriers are able to carry your child in an upright, facing in carry.  This carry, also called the hug hold, the snuggle hold, the tummy-to-tummy or the heart-to-heart, is the ideal position for carrying newborn babies, and it’s great for older children too.   Pretty much any carrier on the market works well for this carry.

If there are other front carrying positions you are interested in, read on!

Cradle carry: the Cradle Carry is a front carry position which is what many people think of as the “classic” carrying position – a baby lying down in the sling.  This carry is no longer recommended, except while breastfeeding your baby.  If you are looking to breastfeed, our top choices for this front carry are: ring slings, pouches and stretchy wraps.

Forward facing carry: This carry is somewhat controversial in the babywearing world, as there are differing opinions about whether it’s good for your baby.  On the other hand, many parents find that their child is only happy when facing out and looking at the world.   If you are interested in carrying your baby on your front and facing out, our recommendations for the best carriers are: ring slings, mei tais, wraps, the Pikkolo carrier or the Beco Gemini.  All of these carriers offer the ability for baby to face forward without being “crotch danglers.”  You can shop all our foward-facing baby carriers here.

Upright, facing in: All carriers are great for this carry. The ERGO baby carrier, Tula Carrier and Beco Soleil carriers do require an infant insert when using ithem with little ones, before baby has good head control.



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