Best baby carrier for plus size mom, dad or other babywearer - with reviews from our babywearing team members and customers.

Posted by Laurel McCarthy | 24.01.2013

best baby carriers for plus-size mom plus size dad

The most important aspect of a baby carrier is that it fit you JUST RIGHT. The best plus-size baby carrier is the one that fits you and your body best.  Having a carrier that is too big, too small or uncomfortable in any way sets you up to fail on your babywearing venture. If your carrier is too big, your baby will be worn too low on your body. This poses both safety risks to the baby and shoulder/neck/lower back pain for you. If your carrier is too small, it will cause both you and your baby discomfort. If you have any questions about fit, please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance finding the right size for you!

To get started choosing, please read our Babywearing Educators Guide for Plus-Sized Caregivers.  In it, babywearing educator Laura Bunnell shares her tips and considerations for finding the right baby carrier for plus-size wearers.

Once you’ve narrowed down the type of carrier you want, head on back to this page, where we review all the baby carriers offered by Carry Me Away from a plus-size perspective, along with reviews from our babywearing team and customers![divider_flat]

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Wraps are so versatile that pretty much any longer wrap will make a wonderful plus-size baby carrier.

Stretchy Wraps

The Moby Wrap is 18 ft long and is a popular choice for a plus-size baby carrier when wearing a baby under 20 lbs. Some wearers may need to knot the Moby at the back instead of the front, which doesn’t affect use. It’s stretchiness is also very comfortable.  The Moby can comfortably fit wearers up to size 2x.

Wrapsody Hybrid wraps are a great alternative to the Moby for babywearers looking for a plus-size baby carrier that offers more support and can be used in a back carry.  It is the same length as the Moby, and also has some stretch.  However, since Wrapsody Hybrid carriers are more supportive than the Moby, they can be used with heavier/older children and for back carries.

Wrapsody Breeze for plus-size babywearing

Woven Wraps

Wrapsody: Breeze baby wraps are a great baby carrier for plus-size mom or dad looking for a woven wrap. They are a budget-friendly option, too. Because they are gauze, Wrapsody Breeze wraps are very lightweight and cool, which is great if you run warm.

Other woven wraps on the market also offer very flexible wrapping options and make a great plus-size baby carrier.  More and more wrap companies are offering wraps in longer lengths (beyond size 6 or 7).  Although Carry Me Away does not offer a wide selection of woven wraps, we wanted to create this list of woven wrap companies who offer wraps in longer lengths for those who are interested!

Woven Wrap Companies that routinely offer wraps in size 8 and up


Cari Slings







[divider_flat]Ring Slings

Ring slings are a great choice because they are super adjustable and can be bought in longer sizes. We love ring slings for wearing infants and also for shorter carries with older babies and toddlers.  If you are over a size 16 (or you are size 16 but would like a longer tail), look for a ring sling that is around 79-80″ long.

Maya Wrap Ring slings

Plus-size information:  The open-tail allows you to adjust the top and bottom rails separately to get a perfect fit. Many plus-size babywearers find the padding makes these more comfortable than a completely unpadded ring sling. Please note that Maya’s sizing does not necessarily correspond to t-shirt size. The size Large Maya Wrap ring sling is around 79″ long and will fit most plus-size wearers.  The XL sling is 85,”  which is very generously sized.

Plus-size Reviews:

  • I love that the Maya Wrap comes in different sizes – the XL gives me plenty of room and I even have the long tail I love.
  • Super comfy and easy to adjust
  • Great price point!
  • I love a long glamorous tail on my ring slings and having the option of a longer size is always ideal.

Tula Ring Slings:

Plus-Size information: Tula Ring Slings come in two sizes, S/M and L/XL.  The S/M sling is around 77″ and the L/XL is around 87″ (with up to 20% shrinkage possible with the tencel blends).  Tula slings are wrap-conversions which makes them very supp0rtive as your baby grows.  These are also a lovely choice for bigger babywearers.

Plus-size Reviews:

  • I can use both s/m and l/XL. The smaller one is functional but does not have the look of the long tail that I love. If given the option I will always pick l/XL so I have tail to wrap rings or to roll as head support for little babies.  – Hannah (5’8″ sz18 XL/2x 42dd (DDD while nursing) 

Moby Ring Sling

Plus-Size Information: Moby Ring slings are a great budget-friendly sling that is also size-friendly.  Moby Ring Slings are 86″ long unwashed, although there is some shrinkage (to 81″ or so) after washing.

Plus-size Reviews: Finding ring slings that fit both myself and a toddler is a challenge, finding a ring sling that fits myself and a toddler while still having tail left over is rare. The MOBY ring sling fits like a dream. I am able to carry my son on my front, hip or back and have a nice size tail. The kind that makes you feel glamorous even in sweat pants and a 3 day old mom bun.” – Hannah (5’8″ size 16/18)

Sakura Bloom Slings:

Plus-size information: Sakura Bloom slings rate highly for comfort, but many colors only come in one size.  The “standard” size 3 Sakura Bloom sling are 74-75″ long.  We recommend them for customers up to a size 16/18.  Some colors are available in size 4 (80″) and size 5 (85″) which make these a pretty great option!

Monica (size 16) in the Beco Ring Sling

Beco Ring Sling:

Plus-size information: The Beco Ring Sling is a greatbudget-friendlyy ring sling that comes in one size, which is 74-75″ long.  The tapered tail give you a little more tail length.  We recommend Beco Ring Slings for customers up to size 16/18.

Some other companies that make highly-rated ring slings in bigger sizes are Soul Slings and Sleeping Baby Productions.

[divider_flat]Meh Dais

Maya Tai | Plus-Size Baby Carrier
Rosa wearing the Maya Tai by Maya Wrap

Meh Dais can be a great choice if you are looking for a plus size baby carrier. They are extremely adjustable. (note: Meh Dai is also frequently referred to as Mei Tai – the spelling has changed to more accurately reflect the proper pronunciation and origin.)


Maya Tie

Plus-size information: This is a classic design that has been recently updated and has a very generous strap length of 98 inches. This carrier fits many different bodies.

Plus-size Reviews:

  • The strap lengths are more than long enough for us plus size baby wearers to not only use comfortably, but to also give us many options for pretty finishes! -Rosa (size 22)

Pikkolo Carrier

Plus-size information: The Pikkolo is a mei tai with buckles and the option to add a support belt down the road.   This carrier works well for many plus-sized wearers.

Soul Meh Dai

Plus-size information: The Soul Meh Dai has long shoulder straps (80″).  Their hybrid feature with padding in the center and wrap straps that adjust out to 12″ are comfortable.  Waist straps total 88″ long (end to end)

Plus-size reviews: The Soul Meh Dai receives rave reviews from our plus size customers.

Some other mei tais that get good reviews from our bigger customers are:


Fidella Flytai

[divider_flat]Buckle Carriers: 

Buckle carriers tend to be the most challenging to fit for people looking for plus-size baby carriers, and indeed for many babywearers.  Buckle carriers fit different bodies very differently, so it’s a good idea to try several before giving up on the convenience and support of a buckle carrier!

Beco Baby Carrier Plus-Size Baby CarrierBeco Baby Carrier

Plus-size information:

Beco’s line of carriers get very high reviews from our plus-size team and customers.  Perfect-fit adjustors (PFAs) add extra adjustability, crossable straps are comfortable and may be easier than trying to reach a chest strap.  Waitbelt fits up to 59″.

Plus-size Reviews:

  • I’m a size 22 and the waist belt adjusts to my size with room no matter how I wear it, so a big thumbs up for plus size moms and dads.  – Rosa
  • I have tons of padding everywhere I need it, and I like the nice options it has. – Katie (5’4″ size 18-22 over the mom years, xxl tops 42c)
  • It is my burly, broad-shouldered, 6’4 tall husband’s favorite carrier because of how easy it is for him to convert it from my comfort preference to his, and how comfortable it is for him to wear our babies in it for hours. – Rosa
Hannah with Jude at the beach in a tula Coast
Hannah wearing her son in a Tula Coast Carrier at the beach.

Tula Carrier:

Plus-size information: Perfect Fit Adjustors, waist belt fits up to 56″.

Plus-size Reviews:

  • Tula- my golden carrier. Fits my waist and wide shoulders with no issues. Easy to adjust while wearing. Was able to nurse in this carrier with a little practice.  – Hannah (5’8″ sz18 XL/2x 42dd (DDD while nursing) )
  •  The Tula shoulders always fit great, sometimes I wish the padding was just a smidge longer. The waist band I’m at almost the end, but it’s still comfortable and I can wear on the back or front without any parts of me being squished weirdly. Tulas are like my favorite pair of jeans. Not perfect per say but I always fall back on them cause I know how they fit. I have about 1.5″ inches of waistbelt webbing left over – Katie (5’4″ size 18-22 over the mom years, xxl tops 42c)


Plus-size information: Dual-Adjustable Side buckles, cross-able straps, waist belt up to 52″ with an extender that adds 9 additional inches.  Lumbar support pad, and option to purchase tummy pad.

Plus-size Reviews:

  • I love the concept of this carrier but it doesn’t love me back. I’m right at the cusp of needing an extender and I don’t think I should have to pay extra for a carrier to fit my body. It’s also very bulky. I’m bulky enough as is.  – Hannah (5’8″ sz18 XL/2x)
  • I can’t get a good fit. It feels too small, it looks weirdly small on me and made me feel like a cartoon hippo wearing a baby monkey. -Katie (5’4″ size 18-22 over the mom years, xxl tops 42c)


Plus-size information: Waist belt fits up to 58″

Plus-size Reviews:


Plus-size information: Waist belt up to 55″

Plus-size Reviews:

Other brands of buckle carriers that our plus-size reviewers recommend:

Angelpack Max


Action Baby

Lenny Lamb

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