Best hip carrier for your child

After your child reaches 4-6 months and has good head control, you’ll find yourself reaching for your best hip carrier, since putting baby on your hip is one of the easiest and most convenient carries. Here at CMA, we think everyone needs a good, easy-to-use hip carrier.

While many baby carriers can be used as hip carriers, we find some are better than others for exclusive hip carrying!

Burnt Orange Maya WrapOur number one favorite hip carrier (for an older baby head control on up to toddler) is a ring sling or pouch.  These work the same way in the hip carry and are super easy and fast to put on.  They are also comfortable and can be worn by men and women.  Some men prefer to wrap the tail of a ring sling around the rings to give it a more streamlined look.  If you are just getting started with rings slings, we like the Maya Wrap ring slings.  It is a great ring sling for beginners since the lightly padded shoulder makes it simple to get the positioning easily.  Plus, the fabric is soft and smooth right out of the box.  If you are shopping for a hip carrier for an older toddler or child, we can’t say enough about the double-layer Sakura Bloom Ring Slings, including the Chambray, Essential Silk and Simple Silk ring slings.  While pricier, their support and comfort can’t be beat as baby gets heavier!

Wrapsody Stretch Baby Wrap Hip Carrier While a rings sling really shines as a hip carrier, other baby carriers get the job done as well.  Wraps, the best do-it-all carriers out there, can certainly be great hip carriers.  For this job, we recommend the Wrapsody Stretch-Hybrid or woven wraps.  Stretchy wraps like the Moby are too stretchy for use as a hip carrier, since baby is heavier when they are ready for this position.

If you want a hip carrier that is more versatile but you prefer not to use wraps, consider a mei tai carrier or a buckle carrier.  Our favorite mei tai for use as a hip carrier is the Ball Baby Overall Mei Tai.  It has wide wrap-like straps that can be spread out over the shoulders for comfort.   In buckle carriers, we love the Pikkolo Baby Carrier for the hip carry.  While other brands can be used as hip carriers in a pinch, we prefer the Pikkolo for it’s memory foam padding and easy adjustability.


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