Buckle Carriers: What they are and why you want one! Plus, pros and cons.


Buckle carriers offer convenience in that many people find buckle easy to use and they feel very secure. They are supportive and very comfortable. They are also far and away the favorite choice for Dads.

Buckle Carriers are based on the traditional mei tai style carrier, with a main body panel connected to four straps that attach to the wearer to hold the baby. Buckle carriers use rings or buckles to secure the carrier and baby to the wearer, instead of knots as with traditional mei tais. Buckle carriers are somewhat less versatile than mei tais and may offer fewer carrying positions. Some require a special insert to be used with an infant, or are best used with older babies. Buckle carriers cannot generally be used for back carry with an infant.

Why we love Buckle Carriers:

  • Very easy to learn and use
  • No knot-tying or dragging straps
  • Dads love ’em
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Can be used from birth to toddlerhood and beyond!
  • Can be shared by users of different sizes

Buckle Carriers are great for:

  • People who prefer buckles and clips to tying knots
  • People who like a more modern look
  • Hiking and other travel
  • Back carry with older children
  • People with back and shoulder problems who want to wear their children.
  • Wearers of different sizes who want to share a carrier
  • Men

Not ideal for:

  • Cuddling with a newborn
  • Back carry with infants
  • Breastfeeding a newborn

Our Most Popular Buckle Carriers

Best-Selling Infant Buckle Carrier

Tula Baby Carrier: Free-to-Grow

Tula Baby Carrier: Free-to-Grow


Soft structured carrier that adjusts down so you can use it with an infant (no insert required) and up with an older baby or toddler. Great fit for wearers of all sizes.

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    Best-Selling Forward-Facing Carrier

    Beco Gemini

    Beco Gemini


    The Gemini is a simple easy-to-use carrier that is streamlined and versatile. Great fit for wearers of all sizes and has the option to face baby forward.

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      Our Favorite Big Kid Carrier

      Beco Toddler

      Beco Toddler


      The Beco Toddler carrier is simple to use and has a large panel to support big kids! Best for children 2 and older.

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