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Chest Clip 101: that little strap can make a big difference in the comfort of your buckle carrier!

Chest Clip make your baby carrier comfort

If your buckle carrier isn’t comfortable for you, check the placement of your chest clip. The chest clip is such a little piece and yet it is absolutely helpful in getting your carrier to that sweet spot of comfort for you!

The chest clip is the little strap that connects the two shoulder straps of a standard Soft Structured Carrier. It is also known as the chest strap, back strap or the connector strap.


This little strap serves many purposes:

  • helps balance baby’s weight
  • keeps the shoulder straps on your shoulders
  • helps keep the straps and webbing from digging into your underarm
  • helps the carrier hold baby snugly against your body


If your chest clip is too high up on your back or is too loose, you may find the carrier uncomfortable.  Getting your clip to the proper position can solve several issues with the comfort of your baby carrier:

  • eases neck and shoulder strain from having baby off balance or hanging off your body (rather than held snugly against your body)
  • prevents shoulder straps from falling off
  • reduces or prevent shoulder straps and webbing from digging into your underarm

Here’s a little graphic that lays it all out for you!

Chest Clip Adjustments you can make to get more comfortable in your carrier

Move the chest clip lower

The most common adjustment I suggest customers make with the chest strap is to take it down several inches so that the clip rests closer to the shoulder blades and farther away from the top of the shoulder and neck.  When it is at the right level, the chest clip will form an “H” with the shoulder straps (vs. an ‘A’ where the chest straps are quite a bit closer at the top than on the sides).

The chest clip might be too high if:

  • Shoulder straps and chest clip together form an “A” (closer together at the top than on the sides)
  • Baby’s weight pulls at your neck, causing shoulder or other pain
  • Carrier does not hold baby snugly to your body
  • Chest clip digs at your throat or collarbone in a back carry
  • Carrier does not feel supportive

If you are experiencing any of these, try lowering the chest clip by a few inches and trying again.  Some people wear the chest clip quite low, where it is nearly touching their shoulder blades.

Cinch the chest clip tighter

Some discomfort can also be caused by a chest strap that is too loose/wide.   Your chest clip may need to be tightened if:

  • Panel of the carrier seems loose on the baby
  • The shoulder straps dig into your underarm
  • Shoulder straps slip off your shoulder

Best Baby Carriers with chest clip

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